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  1. どうもEBOSHI、役に立ちます。 皆さん頑張りましょう!
  2. I can't wait to be able to blow up a whole collony through 1 small mistake! Do we know if the collonies will be available for any planet that you want?
  3. nothing surprise. lets wait and see.
  4. @Summerfirefly@Acea 本土化大神 WELL DONE! 可以留下邮箱跟你们交流一下KSP本土化的问题吗? 谢谢
  5. Dear all, I am new on this forum. I found some interesting posts by a moderator and some users. I would like to discuss with them about more details. Once I clicked on [Message] buttom on their pages it says I am allowed 0 message. Does anyone know what's the matter? Thanks