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  1. Nvm, i am stupid xd I already knew what you're saying to me, but thanks, I think he had a mod for, to make it fall, but I think he just did ctrl + z xd How do a mod? xd need to do this mod lol PS : how change picture profil?
  2. I NEED HELP : In a video (i don't remember the name), someone build a plane, AND! a moment, in the editor, in the hangar, he click on a button, and his plane FALL in the hangar, but he can't pilot it, or use it, its just for see if the wheels are right (the plane can't even take damages (sorry for my english, i am french))
  3. Hi! (i am french, sorry for my english) my problem is : the landing gears, i see in a video someone use a button to see the plane on floor in HANGAR! he can't pilot it, or use it, he just fall on the hangar floor, and this help you to see if the landing gears are right or not, i need to know the mod, plz.
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