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  1. almost entirely works except for the fact that it cannot survive reentry or fly because of plane physics that i do not understand. its CoL is just behind the CoM the CoT is pointing directly through the CoM yet it still permanently pitches up and during reentry flips out turns around and falls apart
  2. not ksp question but i didn't know where else to put it. i cannot seem to be able to figure out how to post pictures on this website, i feel like i'm missing something blindingly obvious. please could someone explain? - other than the "insert image from URL" thing in the bottom right.
  3. when playing ksp i used to get a steady 25 ish frames for most reasonably sized crafts. then one launch (about 50 parts.) it just started lagging uncontrollably and dropped to only 3 or 4 frames. now this happens all the time, permanent 3-4 frames no matter what. i have turned all the setting down to minimum literally did nothing. tried to launch something smaller, nothing. closed and reopened the game, nothing. changed saves, nothing. uninstalled 40 mods, nothing. literally reinstalled ksp. NOTHING.its definitely not the size of the crafts because i have had over 700 part crafts loaded and even then it didn't lag so much. i have 65 mods all installed by CKAN, its not them though, i tried it on an unmodded version of ksp and it was exactly the same. i have ksp 1.4.5 windows 32bit