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  1. I may have found the problem here. I have heard that KJR and stock KSP auto-strutting do not necessarily play well together so I went back and checked my space station to make sure NO stock auto-strutting, of any type, was enabled. Lo and behold I found a few stray parts with stock auto-strutting still enabled from the original VAB construction...one of them the docking ports that may have been on the separating ports from my OP (I can't tell for sure which arm, of the 2, was separating, at this point). I disabled any "stray" auto-struts and I have just managed to dock my large (for me) 191,00
  2. KJR has been a lifesaver in KSP 1.7.3. My station was losing parts whenever I would dock another ship to it. The problem has returned, however. I just tried docking the highest mass ship I have ever tried...and I'm back to getting the quick "shake", after docking, and a station part drifts off. It's only one of the arms at this point, before KJR several parts would disconnect and drift off. My question is, is there something in the .XML that I can adjust to get a bit more "reinforcement"? The arm is coming apart at the Docking Port Seniors I used to attach it to the station, BTW. I stoppe
  3. I go there but see no way to actually download the version?
  4. Which version of the Docking Port Alignment Indicator works with KSP 1.7.3?
  5. @Azimech, @Pds314 All I need help with is a water capable lander that can go from Laythe orbit, land on water, gather all science at that biome and back to orbit again until all water biome science has been gathered. It should have a remote guidance unit so a pilot does not need to be aboard...just the scientist. Do not worry about how it gets to Laythe, I just need to be able to attach it to a multi-stage lifter on Kerbin. It does need to be a single stage as far as the actual lander. It will be brought to Laythe on a large rocket with lots of fuel (for multiple landings on Laythe) and a pod
  6. I'm wondering if any of you have created a craft that can: Depart low Laythe orbit and land on water. Recover all available science while splashed down on a Laythe water biome. Carry a scientist (and not require a Pilot). Return to low Laythe orbit from the water. My construction skills are not adequate for me to try and make a craft with these capabilities. I have the dry land science handled with another craft but...water landings are not something I've been able to figure out. Would anyone care to share a craft with me?
  7. @Spricigo Well...now I'm not sure. I "assumed" only an Engineer could use the KAS stuff?
  8. @Spricigo I have found one advantage to having 2 engineers at a mining site. While one is EVA'ing around, hooking up hoses and such, the other remains "onboard" and maintains production levels.
  9. @Tonka Crash Can you explain a bit more on using the translatron function? The only YouTube video I found is 6 years old...and the ship crashed! Say I land safely, but my ship is too far away to reach the hoses so I can transfer fuel to it from my mining base. How do I use translatron to move me closer?
  10. @HansAcker When you mention TWR...do you have a range in mind that is "not too high or low"?
  11. My issue with this one ship isn't so much about accuracy as about a controlled descent (although the one leads to the other...chicken and egg? LOL). I've tried adjusting throttle and gimbals...even torque on the wheels. Nothing seems to help...MJ just wants to "over-control" this ship, for some reason. The problem must be the ship itself as the other 5 parts of my mining operation landed within a reasonable, workable distance and did so in a very smooth, controlled manner. If I could find the problem I could send a new Hauler along with the 2nd drill and 2nd ISDU I have in Kerbin orbit, waitin
  12. Why do I bother? I'll just remove MechJeb and land manually....I've gotten good at it.
  13. I am having an issue with one ship landing on Dres, using the MechJeb "landing Guidance" autopilot. First let me point out that the landing guidance worked very well for 5 of the 6 ships that comprise my Dres mining operation. The drill was not mobile so it had to land close to my chosen location...it did. The other parts of the mining "base" had rover wheels and were landed at a spot I picked out as a "landing area". They all landed relatively close to this area, using the MJ landing guidance function, and were "rovered" to my desired position for them. The problem I'm having is with my "fuel
  14. That's what I needed to know...thank you!
  15. Having an engineer boarded in a mining operation does wonders for productivity. Would adding a 2nd engineer show another increase over only having 1?
  16. Here's what I'm seeing: You will notice that I have selected "show landing predictions" and "show trajectory". Do you see the normal MJ target landing red crosshairs? Do you see the normal blue "landing prediction" crosshairs? No...you don't, because they are not showing up. Do you see the landing guidance check boxes for "Show landing predictions", "Show trajectory" checked? Yes, they are. When this has worked ( the only 2 times), I would have 2 "bullseyes" in this view...one for the target landing area, and one for the "predicted" landing are. As you can see...I have butkus, at thi
  17. MechJeb has an option for "Landing guidance" that is supposed to show "landing predictions" and "show trajectory". I have had those work exactly twice, in 13 attempts to use the MJ auto land function. Can someone explain why these visual "cues" don't work most of the time? The landing guidance still appears to work...but the visual cues are very handy and I don't understand why they only show up 10% of the time? To be completely honest, I am not that impressed with MechJeb's documentation and the lack of detailed "how to's". What I have found online has been a mish mash of non English spe
  18. Thank you, I will look into both of your suggestions.
  19. @DerekL1963 I may not have increased the lander's throttle limit to 100% after doing an orbital correction. Let me try again... Yep, forgot to undo the throttle limit. I now have a TWR of 12.35. So, if I understand you, no mid-course correction is necessary? Because with the one new node MJ created (with throttle at 100%), I'm not seeing anything near a Kerbin encounter in map view. To the contrary, my nearest approach is over 28,000,000 km. As you can see in the screenshot, MJ says that my total Dv to insertion of Kerbin orbit is 3,659 km/s, but the only node I have is a 1,603 burn?
  20. @DerekL1963...I tried MechJeb to create nodes for a return to Kerbin from Dres. It tells me, in yellow text, that my initial orbit must not be hyperbolic...my eccentricity for my Dres initial orbit is 0.0000...can't get any less "hyperbolic" than that! Thinking it's just a warning, I continued on and MechJeb created a node to depart Dres...but just the one node (that I can see in PreciseManeuver). I'm including a screenshot of what I am seeing.
  21. Thanks...I must be getting senile . So far the issue has not returned since clearing the lock.
  22. Is there a mod, or a way to alter a landing struts part config, that prevents the landed ship from "tobogganing" down the slightest slope? I'm not asking to land on the side of a cliff, mind you ...just a bit of improvement in the friction or grip of the pads?
  23. I will give MJ a "solo" shot at it next time I leave Kerbin. You'll notice in the screenshot...this is my mid-course as given to me by Astrogator. It has a huge amount of anti-normal which makes it very hard to arrive at Dres without a large inclination that must be corrected. Even allowing MJ to "do" the burn, I end up with a Dres encounter (so that's good ), but I spend DV getting to an equatorial (0 inclination) orbit...even the slightest error by MJ's burn results in being way off of the "planned" trajectory. I usually do well enough with a manual burn to celestials with a low inclination
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