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  1. Alright, is that what "remote pilot assist available" means in the description of the Mk1 lander can - that maneuver nodes are available with connection to the KSC? Also, are maneuver nodes available for a scientist manned lander with only a connection to a mother ship with a pilot on board? Thanks!
  2. Hey! Second question on the forums for me! I'm aware that it is possible to remote control probes from a ship containing 1 or 2 pilots, a relay antenna and a probe control point. Please correct me if I'm wrong. What I wanted to do though on a mission to the Mun was to have a command pod in orbit around the Mun and send a scientist down in a Mk1 lander can. I thought I by equipping the lander with an antenna would be able to access SAS and the other pilot skills - if not from the KSC, at least from the command pod in orbit containing a pilot. So I guess i have to questions: 1. I thought it was sufficient for manned crafts to have a connection to the KSC for them to have SAS available. Why is this not the case for my Mk1 lander can Mun-lander? 2. What does it take to be able to remote control a manned lander from a ship orbiting the planet/moon in question? Thanks in advance! God speed
  3. Okay, thanks again. I checked my settings and I think the option to "tidy up KSC of debris" might have been what made me confused while experimenting with this. Your responses helped a lot, great first impression of the forums!
  4. Wow thank you so much guys! I guess I'll have to start following my "science pods" on their way down then. One thing I have noticed though is that boosters that I see land successfully with chutes shortly after takeoff still disappear when I switch to the Space center. Usually I can see them for a short while on the map but if I for instance switch to the VAB and then back to the Space center they are gone. I remember once I detached a Science Jr (with a separate parachute) while on reentry and waited for it to land (the pod landed before the Science Jr did). Even though i saw it land safely it was gone when I wanted to recover it. Any idea why this might be? Do I have to follow it down even though it is within the "physics bubble"? Thanks again!
  5. Hey! I was wondering if it true that it is not possible to recover science from "debris" safely landed at Kerbin? I tried dumping a Science Jr with a parachute from my ship but it disappeared by itself when on the ground. The same thing happens with the Experiment storage unit. I am therefore wondering if you need to attach a probe body to these part to be able to actually collect science from them? Also, are you refunded for debris that safely lands on the ground - is there any point in sticking parachutes on boosters for instance? Since the debris just disappears without me having to recover it from the Tracking station or Space center it is hard to tell if you get any funds back. Thanks in advance! God speed