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  1. It's pretty frustrating seeing how much effort they put into other areas of the game, and never finished or improved career mode in so many years. If KSP2 is the same I might just not even bother with it, it sucks the enjoyment out of the game for me. It's really not my job to try to fix their mistakes with a mod. Every time I just gradually get fed up and quit. [snip]
  2. Ya they should have picked Unreal Engine, that way modders can use blueprints
  3. I agree re the tech tree. Getting a command pod and a mid-size SRB to begin and then going backwards and taking ages to unlock wheels, smaller engines and probe cores is silly. I think aiming for something like what John Carmack made for the Lunar Lander challenge (with a Kerbal strapped on top in the external command seat if you dare, they can always jump off and parachute to safety) is something a bit more inspired by how startup aerospace companies like Armadillo may begin, completing these small kinds of challenges with prizes: But KSP seems to be modelled on the NASA big-budget "let's get to the moon ASAP" approach, and I think this misses out on a lot of the experimentation and fun you can have with smaller prototypes and learning spaceflight mechanics on Kerbin. Also engines don't cost very much compared to other parts which is another pet peeve of mine as I heard someone from SpaceX say on a video that engines make up about 90% of a rocket's value. I'd like to see them get the respect they deserve in the sequel.
  4. Yeah that would be a good solution - skippable story driven tutorials which progress into a campaign that helps you learn all the game mechanics. Complete it once then do what you like. I think this game is complex enough that a tutorial for the entirety of it would appeal to a lot of people, guiding you through all the steps involved in for instance landing on one of Jool's moons. Figuring it out yourself is fun for some but for others it's so difficult that they'll never manage it. Timing the interplanetary intercept alone requires a calculator for me, so I think they will have to address that with some kind of in-game tool or aide. edit: also, keep in mind that stories can offer major choices and non-linear paths, plenty of games have done this well (i.e. mix linear sections with more open sections).
  5. Speaking of wild speculation, I think I found the solution to this issue. Put in loads of cosmetic microtransactions for the console players and give KSP1 early buyers a couple of free ones. Everyone wins
  6. In terms of "bang for buck" i.e. reward per amount of expenditure I can't think of any feature that offers better value than a story-driven campaign. You're appealing to a whole other section of the market which all those engineering-focused sandbox features won't, and it could be done by launch day with maybe 1 person on a part time salary (for a simple one anyway). Stories aren't like coding a physics engine. Hanging out on the discord server recently I was struck by the amount of console and more "casual" players who are still getting into this game. That is going to be the major market for the sequel, not us spaceflight fanatics who have been playing for years and would probably buy the sequel no matter what its features were. The mass-market is where the money is so if your argument relates to budget, catering to the widest variety of players and mainstream tastes with the least amount of cost would be the best choice. However given the success of other logistics and automation sandbox games like Minecraft and Factorio I think those features are definitely something worth considering and would enhance mainstream appeal, as it's definitely a popular trend right now. But that would take a lot of design and coding work. Related to this, I'm curious how they will handle resource supply and logistics with offworld colonies and vehicle construction sites. Some kind of autopilot seems almost essential if you are having to do regular supply runs and land with a high degree of precision on a moon base. They said "no SimCity in space" so I'm sure someone will add that as a mod along with maybe some complex production chains and all that stuff, turn it into kerbal management sim.
  7. Yes I hope they take the space magic out of the reaction wheels and the throttle ranges and science points, and instead put that magic into things like lore and aliens and anomalies. If you read between the lines in one of the interviews there were hints about an alien race when you go interplanetary, or something like that, based on a "no comment."
  8. Thanks for the extra clarity, whenever he says no comment it tells me a lot
  9. IMO that's a pretty poor summary of the above discussion, not to mention inaccurate in terms of numbers.
  10. More bad logic and assumptions here. Of course making a story would cost them more, yes, but this idea of using resources that would otherwise be spent on other features is not necessarily true. A story writer is unlikely to be coding things instead of working on a story unless they are a multi-talented person, but generally people specialise in creative writing or coding and these types of people are quite different and in a large team, hired for one specific skill. It's rare to have someone with both talents particularly in a large team - that's generally more a small indie thing done out of necessity rather than preference. Plus, if the modding system is good and/or the writer has basic development knowledge, they wouldn't necessarily be using up anyone's time other than their own in order to get everything done. Stories generally require basic scripting using existing systems and game mechanics, not coding entire systems from scratch. The modding framework for KSP1 is already so strong that I could put together a story without having to install monodevelop and learn c# - contract configurator, module manager, the barn kit, etc - this is all the framework you need for a deep story and the language is much simpler and more accessible. The financial incentive to hire one writer and add a story mode separate to sandbox is strong. It would add interest for a lot of different kinds of players and when you are going AAA and expanding to the console market these things are definitely a drawcard as it's a different audience from the pc crowd. To me, KSP is NOT a sandbox game, I never play sandbox games because I find them boring and I only use KSP sandbox mode in rare cases where I need to test designs or look up stats on a whole bunch of different parts at once which is easier than digging through cfg files. This is why the game frustrates me so much - it has great depth and mechanics and is my all time favourite but the career mode feels unfinished, underdeveloped and abandoned probably because the devs think that most people are only interested in sandbox. The game could only be enhanced by adding a story mode and if you think not I challenge you to present an argument that doesn't rely on fallacious reasoning. Otherwise the poll should give some indication of how popular the idea is. If I have time I'll add a story to my mod. People seem to assume that stories would be forced upon them when it's easy to make the story optional, like an additional feature that would add a lot of appeal to a wider range of players than the ones who only ever play sandbox. In KSP1? Make it trigger from a contract which you only accept if you want to. Simple. Also this idea of a community story is not a universal thing, not everyone participates in this community nor wants to or should be forced to in order to get a full game experience. I'm not interested in multiplayer or the community or the sandbox mode, I'm interested in an engaging single player campaign style experience which many games are based around and there is thus a large established market for.
  11. Nate seemed pretty open about it in your interview and that was the first time I've seen anyone even ask about it so it's not cagey if they're just not getting the opportunity to talk about it because interviewers are focused on other things. I didn't see them say anything about an overhaul, just that science and career mode will be combined and R&D and science stays the same, also I keep hearing the phrase "extending the tech tree" all of which sounds like a big DLC more than an overhaul. But if you have more info or sources which discuss this please share, I've watched somewhere between 5-10 interviews and yours was the only one that talked about it.
  12. Yup u can do all that with module manager and contract configurator. check their documentation wikis linked from the forum threads the first one might require a hardcode of startup game settings (a very basic plugin) plus the sarbian barn kit to alter recovery values
  13. This reasoning that players create stories because they aren't given one is fallacious, it's bad logic. Even if there are more people creating their own stories in this game, correlation does not equal causation. Creativity is not caused by a void. A story mode would only enhance the appeal of this game, which seems to be aiming to reach as wide a market as possible with the AAA approach. So it's their loss if they focus too much on sandbox players and don't listen to the rest of us. Again - have they been keeping quiet or just not been asked about it? Like I said, I only saw one question about it in around 5-10 interviews with Nate, and this is the aspect of the game I'm much more interested in than multiplayer, colonies and interstellar flight. edit - as for progress I think the interstellar flight + offworld shipbuilding aspects will add a lot of depth and motivation to move further out than Kerbin SOI and really start mining resources, all of which is lacking in KSP. so that will be good.
  14. We haven't heard much because in 5-10 interviews I've only heard one person asking questions about it. But the basics are in that one linked from the OP. edit - as for the storyline, I added a poll so feel free to vote.