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  1. Maybe a probe launched on a space plane?
  2. I actually have all of the mods that you mentioned installed, and yes, they do work pretty well when making crafts like these.
  3. Why would you want to delete it? Simply not using it would save you alot of the stress.
  4. Personally, I use KK, but I don't mind putting it as parts alongside the vehicle. If i'm not wrong, I believe there was a KK mod that had launchpads which could be toggled. MLP could implement this, but it'd be quite a feat. Even without that ability, it's still a great mod. Also, I use KSC Extended, so @Zorg A benefit would be less part counts, but that's probably too little of an effect to be counted.
  5. Just a little concept idea I had, but here it goes. What if there were KK statics for the towers? For example, there was a configurable static for the shuttle and SpaceX tower? This is probably too outlandish, but it would be really cool!
  6. I suppose that landers are what i'm most interested in, but thanks!
  7. I've got it on 1.8.1 with Kopernicus. It works wonderfully. Also, just wanted to ask; Will the original Dragon be added? It'd be a great addition.