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  1. One of the atlas buildings has smaller, standard gague tracks coming out of it - hopefully i don't sound like a gimmie pig, but i'd love some networking pieces for the rails so i can finally turn KSP into OpenTTD - it would mean the world.
  2. can't wait for the update - the only reason i'm using the transtage right now is so i can get a sweet trans flag
  3. Well i'm an idiot - apparently there was another, incorrectly-installed tweakscale in another folder. Thank you for helping, tho... trusting twitch was a mistake.
  4. Hi, i really like tweakscale, it's a godsend when i build planes, but lately it's been throwing me the log... curiously enough a lot of what's listed seem to be vanilla parts. Here's the log; i'd like to fix it so i can get on with buildin planes Thanks in advance!