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  1. okie dokie, that is what I was thinking was the case. Thanks for the info!!
  2. So does the testing still apply to each generation? Aka if I have a brand new gen two rocket, i should test it before use?
  3. So far I have been running a rocket through a couple of generations of tests. I am guessing this has no effect? Also if I have a rocket use it and then reuse it does it have any benefit for testing?
  4. So I loaded up a bunch of tools into seat one and seat two of my cockpit. When i get to space though I am not sure how to access them. Nothing shows up on the menu of the cockpit and my kerbal's inventory is empty. Any ideas?
  5. I did a search and could not find anything about this, but what does the part mean when it says "tested" true or false? Thanks, Bob