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  1. Really nice. This thread deserves much more attention
  2. Do you have restock installed? If so, they get hidden since the new release
  3. Texture Updates in the future sounds really nice to me. Btw. thanks for the update
  4. Relly nice mod. Might I suggest shifting this to addon-development/releases? I think it doesn't get the attention it deserves here
  5. The first probably... My old fx 6300 on my old rig already sucked
  6. Are you using the latest scatterer Version? This added bouncy waves, so i thought, this might may be your problem
  7. Use this: https://github.com/KSP-RO/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement-Continued/releases
  8. Yeah, same problem for me. Shadow-flickering got really worse, which is one of the aspects, why I'm not playing that much on 1.10.1.
  9. So, first of all, how he treated the covid crisis. He relativized it and called the lockdown fascist (Almost Holocaust-trivilization, at least in my oppinion. Staying at home isn't comparable with beeing murdered.), so this doesn't give me the impression, that he's really interested in science. At least not as much, as the national agencies(these days, I know the spacerace has been a lot about ideology). It's right, he's a big visionary, but first of all, he's a capitalist (I'm German and this is the best description I know)and an entertainer. For me, it doesn't really seem, like he's ma
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