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  1. Yeah, same problem for me. Shadow-flickering got really worse, which is one of the aspects, why I'm not playing that much on 1.10.1.
  2. So, first of all, how he treated the covid crisis. He relativized it and called the lockdown fascist (Almost Holocaust-trivilization, at least in my oppinion. Staying at home isn't comparable with beeing murdered.), so this doesn't give me the impression, that he's really interested in science. At least not as much, as the national agencies(these days, I know the spacerace has been a lot about ideology). It's right, he's a big visionary, but first of all, he's a capitalist (I'm German and this is the best description I know)and an entertainer. For me, it doesn't really seem, like he's ma
  3. I'm stupid. I'm sorry, but the forum forbiddes to write the other word. I adjusted it to the forum rules.
  4. It's not about hating spaceX (I really like the progress they made and their concept). But Elon did some serious bad stuff... And it's impossible, to separate spaceX from Elon Musk.
  5. Yeah, i agree whit you two. In my oppinion, collaboration with national space agencies is a better point. And about Elon, well it's not, that he doesn't have impact on space-exploration and other important themes. But as a private person, he's more subject to errors as could be seen on his oppinion, about the covid crisis. Would we really want to work with somebody, who threats a crisis and a lockdown to safe the lives of people like this? So, i don't want to start a political discussion about Elon and just wanted to clarify my point, why a collaboration with spaceX doesn't suit my
  6. Here are my results (FPS is in the downward right corner, no mods): https://imgur.com/a/P4v1Kj1 Settings: https://imgur.com/a/F2IilAc As could be seen, my average is arround 30FPS. Your issue is probably a performance intensive mod.
  7. Gonna try this out later. My test will be in an directory without mods.
  8. And setting the physics max. Delta Time to a lower value increased my performance. This is a somehow weird point. Everybody get's different results.
  9. So, KSP is still single-core limited. You won't get much more performance. I'm running a similar processor(i7-9700k) with 32 gb of ram and an GTX1660ti. Are you overclocking the i9 ? Overclocking is a really good way for performance improvement (my i7 is running on 4.6ghz) Probably the best guide:
  10. So in the last few days, I finally got the time to try this out. It's awesome, you really added much to KSP! I actually always turned of the original music, because after some hours it just got annoying. Really nice work
  11. Yeah, does it need to make sense? Elsewise, we could spam this thread with numbers. Or Emojis
  12. Seems like Modularlaunchpads by @AlphaMensae. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/173008-19x18x17x-modular-launch-pads-v208-launch-clamps-evolved-mix-and-match-parts-for-complete-launch-infrastructure-15-feb-2020/
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