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  1. I'm getting very poor framerates all of a sudden. Yesterday I was playing the game a lot and had no issues whatsoever. Today I restarted my PC and now the game is dipping into the 10-20 fps range after a minute or so. When I start the game up I'm getting 60 fps easily and even into the first part of a launch everything is fine. However after a few seconds of flying it dips to 10-20 fps. I've restarted the game and the PC a few times and the same thing happens each time. I've even reinstalled the game, reset settings.cfg, and tried running with force opengl and force dx11. Here is my hardware: i7 4.00GHz 12 GB RAM Nvidia GTX 970 Crucial SSD I've tried lowering some settings but no go. I should be able to run it fine with the highest settings tho, I was doing it just yesterday. I have no mods installed.
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