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  1. You mean the Lunar variant? Damon has said this so many times, but until it's proven to be an actual concrete design that'll fly, it's not going into Tundra.
  2. Looks cool! P.S, I know you took that pfp off Reddit, I posted it
  3. Related to your question, I think your friend might've edited his clouds. I've never seen JNSQ with more than one cloud layer, ever. galileo being back would be a miracle
  4. Sometimes with mods, the little things are what make a huge difference. I had this installed back when I started playing, good to see that it's still here.
  5. Are you on 1.11.2? I'm on 1.8.1, maybe that's the issue.
  6. Wdym buggy? I'm on 1.8.1, and i've never experienced an issue with it. Genuinely one of the best planet packs out there.
  7. About the plumes, they never shut off. They just stay on, even when not fired.
  8. Huh, fair enough. That idea of it being retracted at sea level is really interesting actually. How would that be implemented into KSP?
  9. SRB's usually have some nice Smokescreen plumes. Take for example BDB's own SRB's (and engines??) that have some really nice Smokescreen effects.
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