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  1. I hope Kerbals can traverse adjoining sections like the fuselage of crew cabins, control rooms and space station habitats, operating controls, airlocks and experiments (rather than just switching too). A kind of end game for completed vehicles.
  2. It could be rendering in cinematic mode.
  3. Kerbal's are doing it! better than some games I've just come from and pop's trending up, +16% this month.
  4. Great a chronicle, will follow and see if I can match.
  5. Pop jump 16% with KSP2 new preview, it's showing today that there still a good market.
  6. Nothing wrong with a relaunch if only to modernize graphics (which KSP2 has added me already!), though as a standalone v2.0 would transverse KSP into a classic, better and un-ruined.
  7. Is KSP2 going to have logistics? Like hungry Kerbal, food, water and oxygen supply, to add cargo weight to all crewed missions. Hungry Kerbal could be a gaming setting, on, off.
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