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  1. I made a space station with these parts but I don't seem to be able to run the experiment in the greenhouse, even if I have a scientist in there. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Does anybody know why my settings dont save?
  3. Same here, my settings also don't save. How do you type a comma? both , and . don't work for me when I want to edit bloom
  4. Can you add "time till encounter"? Because I really can't seem to find it. I mean when you are, for example, going to Minmus and are waiting till the gravity grabs you.
  5. In the trailer you see little flashes on Minmus. What are they and why don't I seem to get them :p? Since I installed AVP my EVE citylights are always on, even during the day which makes Kerbin look really weird. Can I fix this?
  6. I like the lightning strikes but it is much to frequent and chaotic. What do I need to change to make them less frequent? And is it possible to group them together so it looks like a storm?
  7. I downloaded this, put the PlanetaryDomes folder into my GameData folder but I don't see any new parts. Am I missing something? Do I need to research it? Edit: woops, just realised I do need to research it, my bad :D!
  8. Just installed this mod, it looks great but on Kerbin I have huge fps drops (average is about 20 now) once in orbit have no problems. Any idea what I can change to improve performance? Is it normal the clouds are really pixelated on the map by the way?