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  1. First, I apologies if I posted this in the wrong area. With as large of a following as KSP has, I think most would appreciate it if some sort of "collectibles". Years back a limited number of Jeb plushies were offered. Sadly, after a short period, those plushies ran out of stock. Since then, a few have tried to make collectibles out of ceramic, etc. Many are either poor quality or very pricy. With 3d printers and/or printing services becoming less expensive I don't think it would be too difficult to create something for us fans. While a private individual could do this, getting permission and all that goes into it makes turns many off of even trying. It'd be far easier for Squad or Private Division to contract it out. They could ever creat collector editions of the game that include a statue or something like that. I'm sure this is not a new idea in any way. With KSP 2 announced release sometime in 2020, perhaps adding an edition like suggested would make many of the faithful KSP fans happy.