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  1. I found how to edit the profiles and exported them but where can I find my exported file? I just want to have one setting for all scenes, how exactly do I do this?
  2. The colors are a bit bleak for my taste. Is their a way to make them more vibrant? I have KS3P but for some reason changing the settings doesn't seem to do anything for me. Edit: changed to TUFX and that works perfectly
  3. Any idea what causes this? The graphic mods I have are Eve, Texture replacer, Planetshine and Scatterer
  4. Haha no I ain't that stupid :D. Like Grimmas said: I think their might be some lose files corrupting it. I have been modding Kerbal for over 2 years so gonna do a clean install.
  5. No no, I have been playing Beyond Home untill now, was looking for a different planets mod after playing 2 career playthroughs and visiting everything. So I uninstalled Beyond home before installing Outer Planets.
  6. Yeah I played 2 save games with Beyond Home with Parallax, was looking for some new planets and moons to discover. I was thinking to do a complete reinstall of Kerbal because my mod folder is a dump after all the edits and updates, lol might be a good reason to actually give it a go :p.
  7. Just uninstalled bleeding edge and replaced it with latest Kopernicus, then placed both Parallax folders in gamedata but get a black screen again. So im guessing another mod is causing a problem, gonna search around a bit.
  8. What version of Parallax do you use for outer planets mod? I am on 1.11.1 with latest bleeding edge Kopernicus and latest Parallax version but I keep getting a black screen when I try and start a game, I do hear the sounds from outside the KSC and the loading animation keeps moving in the bottom right. To be sure: I have to add Parallax AND Parallax_StockTextures to the gamedata folder right?
  9. Does Beyond Home have comets? Because I never seem to spot any.
  10. I use the Beyond Home mod. Is their a way to change the grass colour on the Lua base to match the surroundings?
  11. Is their a way to change the grass colour on the Lua base to match the surroundings?
  12. Have you tried setting your files to read only once you edited them?
  13. Sorry for the late reply, haven't been able to play in a while. You can see it to the right of the wheel here, but only minor, on some bodies its much more extreme. Don't mind the audio, was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast while playing :p.
  14. Is it normal Kerbol only gives of a really small amount of light and is so small you can barely see it even from as close as Dynasty?
  15. My terrain looks very wobly, its constantly moving a little bit back and forth like everything is shaking a bit. Is this a known bug?
  16. Any changes I make ingame don't seem to save. Can I fix this somehow?
  17. I have this strange bug for a while now. By trail and error I know its the combination of retracted landing gear inside a fairing. To make it easy: Landing gear on my craft = no problem Fairing (all sizes) = no problem Deployed landing gear + fairing = no problem Retracted landing gear + fairing = landing gear glitches all around and eventually explode. This happens with all stock and modded landing gear. So if I deploy the gear in the VAB (so it sticks out of the fairing) there is no problem, if I press G so it retracts it glitches all around. Mods that I use that edit par
  18. That fixed it, thanks! The link to Kopernicus on the main post doesn't link to Bleeding Edge it seems.
  19. Im a bit confused, Beyond Home is compatible with Kerbal 1.10, but it needs Kopernicus which is not? I installed the latest Kopernicus + hotfix, latest version of Beyond Home and Parallax 1.0.1 but when I load the game its just the normal Kerbin system. What am I doing wrong ?
  20. Sounds great man, although this already makes the game so much better. Awesome mod, thanks!
  21. For me it seems everything floats above the surface, is this a known bug? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2268053815
  22. When I go to Armstrong it is really really bright. I also want to get rid of the motion blur. How can I edit this?
  23. I just installed this mod and have the same problem. Edit: just noticed this same bug more to the east of the launch complex (just started a new save). My guess is bugged chunk overlay?
  24. I have seen this "bug" in some youtube videos While I like the clouds on Eve, I find it annoying I can't see the surface. Is their a way to disable this effect entirely on Eve?
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