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  1. You're probably right that it wouldn't, cause it would definitely add layers of complexity and it makes sense from practical gameplay and real life to have it not be airtight. And actually it would be kinda insane if it were airtight because you could ship chunks of water/air to other planets. Which would do wonderful lovely things to the CPU load. Gosh could you imagine dropping water or air as lag bombs on players in multiplayer?
  2. Not sure why I crave this so much, but it would be cool if like you could use MK3 bays as proper boat hulls, as in water didn't clip through. I seriously doubt this is something the team is working on though. water isn't a main focus of KSP gameplay. It would be pretty hard to implement too. you either need to have the model running all the time no matter what chunk you're in or you'd need it to load contextually ( like as your vessel approaches the liquid in a similar fashion to how collision code is grabbed right before a collision ). My pie in the sky wish is that enclosed spaces are treated in such a way that fluid dynamically flows into them when opened. like if you open a MK3 bay underwater, water rushes in. similarly, in atmo kerbals could move around an enclosed bay but get blown around when it opens. (both of these would require some better collisions and friction modeling for the kerbals too). it'd be fun to have these as makeshift pressurized spaces too for hardcore play. However, if this is sonething any of you good folks working on KSP2 want to do, then I'd definitely prefer this as an add-on feature than as something that would extend the timeline, especially considering how complicated it could be.
  3. Exciting easter egg stuff aside, I really like the new functionality of the VAB UI/X. Although my monke brain screams "Different = Bad!" at the part pallet visual display and toolbar location. I am a bit of a sucker for opaque boxes nestled in opaque boxes (outdated GUIs).
  4. I just tested it out and it sorta works with other parts. Since they don't have colliders you can just float through the closed hatches. you could float outside the vessel too, but that's kinda beside the point. Not all of the stock parts have complete colliders tho, also I think Restock/+ messes with some of the hatches (?) It also seems that if you pass into a part that isn't known to the mod and back into a known part, you can't interact with some of the hatches and chairs that you could previously.
  5. This might be a bit niche, but it'd be great if you could move kerbals around in closed cargo bays/structural fuselages while in flight in atmo. It'd be really cool to be able to actually move kerbals around inside some of my massive aircraft rather than using crew transfer. I suppose a simple way to implement this would to have internal surfaces to the cargo bays that kerbals feet can magnetize to. Though I'd also be down for having an option for kerbals to magnet boot to all vehicle surfaces. A more rigorous way to implement this might be something like having kerbals not interact with the air inside cargo bays and then not treat the internal surface as moving while inside. I dunno if any of this is practical/possible with how KSP is coded.
  6. It's not just the enclosed hispano, if you delete the folder, it hangs up on the exposed one, and if you delete that one it hangs up on the next gun.
  7. @BuzzFeed4Lief I'm not sure what filter you mean? I can give you some more feedback though if you describe it. EDIT if you mean the category filter, it shows up if you expand the categories, easy to find. The turrets included in my screencap are the only ones I could see that matched up, and obviously they aren't scale. I've had to modify configs for BDA supported guns in another mod before, and it seems that maybe it's not super hard to get the turrets to behave if you can copy paste the working info from the mods. Here's a list of current Kriegsmarine weapons in the Naval Artillery System mod 2 cm FlaK 38 Quad Mount (Flakvierling) 3.7 cm SK C/30 Anti-aircraft Gun Dual Mount 10.5 cm SK C/33 Naval Gun 20.3 cm SK C/34 28 cm SK C/28 Twin Turret 38 cm SK C/34 FuMO 61 "Hohentwiel U" Radar
  8. would it be very difficult to scrub gun turrets and engine/props from the ship models? it looks really good, but Naval Weapon Systems and Large Boats Parts Pack still essentially work in current KSP version and it'd be cool to have the option to mount working turrets and such. https://imgur.com/a/q1L46SX
  9. @linuxgurugamer Thanks for taking on this mod. I've run across some issues, they aren't gamebreaking for me but it'd be nice to know if we can look forward to a fix or not. Structural Boom has a floating node in addition to it's sensibly located node. Structural Boom will attach to stock parts normally on both nodes (floating and sensible) but attaches only to the back of retrofuture part nodes. Tanto and Shoto engines still don't rotate correctly when placed mirrored, others have detailed the issue above Kento engine does not have a VTOL option at all. Rectangular SAS doesn't have a part variant though there is a clickable option RetroFuture Control Surface does not deploy correctly when placed with mirror symmetry though flight controls work fine. Spoiler and Airbrake both can only be toggled, raised, lowered via action groups, they don't have a right-click menu option. MK X-31 Advanced Cockpit, Place Anywhere Cockpit MK2, and High Dome Cockpit are the only ones with built in BD Armory weapons managers (they do work now, though I'm not sure if any of the other cockpits were supposed to also include them) 30mm Cannon Gondola and 4x.50cal Nose Guns show up as BD Armory ammo containers and contain ammo, but do not function as weapons. Seriously though, thanks so much for all the mod work you do, and sorry if I missed in the threads somewhere where you explicitly addressed these things.
  10. @Nertea Looks like today's update of community categories fixed the issue I was having with parts not showing up, they all showed up under the NFLV category. so, Hooray! Thanks for the awesome mod by the way, it's one of my faves and the work that you and all the others do is just so mind blowingly awesome
  11. Sorry I wasn't clear. The legacy parts are supported as described, but All the New parts are gone too, though they are also supported in previous craft. I'll double check my files and see if anythings gone wrong there.
  12. Hi, I updated the mod this morning and all of the parts seem to have disappeared. Ones that had been attached to previous vessels still exist and work, including old ones like Buzzard engine ( thanks for the plume rotate btw), and can be moved and attached to new craft from merging, but the parts don't show up in the parts list. I've got Restock and Restock + installed but also a bunch of other stable and quasi stable mods. Any ideas on what's gone wrong or is there a kind of mod that might not be playing nice (new resources ground construction etc) ? Thanks.
  13. Thanks so much! No problem, honestly I'm just super happy that you're maintaining this one. And thanks for the tip, I may end up doing that.
  14. Pretty much the whole reason I have Hangar installed is to make a neato asteroid base that has it's own defense ship, or can service visiting ships. I'm working on one right now in fact! And in that vein, while I understand that having attachment nodes on both sides of the gateway doesn't make a whole lot of sense with the doors and all, it would really help out mission planning, at least for me. (currently I've got one hatch w/ a mine attached, and I'd like to send up another hatch and a gateway in one go). Would it be hard to make it decouple on that node, and add in a decoupler texture that shows up when you attach something there? In any case, thanks for the awesome mod, I always manage to get my part count up there, so having hangars as an option is really nice. P.S. are there conditions to meet before a hangar will accept a vehicle "in flight"? or is there a wiki or forum post I should read to answer that?
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