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  1. Thank you for telling me, I haven’t used modded textures in a while.
  2. So I want to install Araym's Stock-alike Advanced Suits along with Texture Replacer, but I don’t know where to put the texture pack. I’m not very dextrous with KSP modding. Any help is very much appreciated!
  3. Is there a way I can put the SpaceX textures in with stock KSP? It doesn’t show up for me.
  4. Launchers Pack works perfectly for 1.8.1, but I don’t know if 2.0 will be available for 1.8.1.
  5. Is this mod known to work with 1.8.1? If so, I still can't make it work with my KSP.
  6. I've been trying to download the texture packs properly, but it still shows up as a dull, textureless grey.
  7. Since both mods are listed as Launchers Pack , I am required to replace one of the two. Is there a way I can put both of them?
  8. Sorry for spamming this post. When I download the SpaceX pack, It shows up as Launchers Pack, and so does the Delta Pack. Is there a way I can change the name without breaking the mod?