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  1. weird, I have realplume installed but i don't get the plumes. I'll try to make them myself, then.
  2. oh sorry, i meant where the real plume folder is in Tantares/patches.
  3. maybe I'm just stupid, but i can't get real plume to work with this. I'm not 100% sure i'm installing it correctly though. (i just put the realplume folder from the Tantares/TantaresLV into the gamedata folder so it then goes into the realplume folder)
  4. Not sure if anyone’s said this yet, but to get back the old mk1-2 pod, go into /Gamedata/squad/zDeprecated/parts/command or something like that, and you’ll find the old mk1-2. Go into its config and find “Tech Hidden” and change it from true to false. Now go into the advanced search and click on the parts tab and then module.
  5. try deleting the texture replacer folder from the AVP folder, you won't have the skybox anymore, but it should fix it. (i haven't used AVP in a while, so if there is no Texture Replacer folder, i don't know how to help)
  6. I saw you got it sorted, there's a step-by-step on how to do it 5 posts above yours on this page though. Ok, don’t know how I missed that
  7. 2 questions here, 1. What KS3P version do you have? and 2. Do you have custom scatterer configs?
  8. I've got all spectra dependencies including Scatterer except the extras and Kopernicus, as it causes crashes. (or performance issues) the other mods I've got are Restock, Real plume and dependencies with custom Configs for Restock and kerbal reusability expansion.
  9. Spectra seems to be crashing my game. It usually happens during loading screens. Like a normal crash, it says “Kerbal Space Program has encountered an error and must close”. It only seems to happen when I have spectra installed, I don’t get crashes with other visual packs installed, and I have no idea how to fix it, I’ve Been trying for a week. edit: I’ve also tried validating my files, however it still crashes, unfortunately.