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  1. I wonder... What can we expect from playing the Enhanced Edition on PlayStation 5? Will the game work on the new system? Will it be optimised for it? Can we expect a more stable game?
  2. I found the separatrons for the top heat shield to be weak to pull it away from the craft. If you slow down enough to below 10 m/s, you can jettison the bottom heat shield and it floats away from the craft.
  3. Sadly nothing is going on. The announcement was for the bundle edition (ksp enhanced edition plus DLCs). Players anticipated that that also means that there's an update.
  4. If they designed a slightly different Kerbol system optimised for consoles. Different planets, etc. To offer similar base experience like the Mun and Minmus but different outside that? Something that is for consoles only.
  5. I have KSP on PC and PS4. I can tell there's a difference in how reliably the game runs on different platforms. I'm excited about any updates for PS4. I tend to suffer from crashes so saving the game frequently is a lot more important than on PC. A lot of people say: Don't build big ships, don't have many ships, don't have many saves... Well, I try. But experimenting is easier on PC. As for the Mun launch site, it doesn't make the game that much easier. And by the time you unlock it, you pretty much have started going interplanetary. It creates its own challenges if you try to go on a long mission. Yes, you can get away with a bit smaller ships as you don't need to fight Kerbin's gravity and atmosphere and you save a bit of delta v. You still need to launch from the Mun, transfer back to Kerbin orbit. If this makes the game more stable, then fine. I wish that once I design a ship in sandbox, that would be accessible from my career saves. I hope PS5 will make the experience even better!
  6. Well it doesn't look pretty but it does the trick. I still have to fine tune the angles on the hinges and understand more about deploying elevons, their angle and their authority limiter but the first test went better than expected. Those Vernors are truly powerful compared to the RCS thruster block. Thanks for your help.
  7. Great tips. Thank you. Does it matter if the elevon blades point upwards or towards the bottom of the ship? Or do you mean sideways? I like the alligator hinge idea. I just started exploring the DLCs. I will try tomorrow. Yeah, I did use the fuel adapter. It might not be visible clearly. It's the orange stripy thing. Vernors... Another thing I never worked out but I should really start using. A lot more powerful than an rcs block.
  8. I have gone through many designs to come up with a craft capable of unpowered landing and ascent from sea level. The ones that can land, don't reach orbit. The ones that can reach orbit can't land. So working backwards, I have a lander that has 8400 m/s delta v at sea level. It flies OK on ascent during testing. However, I can't make it land. I experimented with periapsis between 38-67 km. At around 47 km altitude, speed of about 2800 m/s it sways and flips. I have a tall and slim design with 6 aerospikes with FL-C1000 tanks and a Vector using FL-TX1800 tank (Making History part) going to 1.25 m FL-T series. Large inflatable heat shield at the bottom during landing, 4 airbreak feathers at the top end of the dart shape. Now I know that the centre of mass is probably not close enough to the heat shield and that's why it flips. At the same time I can't lower the COM further. I tried spamming the craft with decouplers. I even thought that instead of an intricate ladder system, I will put an inline cockpit at the bottom under the centre tanks and the vector to help with boarding (and transferring crew). Making the ship taller and would make the stabilising airbreaks further from the heatshield but that would make the ship too heavy to lift and mess up the TWR. I was also thinking of putting something heavy near the basket of the heat shield. Some rcs fuel tanks could be great deadweight. The ship still flips. I don't necessarily want another inflatable heat shield at the top because it never worked for me. When jettisoning the top heat shield, it either crashes into the ship or gets trapped by the parachutes and then crashes into the ship. Could anyone help me with the design problem? I might be missing something.
  9. Nice idea. How did you secure it to the command pod at the top? Empty fuel tank? My ship needs more than one heat shield at the bottom and more at the top too. This is how it stays stable. At least it's one working idea. The top heat shields still tear off the top of the ship. I tried the drew cabin with the RGU. My most stable design: It enters the atmosphere very safely and reaches a relatively low speed below 100 m/s at 10 km. I still can't get rid of the top heat shields without them ripping my ship apart. I even lowered the ejection force from 100% to below 10% to see if it helps, no. The parachutes open but they clip into the heat shield. But equally I don't think I should make the ship taller. It becomes more wobbly I guess.
  10. I set myself the challenge to land a kerbal on Eve and to bring him back. I have finally designed a craft and keep testing it. After slapping something together I started testing and correcting it. I finally overcame the tumbling at around 40 km. The design I came up with was to attach 4 girders on decouplers to the top of the craft, then the inflatable parachutes and added two separatrons to each girder to pull them away from the craft. I managed to slow down beautifully to about 90 m/s and I was at an altitude of 10 km. I thought it was safe to decouple the girders with the parachutes, turns out it wasn't. What are your solutions and designs? How do you safely get rid of inflatable heat shields on Eve?
  11. Guys, thanks so much for the comments. I managed to land that beast. I could get it into Kerbin orbit with periapsis at 45km and apoapsis at several thousand. I did about 40 aerobraking orbits trying to lower apoapsis to 2000km and just managed to get the periapsis back to 72km on the last drop of fuel. It was the most painful thing to do in Ksp. As you recommended I sent a mining rig and I had to mine that thing silly. It still didn't float but did slow down enough to pop the parachutes. I feel elated. Lessons to learn : Don't get alarmed that the ship's delta v drops to two digits after capture. Makes sense considering the combined mass of 700t. On Entry my asteroid was about 48t. I left 1% resource in it so it can be shared with other agencies. I was worried how many expensive mining missions I need to send to empty that asteroid. One is enough because ***you can jettison the ore from the holding tanks***. They don't tell you that anywhere. So it's really about learning as you go. It took about an hour or so to take 90t from the asteroid so luckily that didn't take for ever. For some reason I don't trust asteroids when it comes to fuel transfer from one docked ship to another. It's probably user error but I couldn't refill the ship that I wrangled it to Lko in the first place. Never mind. Entry was shallow and only slowed down below700m/s below 10km. That gave me time to fiddle with the parachutes. They were deployed at 68km from the staging icons but they did not open so I actually had to stage them fearing that I would decouple the whole thing (which was the last stage). I would like to know how to disable a staged decoupler. Pure luck, I landed it on the North Pole. If I recover the ship, will the asteroid disappear? I want more of a memento than a surface sample. Oh and my Ps4 was really put to the test with this mission. I didn't make any kerbucks on it but got 65 reputation. Yay!
  12. That is the contact in the title. Mission profile: The spawned asteroid flies past Kerbin on a polar escape trajectory (about 90 degrees inclination). I can launch into polar orbit without problems from Woomerang, rendezvous and dock with the asteroid. I get into Kerbin orbit. Apoapsis is several thousand km out, periapsis is around 34km. After 4 aerobraking orbits it looks like the rock is going to stay in the atmosphere and land. Except I hit 10km at about 1200 m/s and hit the ocean at about 800 m/s destroying everything. The ship 4 Klaw grabbing units, 5 Nerv atomic engines, 5 reaction wheels, RCS, bells and whistles. I have attached about 20 drogue shoots and 20 normal ones. I don't have mining units because I have just enough delta v for everything technically. This is the ship that's supposed to push this rock around. How can I land the asteroid from low Kerbin orbit? It seems like my problem is with slowing it down enough. As a result, I haven't had a chance to test the parachutes. I have a feeling they might not work or they would yank the whole ship apart as they open. I started thinking on a concept to put together a probe core, Klaw, rcs and parachutes and send about 6 of them up on a second launch possibly with an engine attached to the side of the rock opposite the pushing ship. Rendezvous in low Kerbin orbit and use the new engine to slow down a bit more? I was excited to nail the mission up to the point of reaching the atmosphere but I am bummed by not being able to land it.
  13. I guess UK time for me. Steam doesn't say the time zone but I assume it's my local time.
  14. Previous updates on Steam went live around 7-8pm.
  15. The satellite was carried around docked to the mother ship. It didn't register as a new satellite. However it registered that it has a thermometer etc. When I undocked it registered as a new satellite. Kerbals work in mysterious ways.