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  1. I think that’s meant to be like that? It’s not like we have lots of high-definition images of the Uranian moons to work with, since it’s been visited by a total of one probe and that was hurtling through on course for Neptune so didn’t have much time to take pictures, and used a camera from the 70s.
  2. Copy your save files to your desktop. Save installed modpack in CKAN and put that on the desktop too. Completely uninstall KSP through Steam. Reinstall KSP through Steam. Verify the game files through Steam (right click KSP > Properties > local files > verify) Make a copy of KSP by copying Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program and pasting that somewhere outside of Steam’s folders (desktop would do). Add that new copy to CKAN, reinstall mods using the modpack and put your saves back in. Don’t ever put mods in the Steam copy of KSP, it just doesn’t work- Steam has a habit of breaking things and then you get weird stuff like this happening.
  3. Screenshots please! Or even better, a video. Are you sure you’re not firing the second stage engine too early? Is the rocket bending before it breaks? What’s your TWR at the point where it breaks?
  4. The most abundant protein on Earth is Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase Oxygenase, or Rubisco for short. It’s main function is to take ribulose bisphosphate and add CO2 to it, the critical step in photosynthesis; however it can also grab O2 instead of CO2 and add that to ribulose bisphosphate, which is wrong and a waste of resources. Rubisco is also one of the worst enzymes out there- it’s huge, inefficient and also incredibly slow, completing all of 2 reactions per second (most enzymes can do hundreds or thousands per second, a rare few can do hundreds of thousands or even millions per second!), but since it is required for the key step in photosynthesis, plants need A LOT of it- from tiny single-cell algae to the mighty redwood tree- hence it’s the most abundant protein on Earth.
  5. You have a GameData inside your GameData. That’s a big no-no. Mods which contain a GameData folder should have their GameData merged with KSP/GameData (drag and drop into the root KSP folder), or their contents copied into KSP/GameData instead. Example: GameData/MyMod1 should be added to KSP/GameData so that the MyMod1 folder is inside KSP/GameData (KSP/GameData/MyMod1). You have two ModuleManagers, which is a BIG no-no. You should only ever have one ModuleManager.dll and it should always be the most up to date one; the fact that you somehow have 2.7.6 suggests you’re using a very old and outdated mod, which is probably from before the Unity update in KSP 1.8 and so is unlikely to work correctly/at all. Delete all references to MM 2.7.6. Those folders with version numbers on the end? Those don’t go into your KSP install- you need to open those folders and find either GameData or a folder with the mod name but no version, and put that into KSP instead. At this point I strongly suggest you install CKAN which will prevent all these issues- and make adding or removing mods much easier too. Delete all the mod files from this install, add it to CKAN and let CKAN install them again properly.
  6. @Dakitess2:51 that little boing made me chuckle. Then the botched takeoff made me wince, but glad to see you had an escape system!
  7. Preparations for the Venus mission continue with the launch of two side boosters for the Venus ship: And then this happened... So I reloaded to a point before the rendezvous, and this happened... In both images, the parts that are floating are actually still attached to the vessel; the nuclear space tug was swinging around wildly and managed to deliver a baseball bat-like hit to the free-floating booster, sending it flying at a speed that belied its 650 ton mass. So obviously I closed down KSP for the day and came back the next day with some extra cans of Kraken repellent, and docked it all together without any further trouble. The NST was released to fly away, increasing the FPS by approximately 0.3; the game is really, really slow at this point even with a relatively small craft. Meanwhile, the production lines in the VAB fell silent as there was nothing to build: And aside from the occasional GEO sat to keep the funds balance healthy, I won't be adding anything else to this list unless I need to fulfil a contract. Course corrections were made by the Blue Queen going from Mars to Earth, and by the Mars ship going from Earth to Mars. And then White Lagrange arrived at Mercury with a serious lack of delta-V for some unknown reason. The capture stage burned to depletion and the craft ended up suborbital, then its braking stage of two SRBs and landing stage of generic hypergolic thrusters brought it down to the surface. Blue Draughtsman Mars then arrived at Mars and captured into orbit, netting contract funds and more science. And a little while later, Blue Queen arrived back at Earth from Mars- and somehow, inexplicably, it now has RCS fuel in the return capsule!? I'm sure that was missing before, but in any case it wasn't really needed as the upper stage pointed it in the right direction and spun it up before separation. An extremely long re-entry ensued with the capsule screaming through the sky over... I don't really know where, but I'd guess Indonesia? I was a bit worried that the heatshield ablator would run out, but just in time the capsule slowed down and then splashed down safely into the ocean with its samples intact. The Mars and Phobos sample return contracts completed a while ago due to a contract glitch, but now they're actually completed properly. A large amount of data that wasn't transmitted home also came back in the return capsule, making for a rather crowded experiment summary: In between all this I also launched the Blue Draughtsman Ceres 2 and the White Ptolemy C2 to Ceres, but I forgot the screenshots of those. Coming up next time: Three (not so) little words: CREWED MARS LANDING!
  8. *sigh* As has been repeatedly explained every time this pops up, adding Sol system would require a large amount of work by the devs- making the planets etc., getting them to look as good as the rest of KSP2’s planetary bodies, then rebalancing all the parts to make it possible to play in a system that’s over ten times larger than stock; meanwhile many players will never use it because they don’t want that, and the people who want realism will either stick to KSP with RSS/RO/RP-1, or make RSS, RO and RP-1 for KSP2 rather than accepting a hodge-podge as “stock”, meaning the devs have done a lot of work but please almost nobody. I (and others when threads like this appear) would greatly prefer KSP2 done right and in a reasonable time frame than KSP2 delivered late with Sol system in it and all manner of hacky hacks to make stock parts usable. Not going to happen, wait for the mods like everyone else.
  9. Install CKAN: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197082-ckan-the-comprehensive-kerbal-archive-network-v1304-hubble/ Use CKAN to install EVE and any other mods you want to use. (Personally I prefer Spectra over AVP or the default configs but it’s really up to you, CKAN should give you options for different configs you can use with EVE.) Enjoy! Just don’t go crazy and add ALL THE MODS!!!1! at once, that quickly leads to madness.
  10. Laythe and Tylo are dwarfed by Jool even though they’re otherwise pretty big- Tylo’s radius is the same as Kerbin’s and Laythe isn’t far off, both have pretty high gravity too but they’re just puny compared to Jool so their SOIs are correspondingly small. Eeloo, on the other hand, sits in glorious isolation so even though it’s small and has low mass and weak gravity, it still has a sizeable SOI. @Second Hand Rocket Science how do Kerbals survive without eating? The answer is either a) they don’t (if you use life support mods) or b) photosynthesis, or possibly c) they do and you just don’t see it- or did you think all the references to snacks everywhere was just a coincidence?
  11. Plotted an elaborate series of burns which will bring my crewed Mars ship into a low orbit ready for the landing, with its inclination matching that of Phobos and enough engine ignitions left on the main engines to reach Phobos orbit too. Also plotted the outbound trajectory for the Venus ship, which won’t be attempting a landing(!) but will spend some time in orbit and then come home again.
  12. You might be interested in: Environmental Visual Enhancements with either: EVE’s default configs; or Spectra; or Astronomer’s Visual Pack; or Other mods ending in “Visual Enhancements” There’s also scatterer, which adds atmospheric and water effects.
  13. Well, the deadline has been and gone so… The winner of the Gaelan Space Race is: @jinnantonix Your super-snazzy and not at all bodged together in MS Paint winner’s badge will be ready SoonTM
  14. I think you’ve wildly underestimated just how hard it is to get to Mercury. A LOT.
  15. Impeccable taste in career reports! Right @Spaceman.Spiff?
  16. Luciole and KNES both have 0.3125m parts in them last time I checked.
  17. Send logs please: If you got KSP via Steam, verify the game files as you might have some corrupted files that are causing errors or exceptions in flight. It might also help to record a video of the problem.
  18. A bit late, but better late than never! After last year’s thread (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/199252-ksp-resolutions-for-2021/) another year has passed, so time to set your KSP resolutions for the upcoming year- and check how you did if you made some last year. What new challenges are you going to set yourself, any missions or saves gathering (metaphorical) dust unfinished that you want to restart and complete? I’ll go first, from last year: Well… Not too bad on the first one: Moon landings are done, operated a base for a few Earth years too; Mars mission is half way to Mars and will arrive in about 150 days. As for the other two, I have comprehensively failed them both- in fact I haven’t run either save in the last year. In my defence, my GPU died this year and I ended up doing a mostly stock career save for a few months as neither JNSQ nor RSS would work even with no visual mods. Moving swiftly on to this year’s resolutions: Finish my current RP-1 career: crewed Mars and Phobos landings, crewed Venus orbit, return both crews home safely, then complete all active missions and hopefully complete the whole tech tree too. Start a new RP-1 career on moderate difficulty instead of easy, and try to land on the Moon in 2022. With all the changes that have been made since I started my current save and the higher difficulty settings I probably won’t be as fast as before, but I still want to beat real life milestones (first orbit before Sputnik, first Moon landing before Apollo 11 etc.) And maybe, just maybe, abandon that second one entirely and spend every spare moment of my time in KSP2 when that comes out!
  19. I don’t see the need for tethers at all, they’re only used in real life because EVA jetpacks are much bigger and bulkier than in KSP (or because they hadn’t been invented yet in the case of early EVAs). A station keeping mode where a Kerbal could automatically hold position relative to another object in space would be great for EVA activities like con(/de)struction or science gathering. The only use I can see for tethers is reeling in a wayward Kerbal if they let go/fall off without a functioning jetpack, and in my opinion if you can remember to attach a tether you can remember to check your jetpack is present and functioning.
  20. Montage from my recent Into the Snarkiverse career report series; due to a dead GPU which prompted the start of that series, some images are of lower quality than others. And a few from my long-running Terranism Space Program series in RSS/RO/RP-1:
  21. Instead of installing your mods like that, try using the RP-1 express install option in CKAN- it will automatically install everything you need for a proper RO/RP-1 game. Make sure your stock KSP 1.10.1 works first, then make a copy of that and add the mods to that new copy. You can find directions to your log files and what to do with them here: There's an RO/RP-1 discord where the developers of RO and RP-1 (plus many knowledgeable players and some not-so-knowledgeable ones like me) can be found, if my advice above doesn't help maybe they can: https://discord.gg/AQFmW6RN
  22. If you've ever stood as as a fast-moving object went past you- an ambulance with the siren on, a racing car or even a plane flying over- you might have noticed that the sound starts out higher pitched, then once it goes past you the sound is lower pitched. This is Doppler shift, and it works because sound travels in waves- when the source of the sound is moving towards you, the sound waves are compressed, increasing the frequency and by extension the pitch of the sound you hear; conversely, when it's going away from you the sound waves are stretched, lowering the frequency and so lowering the pitch. Example: How is this relevant? Well, light also travels as waves. If the source of the light is moving towards you, the waves are compressed and the frequency gets higher, shifting visible light more towards the blue part of the spectrum (hence 'blueshift'); if the source of the light is going away from you, the frequency gets lower and visible light is shifted towards the red part of the spectrum ('redshift'). One way astronomers can tell if distant objects (stars or even galaxies) are moving towards or away from Earth is by measuring their spectra and looking for blue or red shifts- stars emit predictable wavelengths of light due to the different elements inside them so the difference can be detected. The faster you go, the greater the frequency shift gets. As you accelerate to a noticeable fraction of light speed, visible light would get blueshifted towards ultraviolet, while UV would get blueshifted towards X-rays, X-rays to gamma rays and so on. The problem is, getting constantly bombarded by ionising radiation like that would wear away at the spacecraft's front end, not to mention the damage it would do to the crew. Go even faster and the problem gets worse, and if you happen to stumble into a naturally occurring gamma burst... As I understand it, the Alcubierre-style bubble of bent space-time just crumples space up in front of it and smooths it out again behind it, so blueshifting is not only inevitable but incredibly extreme. I doubt very much that you'd see streaks of light flying past, mostly because you'd get obliterated by gamma rays before you even realised the drive was turned on.
  23. I'm fairly sure there is (or at least was) a mod called Sounding Rockets! that does exactly that. Failing that, maybe SSR MicroSat KNES or Luciole will fit the bill?
  24. There's a difference between ' (apostrophe) and ` (backtick), the key you want is ' (apostrophe). On my keyboard that's two along from L and also has @ on it, but other layouts might have ' and " together instead; while ` is in the top left corner with some other weird symbols that nobody will ever use in normal typing (what is ¬ supposed to be, besides the nose on a smiley? :¬D )
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