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  1. Which ones exactly did you make? I'm sorry, I don't recall the source of the ones I have still on my drive, but I msis them so much. The base "Kosmonaut" style in the game is... nice, but it doesn't have the same feel. The one I used was the one with Hammer and Sickle relief on the back of the helmet.
  2. I'm no expert, but do you have all the Mechjeb instances turned off except one, and does the nav ball look right for the direction up/down/forward the spaceplane is going?
  3. Seeking some advice. I have not had too many issues with MJ in past versions, but only recently started playing again. Repeatedly under 1.7.1, with the current version of MJ, my Landers on ascent which have like 700 DV or so act weird. On ascent, they look good, hitting target level, then when doing the burn for making Munar orbit, at the last couple seconds instead of raising the PE to roughly the AO, the AO is suddenly kicked up by about 1K and my PE is way low.... sometimes still negative! I have tried the first two ascent modes, tried toggling corrective burn, limiting for overheat, always the same result.... I even made darn sure I have serious reaction wheels on board.... same thing on two different landers... oddly, this doesn't happen with any launch vehicle on Kerbin.... my only solution is a low enough target alt then a manual node to try to pull the orbit far enough to the side to raise the PE to prevent a crash.... any thoughts on what to check greatly appreciated, just never recall this being a serious issue. EDIT: MJ is version EDIT: In repeated testing I see a pattern - its as if at very late in the burn suddenly what should be the power used to raise the PE is instead kicking up that AO as I saw before for instance, a target of 12K results in a 17K AO, and about a 7K or so PE..... the balance of what should be going to raise the PE seems to be going into raising the AO... is this possibly some kind of TWR issue? My electrics look fine, no loss of power or anything...
  4. IIRC correctly the devs changed the way the texture maps work at like 1.6 or thereabouts and in turn instantly broke the old suit texture mods... I hate it, I have a Soviet themed career that these were great for and I simply don't have the time to figure out how on earth to map the old textures to the new ones.
  5. Thanks - so we are supposed to post anything BG related there - sorry, didn't know that.
  6. A couple quick questions in regards to Mun rocks... 1) Do missions that denote an area mean that you can _only_ find Mun rocks that satisfy the requirement? I would think so, but... 2) Is it possible to pick up Mun rocks in a biome if there is no mission for one for science, and lastly... 3) is it possible to pick up _multiple_ rocks in a biome for a mission or if there is not one for science credit?
  7. Having a strange problem with MechJeb, version bit saw it with I have a lander that when I use the ascent on Mun for instance and set the altitude for 12 km using classic ascent, my final apoapsis suddenly rockets from 12 km to like 18 to 20 at the last minute. Now, compounding this problem is the fact that MechJeb was showing plenty of DV, like 1200 remaining, but the game reported like 535 dv or thereabouts. So my question is, is this behavior of rocketing the apoapsis a sign of a desperate attempt to overcome the lack of fuel, or is it a bug? Also, is the DV reflected in the product being vastly different from MechJeb a bug? EDIT: I figured out he DV issue, it apparently had a problem with the root node. Resetting that fixed that issue, I'll retest on the other one and see!
  8. Does this work with any of the Breaking Ground versions? I downloaded it from Spacedock, but even in sandbox mode it shows no additional bases....?
  9. You are awesome - thank you !!!
  10. Curious, I realize of course you can assemble and make small scale bases, but is there or has there been any kind of mod that allows for building structure to permanently rest on Kerbin? I would like to make some larger bases or even another couple launch sites, is this even possible?
  11. Perhaps a really dumb question - I read early on in the thread that science output is affected by the level of the Scientist deploying, but simultaneously comments about how power is adjusted by the Engineer. Am I too assume that you should then have the scientist deploy the controller and experiments, and in turn have an engineer deploy the local power and transmitter to optimize the configuration?
  12. So is this mod working with any of the Breaking Ground versions? I really like the idea of it, I see the repair bay, but that's about it. No failures yet on a career that is probably 20+ hours in....