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  1. For what I can see in your video... did you forget the wires? When it load, it just stat to spin due to the game physics, or that is what I think. It is like when you load a rover, and it "jumps" on the surface of minmus/muna
  2. Well, at least is not my rockets fault. Thanks Tonka, I hope it can be fixed, it doesn't really sounds very difficult to workaround (if breaking vel is higher than real vel... just use thrusters). It will waste a lot of fuel, but it will be more accurate until there is someway to accurately account the aerodynamics.
  3. I guess this has been explained somehwere, but I can't find it, so I'm going to trust some of you has it "fresh" to link it to me (thanks in advance). My ships are unable to land on target if there is an atmosphere (Kerbin mainly). Everything goes "well" until they touch the atmosphere, apparently the ship aerobrake much more than needed and making mechjen undershoot the target. Literally something like "Required braking vel: 1800 - Surface vel: 1750". I don't know what else to try, it always fails for between 14-70km (depending on the ship). What I'm doing wrong?
  4. You owe me nothing with so much work in your side! I tend to be a vanilla player, so I try to avoid mods... until KSP, sometimes I got so frustrated I looked for things to make what I need, and here I am! Sooner or later my KSP will have a lot more thanks to people like you. We owe you that.
  5. You are amazing, thank you very much. I'm confused anyway.. as I wrote, both mods were installed by CKAN, so I expected everything to be ok. As soon as I told CKAN to install CCK and ModuleManager the problem is solver. Now, about the KIS... I didn't knew it was broken, and I still don't know how... I guess I have never saw it work as intended, so I can't see were is the problem with it. If you say it's broken, I clearly trust you that something isn't right, but... could you be a bit more specific?
  6. Hi again. I were a bit in a hurry before, let put things right this time (I hope). KSP: 64bits Problem: RTS1 unable to be grabbed or used. Mods installed: KAS 1.4 and KIS 1.22 with CKAN 1.26.4 Log: https://ufile.io/87oa9z6p Tests: Uninstalled all mods and KSP, installed again KSP in a different hard drive, reinstalled KAS and KIS and tested in pad launch using a creative new game.
  7. Hi! Great mod! I would prefered if I came here to say just that, but I'm having a little old issue with this... after reading like 12 pages of this thread and looking everywhere I just surrendered to it and came for true help. Well, let's see it. RTS1! That fuel damn thing, the point is that when I try to use it it just "Beep" and do nothing, I can't grab anything, much less use it. The wire module seems to work fine (well, I don't grab anything with it, but I guess that's how it works). As you can see I'm a bit new in KAS... This is the log of it, i made it beep three or four times... Hoping is just a minor issue and my refueling ship can do his task! Guess this is the log https://mega.nz/#!dhV11SBR KSP 1.7.3 - KAS 1.4 by CKan
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