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  1. @jinnantonixbonus points are per objective- so for each objective in phase 1 you get 1 point if you do it faster than everyone else, in phase 2 it’s 2 points etc. Also can you post your progress with screenshots etc.?
  2. Gene: *blinking* I'm sure there's something different here today, but I need more coffee to try and figure out what it is. Status report? Wernher: Mohoshot 2 is performing its flybys of Gilly as expected, the data coming back looks very good- as do the images from the cameras. Linus: Trajectory looks good, we're go for nudge burn in 3, 2, 1... done. Gene: Nudge burn? Wernher: The probe was on a collision course with Gilly on the next flyby, so we've given it a tiny nudge to move it into position to capture into orbit. Gene: Nice work. I need more coffee, back in a minute. *one minute later* Wernher: And that's a stable orbit around Gilly confirmed. Gene: *confused blinking* Was I really gone that long? *shrug* So what's next? Linus: Landing. Gene: Landing? With what? Linus: You might wish you hadn't asked. Mortimer: Ooh, nice, another one for the fridge magnet collection in the gift shop. Between that and the bonus money those "World Firsts" chumps keep giving us every time we do anything at all, our finances are in great shape. Wernher: Well, they're about to get even better. Val: You landed on the NERV's nozzle? You guys are nuts. Gene: You were right- I really didn't want to know. Wernher: We can do a couple of little hops to reach the other biomes, it won't take much fuel. *alarm noises* Gene: What was that!? Wernher: Just the alarm I set to remember to check on the Moho Scanner as it approaches Moho. It's ready to begin its capture burn any second now. Gene: *squints at screen* Is it just me or is it not slowing down? Wernher: It's slowing down, but it needs to slow down by over 6 kilometres per second so it's going to take a while. Gene: Coffee. I need more coffee. *one coffee break later* Gene: *utterly bewildered* What? Linus: Eve Scanner is positioning itself into orbit of Eve, relays are go for deployment. Gene: But what about the Moho Scanner!? Wernher: Oh, that captured into orbit ages ago. See? Gene: But but but HOW!? I went to get coffee and- Bobak: Gene, that was weeks ago. You're clearly having some kind of stress-induced breakdown. Gene: But... I was just... there... Val: Hey Gene? Come see this, you're going to like it. Gene: But... *meanwhile* Valmal: Hey team! Do you know what time it is? Azimuth Space Station crew: ... Valmal: It's SpaceKaleTM time! Another fresh batch of delicious- *scuffling sounds* Valmal: Hey, get off me! How did you get scissors on this station? What are you- no. No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-! *and back at KSC* Gene: Do I really need the blindfold? Val: Yes. Mind the step. Gene: This better be good- EVERYONE: SURPRIIIIIIIISE!!! Gene: Val: Val to Azimuth, how's it looking up there? Azimuth Station crew: All good here. Even Valmal has calmed down now and grudgingly admits that her new haircut is "maybe kinda nice, actually". Gene: But what's all this for? Val: The new hairdos? That was just a distraction- THIS is the real surprise! *gives Gene envelope* Gene: *looks in envelope* Tickets to- no way! AND a fancy hotel, AND a spa day, AND wine tasting, AND I don't have to put up with Jeb for two whole weeks? I... I don't know what to say... Val: We all know you've been putting in far too many hours at work, never taking any time off or even sitting down half the time. Bob: You've done so much for all of us; now it's our turn to do something for you. Bill: Let's hear it for Gene, everybody! *much cheering and whooping* Bobak: Hey boss? Gene: Yeah? Bobak: *takes off hat to reveal mohawk* Gene:
  3. Wernher: So these atmospheric science things... Gene: Yeah? Wernher: Well, we need more data from them. A lot more. Mortimer: *sigh* Well, at least we get the funds back when we return the plane. Just don't let that maniac Jeb fly it. Gene: Nah, Val's doing this one with Herman. Wernher: Why Herman? He's an engineer. Gene: To repack the parachutes. Wernher: Parachutes? On a plane? Gene: It was Bob's idea. Bob: Yeah, in case they need to land in places where a normal landing isn't practical. *later* Herman: *boards plane* Hey Val, I'm your flight engineer for today's- wait a second! Jeb: Too late! *punches it* Herman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- Jeb: And that's how you do a "combat takeoff", everybody. Herman: At least let me get in the seat next time, you maniac! Gene: JEB YOU *quindar* *quindar* ABSOLUTELY *quindar* Jeb: Sorry, can't hear you over all those beeping noises. Ooh, pyramids! Jeb: Prepare for a parachute landing! Herman: meep *fwumph* Herman: don't throw up don't throw up don't throw up... Jeb: Touchdown! *retracts gear* some idiot forgot the ladder, but oh well. Hope the paint on the belly is sand-proof. Jeb: It's a lot bigger than it looked from further away. Herman: Yes, Jeb, that's how distance works. Jeb: ...whatever. Jeb: ...did you just put the gear down again so I can't get in? Herman: No? Jeb: I can clearly see that you did. Very funny, but unless you can fly a plane- and I know for a fact that you can't- you need to let me back in so we can go home before that creepy looking giant statue comes to life or something. Herman: This isn't some stupid action film, Jeb, statues don't come to life- *ominous rumbling* WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER? Herman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Jeb: RAISE THE GEAR! LET ME IN! Herman: IT'S UP ALREADY LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! Jeb: Phew, that was close! Herman: *breathing into paper bag* Val: Mwahahahaha! You should have seen your faces? Jeb: Wha- that was you!? Val: Me and a little voice distortion thingy Bob found buried in an R&D storeroom. DID YOU LIKE IT? Jeb: ...shut up. Gene: When you're all finished acting like *quindar* can we get back to the real purpose of this mission? Jeb: Yeah, about that- this plane can't go supersonic. Wernher: Why not? Jeb: Dunno, I'm giving it full thrust but it just isn't accelerating any further. Stupid Mk2 parts and their stupid draggy body-lift. Returning to base with the science we got. Ooh, windmills! Gene: Jeb, this is not a *quindar* sightseeing tour! And who's playing with the *quindar* quindar buttons!? Wernher: Sorry, that was me- I rigged KerbNet up to bleep out anything that we don't want to include in the official transcripts. Herman: Where are you going!? Gene: What's Jeb up to now? Herman: He just parked the plane at the end of the runway, ran over to a bunch of yellow KSC trucks parked over there and drove off in one shouting "so long, suckers!" behind him. Gene: *SO MUCH QUINDAR* Val: And another safe landing! Here you go Werhner, some more tubes full of air to add to your collection. Dunno what you're doing with them though considering you have all *this* air around you to play with... Wernher: Uh, thanks? Bobak: Was she out on a mission? I don't remember seeing her leave. Val: You're probably wondering why I've asked you all here. Sanlan: Not really. Gervin: I am. Lensel: Me too. Val: I have a cunning plan, you see, and I need your help to make it happen. *pulls cover off display table in an unnecessarily dramatic fashion* Val: Ta-da! Sanlan: Woah! Gervin: Nice. Lensel: I don't get it. Ribdo: Secret meeting? Cool! Gervin: Yeah- SECRET meeting. *scowl* Val: Don't mind her, you're allowed in. So, what do you think? Ribdo: I call dibs on the purple! Lensel: Hey, I wanted the purple! Val: You can both have purple! Now I need you guys to get everyone in the Corps in here before tomorrow morning so we can surprise everyone. I even snuck some "supplies" into the most recent run up to Azimuth Space Station so they can join in the fun. Sanlan: Even Jeb? Val: Nah, Jeb's lost in the desert or something, we'll deal with him when the search and rescue teams find him. But make sure you bring Bobak along because, well, take a look at *this*. Everyone:
  4. I reversed a plane down the side of a mountain. I also found the Kerbin randolith; weirdly it was barely 10km from one of the regular monoliths, usually randoliths are nowhere near the other anomalies.
  5. @jinnantonixEverything is in UT from the start; there are no prizes for completing each phase fastest, only for doing it first overall. Re. combining craft- this could get very complicated very quickly, but I'll try to make some sense of it. One launch to Gael orbit is one mission. If you launch two crafts separately and dock them together in orbit, that will count as one active mission for as long as they're docked together e.g. an Apollo-style lander or a transfer stage with probe(s) docked to it. Bear in mind that once you undock them they'll be two active missions again, and you can only complete two objectives per active mission. If in doubt, don't do it.
  6. Gene: Welcome, one and all, to the first Kerbal Space Program anniversary party! It's amazing to think how far we've come in the last 426 days, all the new discoveries blah blah blah yada yada I HEREBY DECLARE THE BUFFET OPEN! Everyone: WOO! BUFFET! *many days later* Gene: I thought we banned Linus from bringing his homebrew to our parties? Mortimer: So did I- wait, what's this? "Duna Relay" for how much!? Wernher: So that actually happened? I thought that was a dream. Or a homebrew-induced hallucination... Bobak: Looks like it's going to Duna the long way around, almost a year before it arrives. Mortimer: And what's this!? Wernher: Don't look at me, I have no idea what that is. (Random R&D intern: Hey, they launched my probe! ) Linus: *anguished wailing* Wernher: What's going on? Linus: My babies! Wernher: ... Gene: But they still work, right? Wernher: And the Dres rover had finished its seismic scanning mission, and the Mun rover has scanned everything it can with that arm anyway. Gene: Let it go, Linus. They're just robots. Linus: *sniffle* I... I suppose so. Mun Station: Hey, Mission Control? We're all getting really irradiated up here and we don't like it. At all. Can we come home now? Gene: *off mic* Those guys are still up there? *on mic* Copy that, Mun Station. You're cleared to undock and return to Kerbin. Wernher: I think it's clear that a permanent crewed mission on or around the Mun just isn't feasible. The Mun's orbit brings it through Kerbin's outer radiation belt every two days and the risk to the crews is too great. Gene: Agreed. Which does leave the question, what do we do with the Mun Station? Wernher: Leave it where it is- it can't move by itself and we might be able to come up with a solution to the radiation problem in the future. Val: You want me to fly what? Bob: It's a submarine, but it's also a plane. Val: ... Val: *sonar noises* Bob: Val, you do realise that you're doing that out loud? Val: Yeah, so? Bob: ... Val: So it barely works as a submarine, maybe it'll do better as a plane? Val: Nope, flies like a fridge too. And now I'm out of fuel. INCOMING! *crash* Val: Whoopsie! I think I scraped off some of the ballast tanks on the back. But considering how terribly that thing flew, that's a win in my book. Bill: Mission Control, this is Assembly Station. The Moho scanner is completed, now can we come back down? This sardine can is starting to smell really bad. Bob: Taxi for four, coming up. Wernher: Moho window is coming up, we need to start the periapsis kicks well in advance and watch out for the atmosphere on the final escape burn. Bobak: You mean an apoapsis kick? Wernher: Well, yes. Gene: And that's that mission away. Course correction plotted, nice work everyone. Val: You cannot be serious! Bob: What? Val: It looks like some kind of plane-wasp hybrid- and not in a good way. Bob: Hey, that's a good idea. I'll call it "The Aero-Bee". Val: Pretty sure that's already taken. Bob: Eh? Val: And it's called "Rover Drop Plane" in the flight computer so too late. Bob: Easy on the backflips, Val! Val: I would if this thing wasn't so horribly unstable! What were you thinking!? Val: Approaching the south pole, standing by to drop this rover... 3, 2, 1, yeet! Bob: Parachutes deployed, altitude decreasing steadily and... touchdown confirmed. Val: Great. Now I'm going home. Wow, this thing flies MUCH better without that hideously unaerodynamic fairing and the heavy rover hanging off the back... Bob: It worked, didn't it? Hey, where are you going? Val: I thought about going back to Mahi Mahi, but there's no runway there so I just flew back to the Dessert Airfield instead. Gene: Is that really a good idea, after what happened to you there a year ago? Val: Gee, thanks for reminding me while I'm on final approach! Bob: Uh oh... Val: Just kidding. Easy peasy, plus a free science experiment from the runway to add to the collection. Pity you didn't add a bigger hard drive to this thing, that WING thingy had nowhere to put its data the whole way back from the antarktic. Bob: We can just send the plane out again to- Val: Nope. Nope nope nope nope Bob: Val? Hello? Valmal: Azimuth Station here, we might need to rotate the crew sooner than planned. Gene: Why? Valmal: Well, everyone was feeling a bit left out of the party going on down there so I made some party food to cheer them up. Gene: And? Valmal: And, all I had to work with was dried rations and SpaceKaleTM, which apparently are even worse together than they are apart. Azimuth Station crew: *violent retching sounds* Valmal: Hey! Puke in your own helmet Lensel!
  7. Air-dropped a rover on Kerbin’s southern ice shelf- small plane plus medium-sized rover me tuck on the back made it look like some sort of wasp with a bulging abdomen (fairing with the rover in it). It flipped out a few times during the flight, but once the fairing and rover were gone it was much better. Flew from KSC to Kerbin’s South Pole then to Dessert Airfield nonstop with fuel to spare, even with Panthers on after burning mode pretty much the entire time. Also launched some probes and stuff, and checked a couple of existing missions to make sure they wouldn’t crash into a moon or something while I time-warped ahead; not that I had to reload the save after it actually happened and then adjust the orbits of the affected craft to prevent them doing it again, you understand…
  8. @Krazy1 I didn’t do much of the driving- Bon Voyage drove it out to the foothills north-west of the KSC and there was a tree close by when it got there. I picked Snarkiverse because it just rearranged the stock system rather than adding anything new, which was ideal because my GPU had just died so I couldn’t really run anything else. It certainly makes a difference having the Mun in such a high inclination orbit, I keep launching equatorial and then realising I’m 62 degrees off! (And if you thought stock Moho was hard to get to…)
  9. Completed the first year of Into the Snarkiverse. What a momentous 426 days it's been since Kerbals took their first tentative steps into space following the cataclysmic events of The Anomaly that reshaped their entire solar system. They've poked their heads out of Kerbin's atmosphere, using any means at their disposal... They've flown some crazy contraptions... They've seen some pretty stunning views... And much science (or in some cases, "science") was gathered... With planets moving orbits, moons swapping which planet they orbit and Dres now shadowing Kerbin as a pseudosatellite in a 1:1 resonance, much has changed about the Kerbol system compared to the pre-Anomaly days, but the Space Program continues to push the boundaries of Kerbalkind's understanding of that celestial cataclysm and their place in this scrambled solar system. The work is far from done, however, and Year Two promises to bring bigger and bolder missions than ever before- returning scientific samples from space around Eve, landing probes on Duna and its new moons, maybe even sending Kerbals on a true interplanetary trip (Dres is so close, all you need to do is aim right at it and you'll get there within a week or two) and of course trying to figure out where Eeloo went.
  10. Gene: Any data back from the Duna mission yet? Wernher: Not yet. I might have an idea that could fix that though- just launch a series of relays into solar orbit between Kerbin and Duna and it should give us much better communications across the entire system. Gene: What's the catch? Wernher: It'll take over a year for them all to be deployed. Bobak: Why not just launch a relay straight at Duna? Wernher: It's behind us now- trying to cut the corner would take far more fuel than doing it at the proper transfer window. Gene: I like the small relay idea better, it'll work for other planets too. Mortimer: And now that you're finished spending all our funds, you can start replacing them. Here's some contracts, get on with it. Wernher: Who leaves a full fuel tank in orbit!? Bobak: Mountains! Bobak: *phew* That was close! Val: Woah- Kerbin, the Mun and Minmus in the same picture! Wernher: Where? Val: See that weird circle to the right of the sun? That's Kerbin; the grey thing directly between it and the sun is the Mun. Jeb: And Minmus is right in the middle above the horizon. Wernher: I checked the numbers for the Duna Scanner and we have two options: either we leave it in orbit for nearly two years and then send it to Duna at the next transfer window, or we go now and take a really slow route which will use up basically all of its fuel. Gene: What's the downsides to waiting? Wernher: Part degradation mostly- two years in orbit before it even leaves Kerbin orbit means it's more likely to have part failures during its mission, plus the fuel tank cooling system isn't working optimally so the liquid hydrogen is slowly boiling off. We might not have the fuel left in two years to make the trip at this rate. Gene: And if we go now? Wernher: The fuel margins are razor thin, if we need to correct the course during the trip we might not get the orbit we need around Duna to do the scans- never mind trying to reach Pol or Bop. Gene: I say we go now, while the spacecraft is still in good condition. We can always send a second craft when the next window opens up, but it would be good to get some data back from Duna as soon as possible. Bobak: Plus the scanner has a relay dish on it that should be able to reach back to Kerbin from Duna and return the data from Dunashot 1. Wernher: I thought we called it Sunshot 3? Bobak: Well it's Dunashot 1 now Wernher: ...OK then. Trajectory plotted, executing transfer burn in 3, 2, 1- *fzzt* Wernher: ...mulch. Bobak: Total engine failure on the first ignition? Ouch... Mortimer: So that really expensive probe is useless because of one engine failure? Bill: Hey, why don't we grab it with a part grabber probe and bring it back down? Mortimer: At last, someone who talks sense. Val: That's never gonna work. Bill: Why not? Val: That rocket is full of fuel. The weight balance is all wrong, it'll flip as soon as it hits the lower atmosphere. Bill: No it won't, we've got it grappled right through the centre of mass, everything will be- *snap* *EXPLOSIONS!* Mortimer: all those funds, gone... Bill: Not all of them- some bits survived! Val: And the grabber too, though it's waaay further back. Wernher: Maybe having the full weight of both craft pivoting on that orbital scanning telescope was a bad idea... Mortimer: Right, that's it! All of you are on contract duty until you've paid off the price of that probe. Everyone: Mortimer: You did that "use a station for a rescue mission" thing again? Nice. Wernher: Now that that's over with, who wants to go out to the Mun and fix that bodged satellite from that repair contract a while ago? The one with the gravity scanner on it that isn't working properly because the signal's terrible and it can't send the data down quickly enough. *silence* Jeb: *cough* send the newbies *cough* Gene: Actually, that's a good idea. They'll get more experience with an EVA around the Mun than they will sitting around the Astronaut Complex rec room playing computer games all day. Jeb: Why did you look at me when you said that? Mauwig: Satellite acquired, proceeding with upgrades. Wernher: Very good, the data is coming back much faster now. Gene: Nice work, now bring it home and try not to overshoot the KSC. Gene: You did hear the part where I said not to overshoot the KSC, right? xxx: Oops... Gene: *sigh* Deploying the recovery teams... Mauwig: Ow! Dunmon, what sort of landing was that? Dunmon: *too busy using the sick bag to answer* Linus: *bursts in* Why haven't we heard anything back from Duna yet!? Wernher: There's no signal- Linus: *grabs Wernher by his lapels* WHY NOT!?!? Wernher: meep Gene: *psst* Val, do your thing with the dart gun. Val: Nah, I wanna see how this goes. Gene: What??? Linus: *lifts Wernher into the air by his lapels* WE MUST FIND IT! OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON IT!!! Val: Hey Linus? Linus: WHAT? Val: What's out at Duna that you want to see? Linus: YOU FOOL! IT'S THE- the, um, er, the... *confused blinking* Val: Why don't you put your boss down and we can talk things over, hmm? Linus: That sounds nice, actually. *puts Wernher down* Sorry boss, I don't know what came over me. Everyone: *Val and Linus leave* Gene: I wasn't expecting that. Bobak: How did she do that? Val: *enters from a door on the other side of the Mission Control room* Hey guys, what did I miss? Everyone: *stares uncomprehendingly at Val* Val: What?
  11. I’ve got my own RP-1 career ongoing and watch a few RP-1 video series so I’ve picked up some of the tips and tricks, though a lot has changed since I started- no science flying low over Earth being a major one, it definitely seems to take longer to get going from what I’ve seen of recent RP-1 play through series including this one. If you can, use the RD-108 over American options as it’s more efficient and becomes extraordinarily reliable when using some of the later configs. It’s also a good idea to add parachutes to your rocketplanes for landing, including one on the back of the cockpit to act as an ejector system if everything goes wrong.
  12. The upgrade to the XLR11 also makes it pump-fed instead of pressure-fed, so you don’t need high pressure tanks which saves a lot of weight. Also try filling the wings with fuel, push the utilisation up (it defaults to 1% but can go much higher) and you’ll get a lot more burn time.
  13. Check the hash (#) button on the top right of the tank UI window isn’t selected, that changes it from sliders to numbers- good for getting a specific quantity instead of moving it in 10% increments of the maximum volume, but not as good for more broad-brush adjustments.
  14. Me too but it's going more slowly than I'd like. The destination is clear, but the route to get there is not; still I hope to have it done by the end of the year, if not sooner!
  15. The problem with storifying a career game is that sometimes the game part doesn't co-operate. Right now I want to focus on Duna and work up to sending a crewed mission out there, but the last Duna window has very much closed and the next one is almost two years away; now, I could just ignore the in-game time, skip ahead that far and do the Duna mission, but that feels cheaty and is wasting valuable time which could be put to use launching more interplanetary probes, landers and even rovers elsewhere. I was going to do the next report, but it's too late in the day for that (after 11pm here) so I'll do it tomorrow.
  16. I like how that image includes the CKAN screen listing the literally hundreds of mods you maintain
  17. Is that why there's a message on one of the whiteboards in the Admin Building saying "lunch thief still at large"? Not sure which level of AB it features in but it's there.
  18. You expect to store a material that only forms at GigaPascal pressures (i.e. tens/hundreds of thousands of atmospheres) inside a biological system??? Assuming there is such a thing as metastable metallic hydrogen at all, you don’t want that stuff inside you. About the whole “electric shock” thing- it would work underwater because water conducts electricity, hence electric eels et al which use it, but not nearly so much in air which is a very poor conductor of electricity. You’d need an extremely short distance or a lot of electricity (is it current or voltage in this case? I’m not an electrician) to get any sort of range; factor in the biological processes and structures to produce and store this electricity and then deliver the shock without overheating and/or damaging yourself in the process and you’d probably end up being better off just using all that iron lying around to make swords or guns.
  19. The reason you missed Ash on the way in is because you approached with a high inclination- the only time you looked in the right direction, it would have been above where you were looking, but by the time you looked again the craft was almost at Ash’s equator so it was right in the middle of the screen. That shrapnel cloud of broken parts though…
  20. If I had to guess, I'd say out of RAM- especially with so many memory-intensive mods like FASA, SSPX and RSS, 16GB might not be enough. Keep Task Manager open as the game loads and watch the memory use- if it hits 100% or close to it, your PC just doesn't have the memory to deal with everything so you should ruthlessly cut out anything you don't absolutely need. I regularly hit close to 100% RAM use loading my RSS/RO/RP-1 game and I have 32GB of RAM. There are a few scattered exceptions in the logs but I can't really tell what's causing them all- I'm not familiar with stuff like FASA or RaiderNick's stuff which seems to be generating a lot of the exceptions. It would be worth checking that all your mods are suitable for use with RO/RP-1, maybe ask on the RO discord?
  21. Automated Deep Space Network probe control system online. Attempting to establish data connection with vessel [Dunashot 1]. > >> >>> Connection failed. Attempting to establish basic telemetry feed from vessel [Dunashot 1]. > >> >>> >>>> >>>>>Connection established. Mission status: 17 entered SOI of target body [Duna]. Rendering model of spacecraft relative to target body: Automated node execution system enabled. Executing node [1] of [1]. Completed. Unknown celestial bodies detected. Deploying probe A to investigate unknown celestial body [1] of [2]. Establishing basic telemetry connection with vessel [Dunashot 1A]. > >> >>>Connection established. Calculating intercept trajectory...Done. Executing intercept burn...Done. Deploying probe B to investigate unknown celestial body [2] of [2]. Establishing basic telemetry connection with vessel [Dunashot 2A]. > >> >>>Connection established. Calculating intercept trajectory...Done. Executing intercept burn...Done. Establishing basic telemetry connection with vessel [Dunashot 1A]. > >> >>>Connection established. Onboard analysis of sensor data initiated. Mission status: 27 entered SOI of [unknown]. Comparing radius, gravity, terrain height, surface albedo and spectroscopic data from [unknown] with reference data [pre-Anomaly_planetary_data.dat]. 1 match found: [Bop] Mission status: 17 entered SOI of [Bop]. Rendering model of spacecraft relative to target body. Rendering fault: target body not in reference frame. Reason: Spacecraft eclipsed by target body. Establishing basic telemetry connection with vessel [Dunashot 1B]. > >> >>>Connection established. Onboard analysis of sensor data initiated. Mission status: 27 entered SOI of [unknown]. Comparing radius, gravity, terrain height, surface albedo and spectroscopic data from [unknown] with reference data [pre-Anomaly_planetary_data.dat]. 1 match found: [Pol] Mission status: 17 entered SOI of [Pol]. Rendering model of spacecraft relative to target body. Mission update: Vessel [Dunashot 1] mission status: 3 entered orbit of target body [Duna]. Vessel [Dunashot 1A] mission status: 13 entered orbit of body [Bop]. Anomalous radiation readings detected around body [Bop]. Source unknown. Commencing mapping of radiation environment around body [Bop]. Vessel [Dunashot 1B] mission status: 13 entered orbit of body [Pol]. Alerting Mission Control. *** Gene: Got any threes? Bobak: Go fish. Sanlan: Fish? I thought we were using chips? *bing-bong* Gus: I'll get it. Wernher: That wasn't the doorbell, that was the DSN probe controller. Must be the Duna probe arriving, I'll put it on the main screen. Bill: Hey! We were playing KerboKarting on- WOAH! Wernher: Impossible! Gene: What the *quindar* Bob (from Mun Station): Did we receive that correctly? Bop AND Pol are now orbiting Duna? And what's that about a radiation anomaly around Bop? Linus: *appears* There is? WE MUST TRACK IT DOWN! Wernher: Linus, calm down. We don't have enough of a connection to get that sort of data back from the probes, but they're more than capable of gathering the data on their own and storing it up to send back once we get a signal. We launched that probe with pretty weak dishes on it so it might require a more powerful relay either in Kerbin orbit or sent to Duna to get the data back. Linus: Must. Find. Anomaly. *eye twitch* Val: *shoots Linus with tranquiliser dart* Boom! Gene: I forgot you were back, but I'm glad you are. Jeb: I'm not! Val: *shoots tranquiliser dart at Jeb* Jeb: *dodges* HA! Missed! Mortimer: HA! *zaps Jeb* Not so funny NOW, is it!? Let's play Zap Jeb Until He Pukes! It'll be fun! *demented laugh* Val: *shoots Mortimer with tranquiliser dart* Hey, I'm all for Jeb getting his comeuppance, but that's just plain cruel. Bill: Anyway, now that that's all over with, can we get back to KerboKarting? Val: I call winners! Jeb: I call- aww, boo. Val: Too slow! Just like you are at KerboKarting. Jeb: Nuh-UH! Val: Uh-HUH! Gene: *sigh* We need to send one of them on a mission before they drive everyone mad. Or maybe both of them, but on separate missions. Wernher: Well, now that you mention it, I've been looking into a few concepts for an interplanetary ship that can be assembled in orbit and would have the range to visit any planet in the system; well, apart from Moho that is, but who wants to go that close to the sun anyway? And of course we still don't know where Eeloo got to, though if I had to guess I'd say it fell into Jool's gravity well and either got captured into orbit or hurled completely out of the system. ...or did it?
  22. Did you even read what I said? Iron might be abundant, but finding free iron is incredibly unlikely and magnetic ores of iron aren't all that common either- certainly not in the sort of abundance that would justify a hypothetical organism using magnets in its body to stick itself to the side of a cliff. The costs of having these magnetic appendages (in terms of not dying from metal poisoning and the physiological cost of growing said appendages) would have to have a huge payoff against not having them- as in you need to be magnetic or your reproductive ability is zero or close to it, whether that's a plain old "magnets or you die" or a slightly more nuanced "magnets or you just don't breed as much/at all"- so perhaps you can explain why your hypothetical organism needs to use magnets to stick to magnetic surfaces?
  23. Why would there be that much ferromagnetic material on the surface of a planet to begin with? It’s incredibly rare to find metals that aren’t almost completely inert (like gold) just lying around freely on the surface of any planetary body, most of it would form minerals with oxygen, water, sulphur, silicon or various combinations. Or put another way- park an old vehicle out in the open for a few years and what you end up with is a big lump of rust. Some minerals do exist that are naturally magnetic, such as the aptly named magnetite, but it would be very surprising to see an entire planet with a high enough concentration of those minerals to make having magnets in your limbs be beneficial enough to counteract the effects of metal poisoning you’d get from trying to store that much free iron inside a living body. Also consider that iron is used widely in biological systems- such as haemoglobin in blood, the “haem” part refers to the iron at the centre, and a variety of metabolic enzymes crucial to energy production- and sticking magnets into the mix could cause problems; also consider the potentially horrendous internal damage that can be caused by swallowing magnets which then stick together and punch holes through internal organs and then you realise that having magnets inside you is probably A Bad Idea- you could get stuck to something and be unable to escape without ripping the magnet(s) off or just cause damage to yourself or someone else without even realising it if you were asleep. As for electromagnets rather than permanent magnets- yes, some organisms can generate considerable electric currents (electric eels, for one) but that’s a relatively fast burst and is usually focussed outside their own body, and used to stun or kill prey by frying their nervous systems. Trying to produce a sustained current strong enough to support their own weight with magnetism on a surface that might only be marginally magnetic without ruining your own nervous system or consuming huge quantities of energy would be a real challenge. If anything, stick to conventional adhesion systems- clever microscopic structures such as on lizard feet, suction type stuff as for cephalopods or using appendages such as claws to hook into a surface. I wouldn’t particularly fancy living on a planet with that much iron around as it usually comes with other metals which are even less friendly for living things to deal with.
  24. Procedural wings I can live with- they’re probably better than awkwardly stapling a bunch of individual wing parts together into something resembling the shape you want- but the UI will be key: I don’t like the procedural wings mod because the UI is far too fiddly and also far too small to see what I’m doing most of the time. Having fuel tanks with fixed diameters but different lengths a la MH structural tubes and engine plates would also be a good compromise, making it easier to adjust your designs without having to pull all the side boosters etc. off and replace the tanks by hand, but that’s about as far as I’d be prepared to go on the procedural front. I prefer the stock fairings to the mod procedural fairings- that auto-snap to fit the payload has cost me a few solar panels when it made the fairing too small, or in some cases odd part shapes have made the fairing too big, and adjusting them is a faff compared to just clicking a few times to shape the fairing yourself- plus procedural fairings don’t close on to other parts in the same way stock fairings do, or have the ability to stack several things on multiple nodes like stock fairings can. Some of my anti-procedural attitude is probably because the procedural stuff I’ve used is just too fiddly- endless adjustments using sliders that don’t allow you to type the numbers in like in the stock UI system, tweaking so many different parameters that are in some cases pretty opaque as to their purpose and often using UI elements that don’t rescale with the stock UI scale making them really hard to see. A better, more user friendly implementation might help with that, but I doubt I’ll ever prefer procedural over the original Lego-esque concept, sticking parts of fixed dimensions together to make wildly diverse contraptions; fixed parts also makes direct comparisons easier and no doubt helps with game balance too.
  25. First of all, why is CKAN.exe inside your GameData folder? Only KSP files should be inside the KSP folders or Bad Things can happen; put CKAN somewhere else, like your desktop. Secondly, you have two Module Managers which can also cause Bad Things to happen- you should never have more than one, so keep the newest version and delete the other. For an issue like this, log files are very useful- here’s how to get them: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83212-how-to-get-support-read-first/
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