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  1. 1. Restock 2. Restock 3. Restock 4. Restock P.S. Restock.
  2. Batteries are chemical accumulators which store charge from solar panels during the day so that the power can be used at night. It seems like the same thing to me.
  3. The gold spherical tanks look awesome, but a 6.25m diameter is too small for anything but a micro lander. It would be great to have them in 1.25m and 2.5m (and maybe 3.75m) sizes. They could be used to make more practically sized landers and also be used to make fuel stations and mining bases look way cooler.
  4. Oh man. First mod I've ever installed. Probably the last.
  5. Yeah, have fun with timewarp. "I wanna go to Eeloo, but the transfer window is in 8 months and the trip there takes 3 and a half years and Player_X wants to go to the Mun tomorrow and Player_Y is trying to do a grand tour in parallel and Player_Z is driving a rover halfway across Eve because his rescue lander overshot. Gonna be a loooooooong wait."
  6. This is definite proof that the dirt on Eve is actually gray! It just looks purple because of the atmosphere!!! The *gray* magic boulder has also appeared on the surface of Eve, and boom! it looks purple! Well done, my good sir! One of Eve's mysteries has finally been solved!
  7. Try turning off steering for the rear landing gear (if you haven't already). For all of my planes, the rear wheels tend to overcompensate when steering, leading to a fishtail/crash.
  8. It appears you have a rhino engine staged right above the top of the orange tanks. The joint looks very weak there as the slight slope is causing the top half to lean over. I would suggest adding some struts from the decoupler to the base of the engine to prevent bending back and forth in flight.
  9. I am planning to rescue Jeb, Val, and Bill off of Eve with this lander: I am testing it out, and it seems to work great until 1100 meters. Most of the parachutes are deployed by then and everything is going smoothly until the game freezes. The next thing that happens is the entire lander is fairly evenly distributed over an area of about 10 km. I have no clue what is happening. Any ideas? Lander description: Double layer asparagus pancake for ascent. Heat shield on top and bottom for stable descent. SRB on the bottom to deorbit (use cheats to get there). First stage deploys drogues, second deploys main chutes, third releases probe.
  10. I just noticed that since Jeb got his fourth star, he now has an inventory slot when I right click on him. What is it used for? All I can find when I search google is stuff about KIS. P.S. I don't have KIS or breaking ground, so I don't think it is for parts or moon rocks.
  11. Yeah I was kind of concerned that that might be the case.
  12. I am not using seats; that is not the kerbal way . These guys only have some ladders to grab onto if that makes a difference. Also I'm pretty sure I'm aimed perfectly retrograde because I have an octo2 w/ reaction wheel clipped into the shield.
  13. How heavy does it need to be? The kerbals blow up at 67km moving at 3km/s (I just realized that the ui was hidden so most of the info was hidden).
  14. I tried sticking a battery in there, but they still exploded. Also, I added a radiator to cool things down during re-entry and they still exploded.