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  1. I finished the editing main post 3 hours ago and coaple times the download link and files has been changed. That's should be a download crash reason. Or you have a problem with the game loading?
  2. Extendet IVA's for Making History Pods v1.0, created by HonkHogan August 12 2019 Extendet ASET IVA's for Making History DLC Pods Include IVA for: M.E.M, MK2Pod, KV1, KV2, KV3.(With Blackjack and Buttons) Inspared(also recommended) by DE_IVAExtension Atention! - this mod NOT include "free" pods/parts from Making History DLC. To use this mod you need to buy/have Making History DLC. Download - github. Dependencies ASET Props Pack v1.5.0 RasterPropMonitor v0.30.6 ModuleManager v4.0.2 ToolbarController v1.8.2 ClickThrou
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