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  1. Yeah, cutting the throttle seemed to work. I actually had two stages above that to land and the extra got me clear of the wreckage. It was a bit tight though.
  2. Link has the info: the bottom stage had barely any fuel left, the throttle was slightly above 0 (I tapped shift once). Lander is root part. Also, the main landing engine wasn't supposed to be a mainsail; it was supposed to be a poodle. I just had a little extra fuel in the previous stage and decided not to waste it.
  3. My suggestion: Slow your horizontal speed waaay down while still descending. You are going way faster than the landing gear is meant to take (60 m/s is about right). Slowing down will keep you from flipping, and also give you more time before you mash into the cliff at the end of the lake.
  4. You're not as noob as I was on my first landing. I didn't even know what RCS was. Rest in pieces, lander.
  5. Learn how to use RCS. It is very useful when navigating past LKO. I did land on the Mun with 3 kerbals back when I didn't even know what it was, but it used too much fuel and R.I.P. kerbals on re-entry. It saves fuel, makes navigating easier, and makes maneuver nodes a whole lot more accurate. Also, it saves time making really slow turns with throttle at almost 0.
  6. Would I need to run fuel lines to the other tank? I have a stock nuclear reactor (800 PB-NUKs) between the adapter and main tank which might interrupt fuel flow. My command pod is on top of it, and I have multiple hitchhiker pods attatched below it, so it wouldn't work without losing some kerbals. Angle snap is on. But round surfaces are more octagonal, so angle snap would probably not fix the problem. The rocket is not completely built yet, but I will post a screenshot when it is. It is meant for extracting ore from a moon, re-fueling a space station, and repeating until said station is full. I guess a solution would be to have two docking ports (one for the main tank and one for the adapter) and jettisoning all the fuel when docked with the space station, but I am a n00b at docking and the less complicated the better.
  7. Yes, but the round adapter's connection surface isn't quite perfectly circular. If I was off by a tiny bit, the engines would not quite be even, and the rocket would slowly begin to revolve (which is a pain in the neck on re-entry). @vossiewulf, I prefer to not use mods if I can help it. I would like to see whether there is a way to do this with stock parts before using mods. The reason is that mods become obsolete after enough updates and I don't want to have to delete old mods, reinstall new mods, and fix my ships if I can do what I want with stock parts.
  8. Here is the craft. I was unable to screenshot the glitch (but it did happen twice while attempting a landing).
  9. How would I place them on the craft though, since if I'm off by even 1 pixel then the rocket would begin to spin, which is undesirable. Is there any trick to perfectly center an engine?
  10. I built a massive lander for the moon which was attacked by a kraken while landing. While landing, I deployed the bottom stage (14 Jumbo-64s and 7 mainsails) to eject the lander (2 X200-32s, mainsail, hitchiker, Mk1-3pod, and landing gear). What I expected was that the stage would disconnect and the lander would fire the mainsail and land some distance away. What happened was that the lander sank rapidly into the bottom stage, and when it was almost all the way in it registered that there was a collision. My kerbal in the hitchiker went splat and the two in the command pod got launched at half the speed of light out into the outer void. Is there a known solution to this bug? I really want to land on the Mun with this lander, but if I have to eject the bottom stage early, I won't have enough fuel on reentry.
  11. I have encountered a bit of a problem while designing how the re-entry of a large rocket will work. I have a 3-2 converter at the top of my rocket under my command pod. It would be the heaviest thing on the rocket with a mass of almost 17 tons while full. During reentry, the rocket would almost certainly flip and burn up. Question: Is there any way to drain all of the fuel off of a tank without accelerating or moving? If I could, it would reduce the weight to just under 2 tons which should be easily manageable.