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  1. I was doing the same, but you beat me I just finished now with the building. But your craft-file is more detailed with the actionsgroup, so I wont upload mine.
  2. I can't guarantee it, but it has worked for me many times: When you open the craft-files with an editor (e.g. Notepad++), you can edit in the second line the version from 1.4.4 to 1.3.1
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that ksp didn't keep the setting when I changed it ingame. I had to set the "quality_preset" value in the setting.cfg to "5". I hope it works for you too!
  4. You have to set the "render quality" in the settings to "high" or higher (I hope it the correct name for the setting. My KSP is in german.
  5. I managed to get the RCS thrusters of the LEM working again. Open the LEM_A_STAGE.cfg and scroll down until you see the following entry: There you just have to change the value of the entries "csEnabled", "enableX", "enableY" and "enableZ" Cfrom "false" to "True" and the RCS should work.
  6. UPDATE It didn't work. But I found the solution. For unknown reason the "Rendering Quality" didn't stay on a higher setting and fell always back to "Simple" or "Normal" (I play the game in German, so I don't know the correct word in the settings). I had to set a higher value it in the settings.cfg (QUALITY_PRESET) and now my problem is gone But thank you anyway and a happy new year P.S. Sorry for the doublepost.
  7. Much appreciated! I'llt ry out these versions and come back with a (hopefully) positive feedback
  8. I've got now the same problem. Can't figure out where the problem is. I tried different versions of KSP, different versions of Scatterer and different sun flares. I installed KSRSS plenty of times before, never ran in any problem. Until now.
  9. Oh :-/ I was really looking forward to land on the moon with parallax. But still an amazing mod. Love it. And thank you for the clarification
  10. Do I have to activate Parallax somehow? Because I don't see anything on the moon. Parallax is installed and I've tried it with Kopernicus and Kopernikus Bleeding Edge. I also tried to move the Parallax.cfg from the "patches" folder to different locations (\Gamedata and \KSRSS) EDIT I forgot: I also sink in the surfarce of the moon. KSP is a completly fresh installation with a new savegame.
  11. I usually don't use RSS and RO, because my computer is quite slow and I don't reach anys good fps. But I have tried it now with ROCapsules. I got Reflections in the VAB, but as soon it's on the launch ramp or in the orbit the reflections are gone. But still thank you for your tipp.
  12. I didn't do anything special. I just copied the "ATS" and the "CommunityResourcePack" Folders into the Gamedata-Folder and it worked. What happens when your try load the included Craft-File? Any missing parts?
  13. Hi there, I really love this mod and it's still my favourite Saturn V mod. But would it be easy possible to making the reflection work for the whole CM (maybe even the SM)? Currenty I've only reflection on the forward heat shield respectively docking module: That would make this great mod even better., Thank you and best regards P.S. I use KSP 1.8.1
  14. I hope someone also will update the FASA Suits. I tried, but I'm not really good in editing textures.
  15. I had to delete the mod "Textur Replacer"
  16. I had the same problem. I was able to solve this issue with removing "Texture Replacer" .
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