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  1. I am Actually tired of this mod. it adds so much into the game. but when it comes to fighting bugs and/or making configs, there is no documentation and plus most of the mods apart from recommended ones don't work. so, after a point you hit a wall. where you cannot introduce anything new while you are bored of the old. i just have a suggestion for devs, if you make things easy things wont be realistic, but making integration with other mods easier will encourage others to develop and use this mod. i would suggest that you start by either providing sample configs and/or some documentation on the
  2. yeah, i know. i hope that FAR guys also reply. i have opened the issue with them as well.
  3. Thanks for sharing, even i don't know what the issue is, pretty new to this as well. in any case, it works well without FAR. Also, could you check if COL or COM (indicators/markers/whatever they are called in blender/unity) are having correct angles. and it would be a bonus if you could share the files as well. Here is a screenshot as well. it is maintaining a heading but for that, it has to roll in opposite direction.
  4. Hi, i am facing an issue with body lift and have opened an issue on github for the same. in stock body lift is perpendicular to craft but in far, it is shifted few degrees to the right. so, the craft cannot go in a straight line without rolling in the opposite direction. Can some one pls tell me how to disable body lift for certain parts.
  5. I am concentrating on buran for now. i have never tested the container, however i will take a look at it once buran is fully fixed.
  6. rd 0120 for energia core stage rd 170 for first stage side boosters rd 58 for buran orbiter
  7. Hi, I dont have much experience with modding. i made an RSS/RO config for Kerbolrise mod . All other things are working perfectly, but the body lift is rotated right by few degrees. here is post with the RO config. since craft flies with a tilt, it is not able to fly in a straight line without a roll to oppose the body lift. Can someone pls guide me on the issue. i don't know how this can be fixed. Thanks.
  8. hi, i love your work on opt mod. i was making a RSS/RO config for KerbolRise Mod . here is the link to my post with RO config : link .can you please look into it. i am not able to fix it. thanks.

  9. Hi, i made an RSS/RO config for this mod. However, there are some systematic issues with aerodynamics and body lift. wings produce lift in a perpendicularly but body lift is tilted to the right by few 10's of degrees which makes this highly unstable in transonic regime during upper part of reentry. can you pls look into the issue and fix it, i have the same issue in your buran mod as well. Here is my config :
  10. yeah this has been on my mind. Thanks for your Suggestion!
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