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  1. About this, I think the terminator for me looks different because of the TUFX config I'm running. G'th also ran some visual configs on his screenshots (I believe he was using KS3P)
  2. I haven't looked at those configs in ages, but I could send you some scatterer and eve configs I tweaked. I just changed up Kerbin's atmosphere, switched Jool's and Lindor's textures, and removed the sphere around Moho (and maybe some other stuff i forgot). Also, some nice pics because why not
  3. I would recommend making Jool and Lindor slightly lighter. They seem way too dark, imo I've tweaked Ad Astra a LOT, so i've changed a fair bit of stuff over time.
  4. Nice! I'm really glad you're finally getting back into modding dude.
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