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  1. Figuring that I have finally got it to not flat spin, I decided to do the test again, so here it is: Craft: Mods: Trajectories, ReStock, RealPlume, RCS Build Aid, Engine Lighting, BetterTimeWarp
  2. Well, at the bottom, you can see the craft file, pure stock, which was posted while the mission was in progress. But if you didn't see that then here: Anyways, I decided to modify the orbiter's OMS with 5 Cheetah engines, and move 4 of them to the front (and didn't interfere with the solar panels for some reason...), which I think will counteract with the offseting CoM as fuel drain Yaw instability seems to stop now... Craft Cursed screenshot
  3. So, ummm... this took a LONG time, much longer than expected, but anyways, here's my submission to STS-1 Mod list (used and not used):
  4. Now think about it, I have finally came up with a name. So can you change my name to "Cormorant - Mayflower"?
  5. Final touches in progress... Before wasting a load of time trying to figure out how the shuttle survived your average RyanAir landing, only to find out that "rigid attachments" were more powerful than expected