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  1. That was the main idea, unfortunately once inside, the kerbal was killed by the collisions of the object. I've decided to keep the shuttle closed (you can't go in) but you can't still be eject if you stand on the path of the shuttle (at your own risks).
  2. The car dissapear into oblivion above Ithil, here's a screenshot of the location.
  3. Here the link to the video of it: https://youtu.be/qYlz0Kd_k-I
  4. I've updated the installation description if you still have trouble finding the steam file just hit the windows key. thanks for being interested in my mod !
  5. You see your planet normal map ? Take it, put the alpha at 50% and you're set.
  6. I think I should remove this mod it's causing so much trouble and it's not crucial.
  7. Scatter, that's why they are sometime inside one another.
  8. https://imgur.com/FKeUiMe There is smaller buildings in the fog .
  9. I didn't know it was review by Kotabos ! That's awsome ! thanks for pointing it out !
  10. Thank man, I can work on my planet update. So when kopernicus 1.8.x is out my planet is ready to be publish. RIP particle system
  11. No you have to download the dependency.
  12. Ecumenopolis is the concept of a planetwide city. Ecumenopolis Ecumenopolis is a planet pack containing a planet-wide city Ecumenopolis and its frozen moon Ithil, focusing on quality rather than quantity Ecumenopolis and Ithil have a rich surface with a significant variety of buildings and rocks. My inspirations for the planet orbit were coruscant from star wars and trantor from fundation. When landed on Ecumenopolis, a city ressembling blade runner appear to the eyes of the kerbal. Tips : There are refinery stations located near the city light on Ithil, the
  13. I still can't resolve the issue. May I send you the planet file so you can check it it ? it will be very helpful.
  14. Yeah I found something weird on my normal map, woking on it, can't wait to publish the planet !
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