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  1. Hmm, Everytime i boot up KSP i have to configure the contracts again. Is that normal? It doesnt seem to remember filter settings inbetween play sessions.
  2. Aaand Kosmos is back ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for your hard work! looking forward to the rest of the parts!
  3. KOSMOS is much better than this pack i think.
  4. Something is not right when launching. using mechjeb auto ascent but it just leans towards the shuttle. and why does it come with the standard landing gear bay and clamp? doesnt make sense.
  5. I have launched space stations manually before. But the problem is that the MIR is not a symmetrical design wich is near impossible to get into orbit manually. I did a quick persistence edit to get it into a nice and stable 100km-100km orbit. if you wanna know how to do that lemme know.
  6. Now we only need to wait for the Soyuz to be added to this pack. Build the MIR from that picture? Challenge Accepted. Edit- 1 Hour later End result: For those interested in the .craft Grab it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35616235/KSP%20Craft%20Files/KOCMOC%20MIR.craft
  7. Hey thanks man, We really apreciate it. this is the only decent shuttle mod on here you come and play some more KSP. It\'s really beginning to get awesome!
  8. The next update should reduce the size and weight of this module. IN the mean time you can lower the weight yourself by going into the CFG\'s
  9. Ehm any chance for you to make suspender cables? because without them this skycrane is kinda obsolete. It\'s what makes curiosity landing sequence so interesting. THis lander part is very nice. but it adds nothing to the curiosity. we can build a lander like this ourselves with other custom parts. I mean i can build the same lander with kosmos parts np. Don\'t take this the wrong way but i was hoping you could have animated the winch
  10. The skycrane looks really nice. Can\'t wait to see the cables fully animated! Here was one of my older projects with a skycrane system:
  11. That is incredible. Very sweet looking parts! Any chance for a proper space telscope? You could make it work with the Camera Plugin
  12. Glad you like it It\'s nice and stable in flight, took me awhile to balance out (especially the radial fuel tanks/engines) but in the end i\'m happy with this configuration. I\'m still thinking about building a bigger version. I had one wich was very large but ended up with less than acceptable flying behaviour. But i\'ll work on it
  13. Shameless Plug: If anyone is interested, I have made several .Crafts available on my Ship Sharing thread here: DeCiWolf\'s SkunkWorks - Advanced Development Projects Again thanks to Cardboard for creating the Best and most versatile parts pack on the KSP forums. Very high quality stuff man. Keep it coming!
  14. I have updated the OP with your request. I was planning to add links to the Plugins and Part packs but it was getting quite late yesterday so I went to bed instead : And thank you for making an awesome part-pack/plugin it\'s quite beautiful and i cant wait until you scale the rover and nacelle down so it\'s a bit more manageable! I was planning to build more complex landing systems with it but the size limited the ways i could make a curiosity landing method stable. Looking forward to your new work! Update: I\'m working on a deep space exploration vehicle. He\'s a pic of what i\'m currently going for in terms of inspiration. Update 2: DragonFly E.E.V Released!
  15. Thanks I\'m already working on some new projects. Expect to see some awesome stuff in the next couple of days!
  16. Introduction: Hello there fellow kerbanauts! I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my creations with the rest of the KSP community. I build high quality rockets/sattelites/rovers and much more on a regular basis and have received alot of requests for the .craft files of my creations. This thread is intented to act a depository for my creations and suggestions for projects what to build next from other members of the KSP community. Alot of these projects I will put up here will rely on a number of modpacks and plugins. Although, rest assured nothing too exotic. Usually just eye candy stuff and MechJeb Ofcourse. I will list What Plugins and PartPacks you need for every craft I will put up here including screenshots. All the crafts I will share here have undergone rigorous testing in all conditions from Zero-G planet\'s to sea-level. My crafts come with Maximum Flight Stability as much as possible and are generally very sturdy. Some of these project however will feature some Very Large and complex constructions (Space Station\'s and Planetary Habitats.) If you have any questions regarding these projects or any other questions you would like to ask me feel free to either PM me or do it in the thread! So without further ado, Let\'s get to the good stuff. IMPORTANT! - To download the Craft files right click the blue links and select: 'Save target as' Otherwise you will just get the text! Curiosity Rover Mk. I: Plugins used: [li]MechJeb[/li] [li]Cart Plugin[/li] [li]PKSMultiJointObject[/li] Part-Pack\'s used: [li]Kosmos[/li] [li]Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - MEM + Solar Rover v2.0[/li] [li]Down&Under Aerospace[/li] [br] Inspired by NASA\'s counterpart Curiosity scheduled to land on Mars in August. It\'s a unique configuration designed to drop off the Rover hanging underneath the landing stage once it has made it\'s way through Mars\'s atmosphere. The instant it touches down, the cables attaching the rover to the lander release and the lander flies away to a safe distance to crash into the terrain leaving the rover free to explore the new frontier. Download M.e.M Mk. II: Plugins used: [li]MechJeb[/li] [li]Cart Plugin[/li] [li]PKSMultiJointObject[/li] [li]PowerTech[/li] Part-Pack\'s used: [li]Kosmos[/li] [li]Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - MEM + Solar Rover v2.0[/li] [li]Down&Under Aerospace[/li] [li]Carts v1.32 + Mün Rover & RCS[/li] [br] [br] [br] [br] Featuring the same design concept as the Curiosity; This lander is designed to deliver the M.e.M (Munar Excursion Module) A mobile rover that carries 3 astronauts. It is designed to explore the surface of the Mun and MinMus, It has no return stage, so you will need a base first to explore from! Download EchoBase: Plugins used: [li]MechJeb[/li] [li]PKSMultiJointObject[/li] [li]PowerTech[/li] Part-Pack\'s used: [li]Kosmos[/li] [li]Down&Under Aerospace[/li] [br] Either used as a Space Station in low kerbin orbit, or as a permanent Outpost/Habitat on the Mun and MinMus. This project is one of the largest i have ever constructed succesfully. It takes an enourmous rocket to get off the ground and some really intense flying to get it to land on your desired location. It is immense as you can see from the pictures. I would not recommend flying this to new kerbanauts. It definitely requires some serious KSP/Mechjeb skills to get it to do what you want. Good luck! Download DragonFly E.E.V (Expedition Exploration Vehicle) Plugins used: [li]MechJeb[/li] [li]PKSMultiJointObject[/li] [li]PowerTech[/li] [li]Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera - 1.0[/li] Part-Pack\'s used: [li]Kosmos[/li] [li]Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera - 1.0[/li] [li]KW Rocketry - Ceres MPCV[/li] [br] [br] [br] Introducing the DragonFly E.E.V: The latest and greatest deep space exploration vehicle for missions to the mun, minmus, asteroids, the sun and beyond! This project is intended for all your personal exploration cravings and will suit your every need. It can even act as a small space station or relay station for your planetery expeditions. It comes with fully automated solar panels, camera equipment for orbital observations and radiator panels for getting rid of excess heat (doesn\'t actually work, just nice eye candy!). The crew Capsule on top is the MPCV from the KW-pack. It\'s in my opinion the best capsule out there on the part releases forum. Download Here are the links to the Mod\'s and plugins you will need: [li]Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - MEM + Solar Rover v2.0 - [/li] [li]Anatid Robotics / MuMech - MechJeb - Autopilot - v1.8.4 [/li] [li]Carts v1.32 + Mün Rover & RCS - [/li] [li]PowerTech v0.2.5 - [/li] [li]MultiJointPart Framework 0.4.1 - [/li] [li]Kosmos Spacecraft Design Bureau 4.1 - [/li] [li]Down Under Aerospace & Party Supplies 0.4 - [/li] [li]Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera - 1.0 - [/li] [li]KW Rocketry - Ceres MPCV - [/li] Tips: To deploy solar panels right click them and press the buttun called Deploy! they will start aligning to the sun when the are fully deployed. The same works for landing legs. To use the Camera plugin just press F7 and F8 to cycle between the camera views. [br] More to Come! Leave your feedback in this thread or PM.
  17. Do you recognise it? The Battlebarge: Litany of Fury. FOR THE EMPRAH! >
  18. /Lock Request. Outdated Thread. Update can be found here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=9052.0
  19. Good news! Now if only we can get him to post in here
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