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  1. Thank you. I have been designing planes accordingly and they work!!!. wheels were a major problem for me, but i have learned to work with them. i have been stacking pairs horizontally. I was Testing some of those crafts with infinite propellant and electricity, so thats why there were no power cores. i have removed all of the srb's. your insight has been great on this. Thanks again. Cheers!!!
  2. no, i dont have that although i have near future props. i started with just opt legacy and reconfig. then added opt main and others. didnt notice any change in flight model. my modlist is available in the same gdrive folder. Cheers!!!
  3. No, i dont use that but i have near future props. i have uploaded my ckan modlist in the same gdrive folder. i started with just opt legacy and config. then i added opt main and then other mods. performance of aircraft has been similar. i didnt notice any change in flight behaviour. the best result i could get out were from stail class drone crafts.
  4. thank you, i have been learning the design of ssto's but there seems to be a very steep learning curve. i saw your post where you mentioned that you use Stockalike Com and Col Replacement, is that recommended for designing opt planes? I generally design longer crafts with 3-4 cargo bays, however your design has made me rethink that those designs might not be feasible. Plus, my designs always suck at rolls, they take forever.Here are the craft files. I Don't use FAR or any other mods that conflict with opt just the dependencies. I Also got the Revival Craft working, takeoff is still an issue but i am thinking of attaching some boosters at +AoA to the side of wings. Since the whole incompatibility thing with firespitter, i cant use mechjeb and have been using atmospheric autopilot. AA seems better than mechjeb to me. Thanks for helping out a noob. cheers!!!
  5. @JadeOfMaar I tried your Avatar Revival Shuttle. The Com seems to be too far in front of Col. i am not ablle to takeoff even at 300 m/s. i have faced similar issues with my other crafts where slight change in com col in sph results in a butterfly effect. some planes are stable at takeoff whille others are stable at landing, none are quite right. i have followed ssto plane design guides but somehow this seems to be over me. If it is Possible for you to help, can i send the craft files ?
  6. i loved the video. i have been banging my head around opt ssto's to get them to work. Great Work. keep up.