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  1. About this, I think the terminator for me looks different because of the TUFX config I'm running. G'th also ran some visual configs on his screenshots (I believe he was using KS3P)
  2. I haven't looked at those configs in ages, but I could send you some scatterer and eve configs I tweaked. I just changed up Kerbin's atmosphere, switched Jool's and Lindor's textures, and removed the sphere around Moho (and maybe some other stuff i forgot). Also, some nice pics because why not
  3. I would recommend making Jool and Lindor slightly lighter. They seem way too dark, imo I've tweaked Ad Astra a LOT, so i've changed a fair bit of stuff over time.
  4. Looks nice as hell! Shame it's not compatible with JNSQ though.
  5. Using JNSQ with 43k Ad Astra, with some heavy tweaking to the scatterer configs. (fyi ad astra is a pain to install)
  6. Amazing stuff! Kinda wish that tank had a switch that closed off the pipe though, instead of having to use the engine mount solely.
  7. Third Nice stuff dude, can't wait to try it out!
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