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  1. This and the next scatterer update will transform KSP1 to KSP2... Awesome work my man
  2. Is there any chance, you are going to update all your mods to use MAS for Ivas?
  3. Awesome, thanks for continuing this mod. Does it have RO support?
  4. I'am probably gone stick with KSP, at least for the first Months because of mods and wanting to wait for reviews about KSP2.
  5. Awesome (And I am very happy for you, that real life is starting to become better again)
  6. Do you have your own money? In Germany, you can buy steam gift cards in many stores, so you could do something like this and then use the card to pay the game on steam. But I don't know what the situation is like in your country, for me it's a common way of getting games without asking my parents
  7. Definitely gonne keep an eye on this. At the moment I'm trying to find a well fitting config to play rss with my favorite mods
  8. Any news on the development of this wonderful mod? Don't wanna push, just out of curiosity
  9. Maybe also tantares? IT's already a fully finished mod, so no new updates
  10. The new docking ports and fabrics are amazing. Thanks @benjee10 and @Beale
  11. I am really hyped, I always wanted to build nice looking boats in KSP
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