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  1. I started this thing(don't actually ask why): Actually a pretty fast biplane. But 10Rapiers also deliver a lot of power. Might be even faster, but it got unstable, so yeah still a bit of work to do.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this glorious mod.This should definitely be integrated into Stock. Leaving you with some pictures of my first test vehicle, flying surprisingly stable:
  3. @EvermoreAlpaca, Your time has come.
  4. Probably, when Kopernicus updates. All Planetpacks have Kopernicus as a dependencie and as stated in their thread, they are already working on an update for 1.9.1 . Otherwise you could roll back to 1.8.1 .
  5. I I think, these are from @Gabu's mod. Just scroll down a bit in the OP
  6. Oh.Shiny: Settings are Smoothness and Metal both 1. In the VAB, it's almosst invisible.Thx again
  7. @Skonks, I just found a texture issue with the Kerbal Atomics Aale: BTW a really great mod. All these shiny ships are fantastic
  8. Might I suggest adding the option to only use the clouds? So one could use @VaNnadin's 16k textures, because your textures looked a bit weird (no criticism), when seen from the ground. I know that this is happening, because it's not actually a ground-texture, but more like a high-res cover for the ground, as KSP doesnt allow higher than 16k ground-textures.
  9. You probably have to ask in the RO thread, whether there are Configs for this mod (I don't think so). As @Pak has been away from the forums for almost a half year, don't expect support from the developer for the first time. It seems, like he's taking an extended break from KSP or he might also have abbandoned this mod.
  10. Nice to bring back this feature/bug. Also First
  11. Middle-America isn't a continent.