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  1. Let's see where this is going. I got exactly the same problem on PS4, did not know about the bug tracker though.
  2. I was about to post at your thread. Yes, I got exactly the same problem on PS4 Edit: Bugreport sent
  3. Hello, I just got the DLC on PS4Pro (latest KSP-version, all standard settings) and have some problems playing the historical missions. Right during the first mission: The Dawn of the Space Age: After successfully landing (Wernher told me so :)) the K-7 near (but not directly on the runway) the old airfield I return to the VAB either via the button at the top or via the mission diagram. I build the K7-B and want to launch. But here I am sent back to the landen K-7 on the island. Here Wernher briefs me on the 48km-flight. Somehow the spawning of new vehicles does not work, From now on, when I manually return to the space center, all building are locked except the Observation building from where I just can return to the landen K-7.
  4. Same Situation here. The very first contract cannot be finished PS4Pro, latest KSP-update installed, added the DLC yesterday (which is not working correctly either...I will make a new post about it, as I could not find any further infos on that).
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