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  1. The good news is that your console is fine, nothing wrong with it. The bad news is that it is a game design problem. It works smoother on ps5 than on PS4 but unfortunately the game design itself is bad. I guess if you watch Matt Lowne's recent play on PS4, he gets a blue crash screen less than an hour into the game. It is very telling. There are frequent crashes on both consoles now. And sometimes the saves get corrupted to the point where they won't load anymore. The game has been really poor and poorly supported. You can get a refund from Sony , but I'd prefer a stable game.
  2. This contract is historically bugged. It never worked and most likely never will sadly. It was the only contact that I took and eventually expired.
  3. I just go for it from Kerbin. Gravity assists sound great but like everything on console it's much more difficult. There's no mod to help you. It also makes the missions much longer and a lot can happen with your save. I don't think it's difficult to get an encounter with Eeloo. I have a mission returning from Eeloo for 1600m/s in 2 years time. It turned out that I overbuilt the lander so so I visited 2 biomes. I like Eeloo. It's a friendly place. Pretty too.
  4. I agree, it is a closed ecosystem but when someone decides to put a game out on console, they do that knowing what the constraints are.
  5. It was the same on PS4. My last career save suffered constant crashes and eventually the save could not be launched anymore. At least on PS5 corrupted saves get recovered automatically. On PS4 they didn't. It is not the chicken or the egg question. The maker of the console didn't make ps4 for Kerbal EE specifically, but someone decided to port it to console. So why 'thanks to the maker of the console ... '?
  6. Just lost my career save on PlayStation. This is the second time in 6 months that when starting the game, it gets stuck on the main selection screen, music playing, but nothing happens. The game is unresponsive. I was so close to getting all the trophies unlocked. I had a Jool, an Eeloo mission going. It is a relatively new install (November) on PS5. The enhanced edition is a faulty product. Why is it so unstable? You just can't complete missions anymore. Where is the fun? This product should not be sold in its current state.
  7. And that's what I would like to see. But it feels like that's not the case because the console edition undoubtedly needs more TLC. I would like to see the knowledge and experience that come from this great forum to translate into improving the enhanced version.
  8. Since you mentioned the elephant in the room... Cyberpunk got modded quickly, partly to fix bugs with the base game. Then the big January patch broke some mods. Gamers were angry and demanded a fix. CDPR just said no, because that's not their work. They were fixing the base game after all. I think that's the right response from a developer. Console ports are difficult. I'm totally with you. I must say I actually liked the enhanced edition until it started corrupting my game regularly. CDPR and the Cyberpunk debacle is a sad but valuable lesson for the industry. You can't hide the fact i
  9. True from a testing perspective. However, there's the squad product and then there's the game with mods. And the two are different. So when someone has lots of mods and some things don't work properly in the game, does Squad have responsibility for it? Players can blur the lines between the two perhaps. Sure, understanding mods can help understand some of the mechanics in the base game and tie up some loose ends. I guess I am looking at it from this way because I play on console too. And boy it's not fun recently. It has great potential. Loads so much faster on ps5 than on PC. Beautiful
  10. Interesting thoughts from everyone. I agree that some features were not necessary in the base game. They could have been in a paid DLC. I would have paid for it but might not have used it much. (I would pay for more surface features.) Bugs fixes in DLC? Nah-ah. Bug fixes should be mandatory for the base game for free. Because that is the product. You can't say: 'Here, buy the broken game and pay more for us to maybe fix the bugs'. In my opinion the base game has to be healthy and run well. You want bells and whistles? That's the DLC. But that needs support too. (Sidenote: If
  11. Since the autumn there are frequent crashes on PS4 and PS5. Every 20 minutes or so. It loads ship on the launch pad really quick (even though it's most often the wrong ship), tracking station opens very quick (even though half the time returning to space centre or switching to a ship causes the game to crash). Flights are better (even though quite often you crash into planets instead of fly bys because the periapsis keeps changing without input by several km). The performance has little to do with hardware in my understanding. Bugs are bugs no matter what console you are on. (like when a
  12. I would like to thank @Just Jim and @TriggerAufor the little insight. I hope console bugs get looked at just as quickly as the ones reported in these forums. (The state of the game has been very unstable since the autumn.)
  13. Thank you for that comment. I think because we can't see behind the scenes, there have been speculations about how this actually works. And it was exactly that on my part - speculation. It is nice to know some more details about the work that goes on behind the scenes. Does the same apply to console bugs? There, the bugs seem more lethal in terms of playability (ie. a simple task like switching from one building to another causes a massive crash, corrupted save file about every 20 minutes or so). The severity of such things is affecting the gameplay far more than a simple bug and the co
  14. Great points. You are probably right but if this is the case, then their approach lacks logic in determining what bugs most players suffer from. Particularly because the number of votes don't reflect reality. I wonder: -how many players report bugs on the bug tracker? Most likely, most players post in forums that X, Y, Z doesn't work. They get confirmation that it is a confirmed bug from other players. Do most players then upvote the bugs or just make peace with the idea that it's broken, and has been reported? - some missions, some functions in the game are more often performed tha
  15. The game is close to unplayable state on console at the moment. Both PS4 and PS5. It's best to check what bugs have been reported on the bug tracker, add notes there and upvote problems that have been reported. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/issues
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