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  1. STS-61Q Columbia Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Abe Dykstra (CDR), Ted Valencia (PLT), Ethan Santoro (MS1), Kolby Baart (MS2), Fred Langbrook (MS3), Takeshi Akiyama, Japan (PS1), Yukiko Watanabe, Japan (PS2), Mao Suzuki, Japan (PS3) Backup Crew: Aiko Moto, Japan (PS1), Kenji Matsumoto, Japan (PS2), Hoshi Maki, Japan (PS3) Payload: Spacelab J-1: Spacelab Pressurized Module 2, Spacelab Vacuum Pallet Payload Mass: 6,714 kg Launch: March 18, 1987 5:30:00 from Pad 39A at Kerbal Space Center Mission Duration: 10d0h35m57s Landing: March 29, 1987 0:05:
  2. I have thought about it some, but I'm a little reluctant as my past experience has been that having too many mods installed (especially visual mods) tend to make the game chug on my machine. I already have issues with the game running slow (depending upon payload the shuttle can have anywhere between 250 and 450 parts upon launch), and I don't want to make the game run even slower.
  3. STS-72A Discovery Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Eddie Schuchardt (CDR), Quinn Anker (PLT), Cecilia Trevis (MS1), Elizabeth Britton (MS2), Martina Moreno (PS1), Bedwyr Slovak (PS2) Payload: GPS II-1, GPS II-2, GPS II-3 Global Positioning System satellites Payload Mass: 7,998 kg Launch: March 8, 1987 0:30:00 from SLC-6 at Dessert AFB Mission Duration: 5d5h51m48s Landing: March 14, 1987 0:21:48 at Dessert AFB Statistics & Milestones: 52nd Space Shuttle mission; 12th flight of Discovery; 4th launch from and 3rd landing at Dessert AFB; 11th ded
  4. Thanks! Most of them are hand-drawn, at least partially. For most of the patches, I first draw the main elements with pencil on paper, and then scan them. I use GIMP to composite everything together, and add the color, text, and geometric shapes. A few of the patches are purely digital compositions, usually because they require angles of the shuttle that my limited artistic skills aren't up to reproducing; in those cases I digitally trace over a screenshot to get the perspective I want. It took me dozens of test flights in another save game to get the design right before STS-1. The win
  5. That's not really on my radar for the Station--I want to build it more like the ISS actually was--but I would consider using a Shuttle C for the Duna program I have notionally planned for the late 90s or early 00s.
  6. Kvant Launch Report Quick Summary: Crew: None Payload: Kvant Laboratory Module; Kvant Transfer Module Payload mass: 8,917 kg; lab module only: 7,192 kg Launch: March 1, 1987 1:32:15 from Site 42 at Woomerang Cosmodrome Launcher: Neitron Docking: March 2, 1987 0:42:42 to Svoboda's aft port Narrative Summary: On February 31, the Svoboda EO-3 crew of Sokolovsky, Chayka, and Ignatova boarded Soyuz TM-5 and closed the hatches to Svoboda. They undocked from the aft port at 1:54:00 and backed away to a distance of 40 m. They paused the spacecraft there whi
  7. I do like the Dual Keel design, but given the amount of effort that I need to put into every flight (especially complex missions like the assembly flights will be) I didn't want to be overambitious. It's already going to take me at least 23 missions to assemble, so at least 6 months of IRL time (practically more because they'll be interspersed with other flights).
  8. I think it's going to be somewhere between the IRL ISS and the Bush-era Space Station Freedom design. I'm planning to use the HabTech2 mod for the truss, so that will be basically identical to the ISS. The module configuration will be more like the later Freedom designs than the ISS. This is my current planned (subject to change) module configuration (left is front view, right is top view): I particularly like the Freedom design feature of two parallel modules, so I use that in several places. Given my rate of progress on the missions so far, though, it may be up to another IRL
  9. Soyuz TM-5 Yastreb Launch Report Quick Summary: Crew: Vasilisa Kalnins (CDR), Georgiy Bogomolov (FE), Wedad Zaman, Syria (RC) Backup Crew: Petras Vinogradov (CDR), Gerasim Romanov (FE), Hadiyya Abbas, Syria (RC) Launch: February 19, 1987 1:45:44 from Site 33 at Woomerang Cosmodrome Docking: February 20, 1987 2:36:44 at Svoboda's aft port Narrative Summary: The Mishchenie 27 freighter undocked from Svoboda at 1:05:00 on February 17 and dropped itself into the Pacific Ocean for disposal, thus opening a docking port for Soyuz TM-5. Soyuz TM-5, callsign
  10. I randomly generate the astronaut names, which sometimes unintentionally reference IRL famous people.
  11. STS-61K Atlantis Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Nigel Simonis (CDR), Mindy Ibrahimovic (PLT), Georgia Fuentes (MS1), Justin Teague (MS2), Richard Thorpe (MS3), Govinda Patil, India (PS1), Elsa Eilerts (PS2) Backup Crew: Vivek Tamboli, India (PS1), Zlatko Del Bosque (PS2) Payload: INSAT 1-B commsat, BusinessLink 2 commsat Payload Mass: 6,299 kg Launch: January 32, 1987 3:30:00 from Pad 39B at Kerbal Space Center Mission Duration: 5d1h56m29s Landing: February 1, 1987 5:26:29 at Kerbal Space Center Statistics & Milestones: 51st Space Shut
  12. I already am! Three flown so far: STS-62A, STS-62B, and STS-62C. I'm using the Dessert Launch Site as my Vandenburg analog.
  13. STS-61N Challenger Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Jane Steffensen (CDR), Tamara Mac Reachtain (PLT), Jordon Poole (MS1), Stuart Pryor (MS2), Kirsten Pavletic (MS3), Marie-France Gros, France (PS1), Gudmund Rasmussen, Norway (PS2) Backup Crew: Renee Rousseau, France (PS1), Josefine Christiansen, Norway (PS2) Payload: Galaxy VI-C commsat, Hot Bird 4C commsat, Freya 1 commsat Payload Mass: 6,658 kg Launch: January 21, 1987 0:30:00 from Pad 39A at Kerbal Space Center Mission Duration: 6d5h54m44s Landing: January 28, 1987 0:24:44 at Edwards Air Forc
  14. STS-61P Columbia Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Peter Marchesi (CDR), Rick Wakefield (PLT), Lyell Power (MS1), Allan Otto (MS2), Jeffrey Christiansen (PS1), Seth Hayes (PS2) Payload: KSA-042 (CLASSIFIED) Payload Mass: 10,346 kg Launch: January 10, 1987 0:24:00 from Pad 39B at Kerbal Space Center Mission Duration: 4d1h04m51s Landing: January 14, 1987 1:28:51 at Kerbal Space Center Statistics & Milestones: 49th Space Shuttle mission; 17th flight of Columbia; 8th Space Shuttle launch from Pad 39B; 26th landing at KSC; 10th dedicated mission fo
  15. STS-62C Discovery Mission Report Quick Summary: Crew: Arlene O'Brian (CDR), Simona Thorsen (PLT), David Houtkooper (MS1), Maria Koch (MS2), Dalia O'Rurain (PS1), Linus Chmela (PS2) Payload: KSA-041 (CLASSIFIED) Payload Mass: 7,296 kg Launch: January 1, 1987 1:10:00 from SLC-6 at Dessert Air Force Base Mission Duration: 3d5h56m54s Landing: January 5, 1987 1:06:54 at Edwards Air Force Range Statistics & Milestones: 48th Space Shuttle mission; 11th flight of Discovery; 3rd launch from Dessert AFB; 21st landing at Edwards AFR; 1st landing from polar
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