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  1. So the new "modularity" of Galaxies Unbound means even if a system is released as "finished", it may get new planets, moons etc, down the road? Taythe is a favorite of mine too...
  2. That settles things lol. I'll put my airport construction on hold until this is released. It is/was just for personal use but i guess i'll be the first to create a base pack for this mod... Might even release it in the future. In other news, it did look odd in the past that all "earthly" planets you guys made had one more realistic look, while Kerbin was..... Default, with a single continent and strange placement of desert and green (among other things), so thats a good job.
  3. Ok, so the geography of Kerbin (continents, etc) is likely to change. In this case i'll dump KSS, and when the new system comes out i'll re-do all the bases (phew)
  4. Oh, my only "concern" is for Kerbin itself. Everything else you throw at us is welcome.
  5. Congratulations on your hard work! May i ask if the Stock System Overhaul you are developing has anything in common with the "Kerbol System Expanded" included in the last version of KSS? I ask because i still use it in 1.7.3 (it bugs the hell out of the game, but i still didnt find a good stock system expansion that included default Kerbin or wasnt just a repositioning) and i've created a series of base/airports with Kerbal Konstructs based on KSS's Kerbin (which have a few terrain differences from default). So, am i expected to re-do all the work, or is that version of Kerbin likely to be retained?