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  1. Can someone explain or link where I can figure out how to use the communications devices in this?? I can't figure out which ones work with other ones and the distances. Its all jibberish to me. Also the whole nuclear thing as well.... always have random issues like no radiators, no power supply, don't know how to use these lasers (what do they do how do they generate power?!). Where can I figure out how to use this mod?? The wiki barely explains anything.
  2. Ok... I've fixed everything, from the contracts, to the pricing, to the weight per pricing, to even adding cost to electricity and accounting for scientific costs (aka, want a new battery? its gonna cost more, but itll have the same $/KW as a normal battery). I can include and update everything if - ANYONE - is interested. If no one cares, then I won't waste my time on this. Currently.... its feels like a real game now. I start with 500k. I have to figure out how to strategize and get millions to make a ship. Just going to LEO requires atleast 5mil, and thats wi
  3. Looks like my survey contracts are not accurately updated in pricing.... not sure why..... anyone have some ideas? I'll look into it later as well. edit: Just fixed the survey costs I believe..... waiting for KSP to load again to find out. But if it works, it'll work for ALL DM Orbital science contracts. Thats nice.
  4. Module Manager is required. All this is done with Module Manager Patches. Google: "ModuleManager ksp" and you'll find it. So I've been a longtime player of KSP and always got bored.... very quickly once I unlocked the tech tree and went to duna and beyond. I've been a programmer for a few years as well and so I figured lets see what I can do, easily. Basically...The contracts in stock suck, and the mods for new contracts are for 1.4.x and not 1.7.x..... So I started to do some investigating. Feel free to change my prices.cfg MM patch however you please to improve it or
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