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  1. Thank you! That is one impressive heatshield! What mod is it from?
  2. Loooooong time lurker first time poster here looking for some advice. I've had KSP since 2014 but hadn't played it much for the past couple of years. Recently I ran across Galileo's excellent JNSQ mod and it has really reinvigorated the game for me... I find that you get most of the challenges of real life without going quite as extreme as RSS with RO. Anyways, I'm to the point in my career where I'm planning my first Duna mission/ regular trips to the Mun and Minmus and I've designed a Starship like reusable ship. The problem is, in past careers I would basically ignore the need for a heat shield and renter engines first with a small deceleration burn in the worst of the atmosphere (heck, most of the time you could even get by with no burn). In JNSQ though, this doesn't even come close to working. A longer deceleration burn would probably do the trick, but due to increased Delta V requirements that isn't practical. For my smaller Dragon-like capsule I used radial engines with a heat shield, but my Starshipesque design relies on larger nuclear engines that need to be rear mounted... Does anyone have any ideas on how I might get around this? I know JNSQ might be new, but I figured Deadly Reentry vets out there might have run into the same deign challenge.