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  1. I often have trouble selecting one of a pair of objects which are close together in the orbital map. This leads to several related questions. 1) Is it possible to unset target without clicking on the orbital view of the object? 2) Is it possible to switch which icon is "on top" when several objects (e.g. a capsule, a Kerbal and a derelict capsule) are very close together? 3) Is it possible to "set target" without going into orbital view?
  2. [1.7.3] CommunityDelta -V Map 2.7 , for example
  3. When I use a spreadsheet to calculate the dV needed to go from an 80km orbit to a kerbosynchronous orbit using a Hohmann Transfer, I get 1098.9 m/s. The Delta V maps I've found say 1115. I make my best 80km circular orbit, then do my best to get a nice clean circular kerbosynch orbit at 2863.33 km without overshooting too much or flipping to do a retrograde adjustment. I start with 1536 dV, and end up with 437 dV for a change of 1099 dV. As close as nevermind to the spreadsheet calculation. And the period is 5:59:09, which checks out with the sidereal day. So what gives?
  4. Can Module Manager be used with MacOS? Is there a Mac .so somewhere, or does it require a compilation? Has anyone generated a MacOS version and tested it?
  5. I'm seeing the same problem. I found a way to joggle the problem and make it go away: Go to the input settings in the main menu. Add a secondary mapping for the MAP Toggle item. I used B load the broken campaign. M should now work correctly, as well as the map view toggle button. Go back and remove the secondary entry so you can use the brakes. Having been joggled. The M key should continue to work. Don't know how often this bug shows up.
  6. The Mk 1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage shows up for me, and the craft I built with it function properly. I'm in career mode on a Mac
  7. Thank you. I carefully hand edited it using vi (with it's handy bracket matching) and found the confused docking ports and corrected their state. The tug is now undocked. Thanks
  8. Is there a MacOS version of the KML editor? And is KML "Kerbal Markup Language" as opposed to the ubiquitous "Keyhole Markup Language"? Or did the KSP team make a sideways use of the existing Keyhole ML?
  9. I am running a conveyor belt of fuel tanks up to the mun to fuel a series of landers. I launch a tank full of fuel with docking ports at both ends, then pass it off to a robotic tug. The tug takes it up to the munar station, docks the tank to it, detaches, then leaves the tank there to refuel landers, and goes back to wait for another tank. Except, now the undock option on the ports between the tug and the tank have disappeared. The undock option on the station side still works. I have tried undocking from the station, the undock option is still not available between the tug and the tank. I have tried shaking the join where the docking ports meet. I have tried quitting and restarting. Is there a way to get the docking ports to work again? If it involves editing the save file, I will need pointers to documentation about where the files hide, how to traverse them and what to change. "just pop into the static file and change the state of the port" is not useful advice at my pay grade. Thanks!
  10. No, there was a pilot in the rescue craft and two kerbals outside. It was while moving the first stranded kerbal to the Mk1-3 capsule that things went awry. And, I was literally controlling the Kerbal with W and S just before typing space. And the staging was still locked when I switched back to the piloted capsule after the mishap. So, your answer isn't really on point in this case.
  11. I had a stranded capsule. I sent another ship up after it. The original capsule had no dockiing port, so the Kerbals had to EVA from one to the other. I launched, got into orbit. At that point, the ship consisted of a Mk1-3 capsule, TD-25 decoupler, and a little service module with a poodle engine, an X200-8 tank, and FL-R1 RCS tank, some RCS thruster blocks, and a bunch of ladders for the Kerbals to grab onto. At this point, I locked staging (Mod-L) to avoid unfortunate occcurences. So I get the two stranded kerbals clinging to the ladders on the service module and start one to the the capsule hatch. I'm having trouble getting from the service module to the capsule. So I figure I'll let go, use my RCS to move to the adjacent ladder and grab on. At this point, the controls are operating the Kerbal. I have just used W and S to move along a ladder. I hit space to release the ladder and BANG! The decoupler between the capsule and the service module blows at the same time the Kerbal releases! As I watch the service module and capsule drift away in opposite directions, I switch to the capsule using the ] key. Staging is still locked! And yet... So for some reason the spacebar for the Kerbal triggered the staging on the ship, even though it was ostensibly locked. Is it because the Kerbal was close to the decoupler (I was trying to cross the juncture between the two modules)? I mean it shouldn't but maybe the software got confused about whether the coupler belonged to the Kerbal or the ship? Is there some way to switch the ladder release or the staging to some other key?
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