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  1. Open beta testing is never really beta testing at all, not for any game, it was just for hype. Kerbal 2 does not need the hype, so I really do not expect open beta. As far as actual testing goes, I suspect they have ( or can have ) all they require. ( by not needing hype, those that are likely to purchase a game like Kerbal Space 2 out the gate already know about it and are waiting for it. )
  2. I do not believe in a universe where I would not purchase KSP ( regardless of version )
  3. Multiplayer will be a nice niche thing, but not my primary interest in the game, I suspect it will be something I just occasionally do
  4. Fantastic Jim! Sometimes things actually work our right in life
  5. To this is an important game, there are several games I am waiting for, but take Ark Survival 2 for example, if that came out and totally flopped, I would shrug my shoulders and say "Oh Well" and move on with a smile on my face. Kerbal 2 is more important to me. It is something I hope to enjoy for decades ( or as long as I live anyway ). We need the game done right, not just right now.
  6. I know I am in the minority, but I am good with the early 2023 projection We need the game done right, not just right now.
  7. Well the worst thing they could do now is give us an estimate on release. Never ever tell gamers anything at all, until it is absolutely cast in stone. As they often will pretend conjecture is some kind of sacred promise.
  8. Correct. I suspect multiplayer will be an oddity, a side thing you can do with a friend or two, but probably not the main point of your playing KSP 2
  9. As people have pointed out, we don't need a Lot of other star systems, we need a few, perhaps only one or two but full of planets and well laid out. We played Kerbal for over a decade in a single system, and still had more to do.
  10. That would indeed be my preferred method, I am not a fan of the "zones" and resync options others have mentioned.
  11. I suspect they will, however... that will be the issue, the way you sync with other players, and the more players there are, the more dramatic the results of the correction of that will be. We will see I suppose.
  12. I still believe multi-player will be an oddity, an interesting one off thing you do occasionally in KSP2, but never considered your primary game. I hope I am wrong, but that is how I currently see it, we will see when we finally see how they accomplish it I suppose.
  13. In that case I agree with you if you are including Kerbol. Id like more than 3 total, but expecting 2 other systems. ( and wont be disappointed either way, after all I could spend a year playing in the Kerbol system.
  14. specifically confirmed to not be the case, they are individually creating worlds in other systems
  15. I agree with both of you, multi-player is the least of my concerns for KSP 2, an interesting topic, but certainly not what interests me the most about the game. Lets see #1 a worthy successor to KSP ( realism etc ) #2 a full game with many of the aspects of KSP including KSP DLC content ( hopefully ) #3 colony building, do it right please, make it something interesting and immersive #4 give us in game reasons ( as in resources ) to go to many places ( this they have said they are doing ) #5 Interstellar ( and all the aspects that go with that ) Multiplayer would be much further down the list
  16. Well you were the first time I had heard of it... I like it, better than the forced resync thing, free to timewarp as you need to, in stages if you prefer of course all of this is moot, the developers have decided long ago how it will work, we are just talking about preferences that will make no difference. It is not like the developers are watching us and deciding what to do, that decision was made years ago.
  17. I agree, and I dont see multiplayer as being the main thrust of the game, for me or anyone really, more of an interesting side oddity you can do.
  18. at your own speed, with stops along the way if you like, to maneuver other ships, exactly the same way you play Kerbal solo
  19. For most games that is true Kebal is a bit different, it has a massive following already, initial success it almost guaranteed, but on the flip side... I do agree with you, and to be brutally honest... I am not really expecting it to release in 2022 ( I just don't want to say that too loud for fear of being mugged ) Oh yeah, we already know about the delays and why. I still think their biggest mistake was projecting any release date, people take a projected date as if it was some kind of promise.
  20. You dont... if you arrive ahead of someone else, then they can decide ( or not ) to warp to the time you are at, and they might pause to work a maneuver when they do they have total control of their time. There are problems with that system, that will have to be worked out like any system, but I like it better than others mentioned here.
  21. Well best would indeed be 3 to 5, but I am predicting 2 others beside Kerbal, with more coming later in DLC, and I will be quite happy with that, a game that starts out 3 times larger than KSP. I do however agree with theJesuit that the focus will be tech and systems, the new stars will be part of the perk of the DLC.
  22. well I can say I strongly prefer what Pthigrivi proposed, a system that does not need resyncing, where you control your own time warps and how you move though time without resynciing, Not that any of us have a vote, we dont, the devs will implement what they decide to.
  23. early game yeah, later when I have things heading to stations, and a large craft heading out to Jool, and in KSP2 perhaps a probe heading to another star system, and poof time and planet positions suddenly shift? That would be a nightmare. does resyncing stop when a maneuvering alarm goes off?
  24. Its fun when you get to decide what words mean yourself isnt it? Too bad that isnt how it works.
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