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  1. Is it possible to choose another runway to launch from. I have some missions where I am suppose to start from the desert runway.
  2. Does anyone have a configuration for the Delta-Advanced Winglet (aka migfin) from the Airplane Plus mod? I am not sure what all the settings mean so not sure how to translate the default game settings to "FAR" settings. How do I translate this MODULE { name = ModuleControlSurface useInternalDragModel = True dragCoeff = 0.65 deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.7 ctrlSurfaceRange = 25 ctrlSurfaceArea = 0.2 actuatorSpeed = 25 } Into this !MODULE[ModuleControlSurface] {} MODULE { name = FARControllableSurface MAC = 0.98 MidChordSweep = 11.14 maxdeflect = 20 b_2 = 1.36 TaperRatio = 0.661 ctrlSurfFrac = 0.45 transformName = obj_ctrlSrf } I am not sure what all these settings mean, the biggest issue is what is the transformName and how do i find it? looking at the other configurations I do not see any consistency of how the transformName is derived. Thanks, Bob
  3. So I have two contracts one says fly above 5000m and the other says to achieve a airspeed of 100m/s between 2500m and 5000m. I cannot seem to get either one to accomplish. No matter what I do I cannot get these things to be considered complete. Any idea what I am missing here? I am using a plane that has a airplane plus prop engine, could this be the issue?
  4. Hey thanks for this! I ended up figuring it out, forgot to post here about it. I do have a follow up question though, I noticed that some winglets and things still do not have the FAR stats. For those can I just find the programmatic name for it and do a similar thing you have done? What is the best way to find the programmatic name? Sorta off topic but related, I also used Deadly reentry and noticed the heat temps do not match between what is in the description of the Airplane Plus parts and what it actually is in the game, is there any way to update/change this using a config file as well?
  5. I figured it out, you just have to hit the altitude button a couple of times and it shows up. Thanks!
  6. Wow the process for making IVA's is much more streamlined than I expected. Doing it in unity makes life much easier then what I was expecting. Cool I might take a stab at this in the near future. Though I just learned today that VR does not play well with the RPM stuff so laggy
  7. Does this have any support for RPM or MAS? I am wondering how hard it would be to implement the flight computer on a rpm screen, and also implement the signal information on a rpm screen.
  8. Is it possible/easy to display the heat information, surface information, and vessel information from this on a RPM screen?
  9. Hello All, Fairly new to the KSP scene. Was wondering if anyone has every used or played with the leap motion controllers and KSP. It seems like combining this with the RPM/MAS IVA's and a VR headset could really create a neat experience. Google turns up this thread which talks a bit about the subject. I am guessing to make this I would need to make a C# plugin that somehow interfaces with the leap motion SDK and provides input as a VR controller. So I guess the question is do we as modders have access to the VR side of things, how hard would this be to do? is it possible to add a input controller that can be mapped independently in KSP IVA views? I do programming for a living with a strong background in C# so technical skill is not really a concern, the ability/feasibility to do this is more the issue here. Any other thoughts on the subject?
  10. How hard are they to make? Guessing it is editing a text file, loading game checking it, and testing it, then raise and repeat? How do you position the items in the cockpits, do you literally give it a xyz position for each element. Or is that simplifying it? I have heard it mentioned converting the RPM stuff to MAS. I am guessing this would be making a patch that looks for RPM parts/props and inserts in a MAS equivalent? How hard is this compared to making them new? Would this be the only way to get existing RPM mods to work with MAS? I do programming for a living so trying to size up how easy/hard it would be to do this stuff, maybe I can help out.
  11. I am having trouble figuring out how to access this in RPM. I have RPM installed and it is working with other mods, but I do not see a option for this in RPM. Any ideas how to get it to show up?