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  1. Yes, but this series is on a temporary pause. A while ago my GPU died and while I was waiting for a replacement I started a new career game in a much more stock-ish KSP that turned into a mini story (I to the Snarkiverse) that’s taking up nearly all my KSP time right now. I’m also running a space race and so trying to complete my own challenges to know if they’re possible, which takes what little KSP time is left. Don’t worry though, Terranism Space Program will return!
  2. What exactly is wrong? Do you have the icons for the buildings on the left side of the screen? If not, you might need to clear input locks (either through alt+F12 to bring up the cheats menu then finding the input locks tab and clicking the button, or by using the ClickThroughBlocker mod which adds a button to the toolbar to do this more easily) which might fix things right away. Without a mod list, log files etc. there’s very little we can do to help.
  3. That was not the way to do that plane change- add some retrograde into it to hold the periapsis at 300km while changing the plane. Also, you should have just braked as soon as the plane change was done to bring the periapsis down then circularised sooner. Re. the solar issues, maybe try a different version of Kopernicus? You could also use the Kerbalism automation features to turn things on/off automatically when power is low or the craft is in shadow, and you can do so from anywhere at all- KSC, tracking station, while flying another craft… That probe tried to play The Floor Is Lava, but the floor WAS lava and it lost…
  4. Linus: Time to come home, my pretty! Gene: OK, while Linus is busy caressing the computer screen, everyone else listen up. We've got another asteroid coming past Kerbin soon and it looks like it's a bit bigger than the last one, but with a periapsis a bit further out. Wernher: This is an ideal opportunity to get some valuable samples of an asteroid without having to chase after one in a solar orbit. *scowls at Bill and Bob* Make sure we have enough space for all the samples this time... Cliff (Wernher's new intern): *walks in with a cake covered in fireworks* Happy new year everybody! *firework-induced craziness, minor fires, that sort of thing* Wernher: Those fireworks are for outdoor use only! Cliff: oops... Gene: How can it be New Year's Day already? I thought the last one was only a few munths ago? Bobak: Have we been running this thing for two years or three now? *fire suppression systems deploy* Gene: Everyone out! *outside* Bobak: Roll call complete, one unaccounted for. Gene: Who? Bobak: Val. Wait, what's that Kronus doing on the runway? Gene: Uh oh... Val: So long, suckers! All your space rocks are belong to me! Bobak: We need to lock the controls out! Gene: We can't get back into Mission Control until the fire safety officer resets the system. Wernher: Who's the fire safety officer? Bobak: You? Wernher: Am I? *rummages in pockets* ...mulch. I knew I forgot something. *runs off towards staff car park* *** Val: Hello? Anyone? There's a problem with this asteroid, it's actually heading straight towards Kerbin. Val: Hellooooo? Val: No, seriously, this one's actually going to hit Kerbin. And it's A LOT bigger than the last one. You guys need to start evacuating people or something. Val: ...guys? You're actually starting to scare me a little bit. This rock is pretty huge and coming down pretty steep, it'll probably make it down to the surface largely intact and I can't even budge it with this rocket. Val: OK, stuff this- samples acquired, I'm OUTTA HERE! Slow down slow down slowdownslowdownslowdownslowdownslowdownSLOWDOWN!- BOOM! Val: Hnnnnnngggggg, that hurt. I think I can still taste my kidneys. How many Gs was that, 20? 30? Val: ...you know what? You can keep your stupid rock samples. I'm done. Maybe I can hitch-hike to Baikerbanur and start my own space program or something... *** It's that time again! (What time, you ask?) Why, Probe Time, of course! Joolshot 1: 1Á/10. Sufféred s☺me data corru²çion due të exÐ{ssive radíatio▼ expÌsure, lack ☻f Ñ ├█↑ı|gR|ȶ○ NullReferenceException: Object not set to an instance of a variable. Attempting to reconnect... Bob: Uh oh, looks like Joolshot 1 is in trouble. Bill: The signal was so weak to begin with, all that radiation is probably scrambling it beyond the computers' ability to comprehend. Bob: Telemetry for the course correction burn looks good though, we'll get flybys of Tylo, Vall and Laythe in that order without any further course changes. Wernher: And then straight into the inner belt which will kill it for sure. Bob: Ah. Bill: We can still send commands to it though and the data drives seem to be holding up pretty well, so if we reserve all the transmission bandwidth for telemetry and trickle back the visible images we should still be OK. Linus: OK, I have a crazy idea that might just work. Wernher: Here we go... Linus: During its time orbiting Jool, the probe has managed to pinpoint the orbit of an unknown body that seems to be in a resonance with Vall. If we brake the probe into orbit of Laythe *here* and then do an escape burn *here*, we can intercept that unknown body in a few days' time. It'll use quite a bit of fuel, but the probe has fuel to spare anyway. Bob: That... actually sounds like a good idea. Bill: I concur. Let's do it. Gene: That's weird, I thought the sun was bigger than that. Bob: That's not Kerbin, Gene, that's Laythe. Joolshot 1 just captured into orbit, now we're about to leave orbit again and chase after a mystery moon. Gene: *rubs forehead* I need to cut down on my caffeine intake... Bob: Aww, we lost the signal completely now. Bill: Looks like the transfer burn worked, now we just have to send a command to try and capture at periapsis over this mystery moon and hope the probe manages to carry it out. Mortimer: Is that Jool? That's a great shot- we'll sell so many T-shirts with that. Bill: While we wait for that to happen, how about another test of the new mining and fuel manufacturing equipment? Bob: You read my mind. Linus: Kerbin Ultra-rover 3 is approaching the Badlands. Stay safe, my precious! Gene: Badlands aren't "bad lands", you know, it's a geological term that refers to an erosional landscape with lots of deep ravines and gullies- Linus: Really? Because I don't see any ravines or gullies on the cameras. Jeb: Maybe they're under quicksand. Linus: Q-quicksand!? Bobak: I thought you were on the Azimuth Station? Jeb: I was, but then some of the newbies started showing early signs of space madness so we decided to come home and let another crew live in that collection of tin cans in space. No biggie. Gene: There's no quicksand in the Badlands. Linus: But how can you be sure? There must be a reason why they're called "Bad" lands after all! Gene *sigh* thanks Jeb... *** Bill: Looks like the mining rig is still producing far too much oxidiser compared to fuel. Bob: Not too surprising, considering we have to liquefy the hydrogen which reduces its volume by a factor of a thousand. We might need to use the bigger ISRU units for fuel production and/or the smaller chemical synthesis units to make oxidiser. Bill: I'm bringing it back in. Bill: Maybe we can try making monopropellant next time? Bob: Hmm, that could be a trickier production chain. Worth a try though. *** Automated Deep Space Network probe control system online. Attempting to establish data connection with vessel [Joolshot 1]. > >> >>> >>>> >>>>> Connection failed. Attempting to establish basic telemetry feed from vessel [Joolshot 1]. > >> >>> >>>> >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>> Connection established. Onboard analysis of sensor data initiated. Excessive radiation levels detected. Mission status: 27 entered SOI of [unknown]. Comparing radius, gravity, terrain height, surface albedo and spectroscopic data from [unknown] with reference data [pre-Anomaly_planetary_data.dat]. 1 match found: [Eeloo]. Mission status: 17 entered SOI of [Eeloo]. Rendering model of spacecraft relative to target body. Alerting Mission Control. Radiation damage detected. System will now shut down for fault recovery. Connection lost.
  5. Tenuous connection time: much of the KSP soundtrack was written by Kevin MacLeod; he also wrote a lot of other music, including a piece called Space Fighter Loop which featured in a few of @Gordon Fecyk's JNSQ exploration videos (e.g. part 4.5 at about 7:00); I recognised that piece because it was also used in a game called Robocraft which I played a lot in the past; some time in 2015, something called a "Cluly ball" was popular in Robocraft: Which I think bears at least a passing resemblance to the Nara anomaly, as seen in the JNSQ exploration, (see the video above, at 21:30) which is in KSP. And now that I've confused absolutely everyone...
  6. KSP/Music, there are folders for music played in editors (construction) and in space (space). Not all the music can be accessed, I believe some of it is compiled e.g. the main menu theme. There’s a mod called SoundtrackEditor that allows you to add your own music directly into KSP, it’s a bit different to most other mods as you have to add files to folders other than GameData but it can make a big difference if you’re fed up of the same six tunes on a loop.
  7. Wow. Until now I had absolutely no idea what the Nara anomaly was, despite trying to find it at least once before. I’ve been writing a KSP story set in JNSQ for a while and had some ideas about Nara, but this actually fits in better than I could ever have hoped for. On a semi related note, did anyone else get some protomolecule vibes from that thing?
  8. After several attempts (followed in each case by a KSP crash) I finally got a return course plotted for my Eve sample return craft. Not returning samples from Eve’s surface, oh no! Just mystery goo and materials bay samples from space around Eve and Ike, with a bonus mystery goo sample from solar orbit. Too bad it’s in nearly a Kerbin year and will take half a year more to make the trip… I also discovered that my cunning plan to launch a series of evenly spaced relays on solar orbit has gone a bit wrong- the relays that are in position are spaced evenly, but I incorrectly used Kerbin’s orbital period to time their escape burns and their final orbit is quite a bit higher; net result, six nicely spaced relays taking up about a third of the orbit and leaving the remaining part of it devoid of relays. This might require some fixing, however the relays do have quite a bit of fuel left…
  9. First time I tried RSS, I put together a rocket that had the delta-V for stock Kerbin, launched it.. and fell wildly short of orbit. Turned on infinite fuel to see just how far short I was and watched the rocket gain another 6km/s before making orbit, at which point I said “nope”and deleted all things RSS from my computer for well over a year. Getting things right in RSS/RO(/RP-1) is more of an achievement than stock, but the challenge is also much greater and requires a lot more planning and less winging it, more payload optimisation to shed every last unnecessary gram and less “MOAR BOOSTERZ!!!!1!ONE!1” to brute force your way through.
  10. I’d like to join, but between running my own space race, an active career report (plus one in RP-1 that I still need to pick up again) and all those boring “life” things I’m not too sure how much time I’ll have for it. Put me down as a maybe and once the rules/goals are done I’ll get back to you.
  11. As soon as you moved those RCS thrusters up, I could see explosions in your future. Should’ve decoupled the stage in space, then time warp would have let them move away; though under those circumstances I’d have kept the upper stage and braked aggressively once over the mountains to drop down on the KSC.
  12. It might be a bug in KSP 1.12 as I've seen heard it before in 1.12.1, but it could be related to Waterfall and/or Restock as those do change some engine sounds. Try without Waterfall/WaterfallRestock and separately without Restock and see if either of them have the same issue?
  13. Third image (of the Mun) doesn’t work for me. As for the first two, that’s a city lights effect from AVP and is meant to look like that; it might look a bit odd if there are clouds on top of it as they’re usually black at night and will hide the city lights when you’re above them. I’m far more concerned by the fact that you have two ModuleManagers in there- that’s really bad, you should only ever have one: delete the 4.1.4 version and the MM.configcache, MM.configSHA, MM.physics and MM.tech tree then reload the game so these can be regenerated. Check that all your mods are compatible with the version of KSP you’re using (which version of KSP are you using?) and try running the game again. There’s a program called CKAN which can automatically install/uninstall mods and their dependencies for you and get the right versions (nearly) every time, I encourage you to use that instead of downloading and installing your mods manually.
  14. A few things can cause this, but there are some tricks that might help: Time warp briefly and stop it again, this often resets the alignment of parts which have moved. Might also cause some parts to glitch under terrain if you’re landed so watch out for that. Disable autostruts (requires a minor save file hack so have a backup save to return to if your edits go wrong!)- open your save file and change every instance of autostrutMode = Root, Grandparent, Heaviest, ForceGrandparent or ForceHeaviest to autostrutMode = Off, then reload that save. Autostrut target parts can change when docking/undocking and when fuel is burnt so reloading the vessel again will cause them to recalculate and this can bend the craft out of shape. If all else fails, use the game cheats to spawn a new, un-mangled copy of the ship beside the mangled one then return the mangled one to the launchpad and recover it; transfer crew etc. from old to new first.
  15. Bill: Behold, my latest creation! Bill: ...why is nobody looking at my super duper autonomous in-situ resource utilisation prototype? I spent ages making this thing! Bob: Sorry, we're a bit busy looking after the Dunashot 1 probes as they land on Bop and Pol. Looks like Pol is up first. Linus; Who cares about stupid little Pol? Bop is waaay more important! Bob: Yeah, well, the probe around Pol had a signal when I looked at it so we're doing that one first. Bob: Nailed the landing, data is rolling in nicely. Linus: Can we look at Bop now? Bob: Hold your horses, Linus, we still have plenty of biomes on Pol to visit first. Linus: *types on keyboard at his station* Bob: Point to the west, throttle up and-*fzzt* Linus: Wow, that's unlucky, that engine had literally dozens of ignitions left, and well within the rated burn time too. Bob: Bah, there goes the biome hopping plan. Looks like we'll need a proper mission to explore Pol's surface. Linus: Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining and all that... Wernher: Just do the Bop landing already, he's getting on my nerves. Bob: Bringing it down nice and gently... Linus: ...that's nowhere near the centre of the radiation belt. Bob: Orbits didn't align for that, I figure we can land here first, wait for the moon to rotate so we can land in daylight again and get some science while we're waiting. Wernher: He has a point, Linus. Linus: ... Now, if I aim, sort of, that way? Or maybe that way? Or how about... this way? Wernher: Cliff! Bob: It's not that steep. Wernher: Huh? I was talking to Cliff here. Cliff: Hi guys. I brought cookies! Gene: Gaaah! Where'd he come from!? Wernher: He's my new intern. Linus: *much cookie munching later* Bob: What is wrong with this stupid probe? It's going all over the place, wasting fuel and it's going towards the night side of Bop too. Wernher: Maybe its probe core was damaged by the radiation? Linus: Where's it going? Bob: I have no idea, but I can't control it any more. I've activated the automatic landing system, hopefully it lands in one piece and we can do a diagnostic on it when the sun comes back up. *LOSS OF SIGNAL* Wernher: We have some really weird readings on the sensors, data's getting scrambled pretty badly. Poor thing's totally fried. Bob: Touchdown confirmed, I'm trying to get a status report but the data's totally corrupted. I mean, look at the state of this image. Bill: Yeah, that probe is toast. Wernher: Too bad we couldn't find the source of that magnetic anomaly. Maybe it's under the surface? What do you think, Linus? ...Linus? Bob: It's not all bad news though- all that radiation data should be enough for us to research an active radiation shield which should protect our future crewed missions from background radiation levels. That'll make a huge difference to our interplanetary mission plans. *** Bob: Duna Relay standing by to initiate capture burn in 3, 2, 1, mark. Bill: Orbit looks good, well away from Bop so it should stay put for a long time. Mortimer: *bursts in* You're not going to believe this... Gene: What? Mortimer: I just got four contracts to land on Moho. Four! Where's that Mohoshot 2 thing got to? Bill: Just finishing off the last landing on Gilly to get lowlands science- Mortimer: Forget that. Put that probe on the surface of Moho, right now! Bob: But what about the science? Mortimer: Just land the probe. Touch the surface of Moho and we get so many payouts we could replace that probe twice over. Bill: So we could have two more probes? Mortimer: I said could, didn't I? If this one breaks because of this, I'll pay for another one. Deal? Gene: Deal. Bob: Deal. Wernher: Fine. It's not like Moho transfer windows are hard to come by. Mortimer: Bill? Bill: Can't talk, too busy landing on Moho. Mortimer: Very good. Carry on then. Bob: Try to land somewhere flat, I don't rate this thing's ability to balance on a slope in this gravity. Bill: Noted. Everyone: *cheering* *** Back once more (definitely not because it's a contractual obligation), it's Probe Time! Kerbin Ultra-Rover 1: 17/10. How can we give it a lower score after this gravity-defying stunt, balancing on a sheer cliff to get that sweet, sweet science by scanning a rare giant quartz formation in the Whoopstooshort Mountains; and all this after it's spent nearly a year roaming Kerbin gathering scientific data. Rover returned to KSC, recovered and sold to a museum. Mining Prototype 1: 10/10. The ISRU system performed rather differently than expected, producing hundreds of times more oxidiser than liquid fuel due to a chronic shortage of CO2 production. Valuable lessons learnt. Bill: Bit of a bummer that my mining prototype didn't work as well as I'd hoped, barely any fuel to show for it. Wernher: It produced a good quantity of oxidiser though. Maybe if we try to produce hydrolox instead to avoid the carbon bottleneck, but then we'd have to deal with liquefying the hydrogen gas and preventing it from boiling away faster than we made it. Bob: I'm more disappointed at the Dunashot probes- first the Pol probe losing its engine, then the Bop probe getting wrecked by radiation. Bobak: I tried to reconnect to the Bop probe, but no luck. Looks like it's well and truly dead.
  16. Val: Science flight Zero-Zero-Seven-Charlie departing eastbound. Wernher: *bursts into Mission Control* Wait, wait! Linus: What? Wernher: We've made a mistake with those new atmospheric experiments, you need to turn back. Val: What mistake? Wernher: They'll only generate the data we need with a Rank 3 pilot. Val: Excuse me!? Wernher: Maybe we can get Jeb down from the Azimuth Space Station to fly this mission instead- Val: Jeb went to flarping MINMUS! How does that help with getting atmospheric readings!?!? *inaudible muttering* ATC intern: Science 007C, return to KSC, runway 27 at your convenience. Val: *snaps* FINE. *turns radio off* Linus: I don't think she liked that. *** Gene: Hello Mortimer. Please take a seat. Mortimer: What's going on? Why are Bill and Bob here- wait a minute... You're about to launch some ridiculously expensive space mission and need me to sign off on the paperwork, right? Bob: *hands Bill a crumpled five fund note* Mortimer: I KNEW IT! Gene: Take a seat, Morty. Mortimer: *sigh* Let's get it over with. How much? Bill: About a hundred and twenty thousand funds in total. Mortimer: *wince* ...and what's this for? Bob: A science mission to Laythe. The transfer window to Jool's about to open so we can leave at the optimal time if we launch in the next few days. Bill: It has four landers to try and land on Laythe; the orbiter has a little bit of scientific equipment but our best guesses for Jool's magnetic fields suggest it'll get absolutely fried by the radiation that close to Jool. We think the atmosphere will shield the probes on the surface from most of it, though, should get a decent amount of data. Mortimer: I can't really say no to a legitimate science mission; that's the whole reason we're being funded, after all. *signs* Gene: Very good. One more thing. Mortimer: Hang on- this is the same thing! Is this some kind of prank? Bob: Actually, it's not exactly the same- this one's for Vall. Mortimer: *immediately pulls out a little bottle of pills, takes one and drains the jug of water on Gene's table* Bill: *hands the five fund note back to Bob* Mortimer: You need to warn me before doing stuff like that, one of these days I'm going to blow a coronary or something. *signs* Fine, but no more after this! We have plenty of contracts to be getting on with to make some money for a change. Bob: Thanks Morty! Bill: Much appreciated! Morty: *leaves the office* Work for the Space Program, they said... It'll be a nice, relaxing job, they said... Bobak: Hey, have you guys seen this? *switches on TV* BREAKING NEWS! KERBIN IS DOOMED! MASSIVE ASTEROID SET TO IMPACT KERBIN IN DAYS! PANIC SPREADING ACROSS KERBIN! News reporter: -expected to impact Kerbin in less than six days, causing global devastation. Panic buying of canned and dried foods, fuel, toilet rolls and other essential items. So far the Space Program have refused to make a statement, however there appears to be no major activity within the Space Centre which may indicate they've already given up on trying to avert this catastrophe- Gene: Asteroid? Wernher: Are they talking about RTA-503? Linus: Is that here already? Nice, we can send a probe up and get some nice pictures as it flies by. Wernher: Or, we could send a Kerbal up and get some samples. Gene: I can't believe I'm saying this, but- that actually sounds like a good idea. Bobak: But about the whole "annihilating all life on Kerbin" thing? Linus: Nonsense- it's going to be a hundred kilometres up at periapsis, won't even hit the top of the atmosphere. Also it's a class C asteroid, can't be more than a couple of hundred tons. If it was going to hit Kerbin, most of it would burn up in the atmosphere and what little survived wouldn't do too much damage even if it didn't land in the ocean or the middle of nowhere. Gene: But who can we send up there to try and grab an asteroid? Val: Grab a what now? Everyone: *looks at Val* Val: What? *** Val: Unbelievable. Now I'm on space litter picking duty. Wernher: Val, you're doing something never attempted before in the history of Kerbalkind. Linus: That we know of, since The Anomaly, anyway. Val: *inaudible grumbling* Val: I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with... B! Gene: B? Val: Big stupid space rock that isn't even going to hit Kerbin. Linus: Be careful, Val- for all we know that asteroid could disintegrate as soon as the exhaust from your RCS thrusters hits it, or shatter when you grapple it and shred your capsule, or start spinning wildly until you get flung right out of the Kerbol system faster than light itself. Val: Quit your whining and let me dock to the rock already. Val: Boop! No explosions of any kind, seems pretty solid to me. Imma grab a sample now. *chiselling noises* Val: Sample acquired, I'll just stash it in- Wernher: What? Val: The sample compartment on this pod is too small. Bob: Oh yeah... Bill: I knew there was something we forgot. Val: Forgot? FORGOT!? ВЯЕZНЙЕVS ТФЕИДILS ДИD ВЕLLУ-ВЦТТФЙ FLЦFГ WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU MORONS!?!? *ranting* Gene: Cut the live feeds! Val: *continued ranting* Bob, Bill: *sneak out of Mission Control* Val: THAT'S IT!!! IMMA YEET THIS STUPID ROCK AT KERBIN NOW SO IT REALLY IS GOING TO HIT! Bobak: Val! Val: WHY WON'T YOU TURN YOU USELESS PIECE OF *quindar* Gene: Activate the remote override and release the grapple. Bobak: Roger that. Val: GET BACK HERE YOU WORTHLESS SPACE POTATO! I HAVEN'T FINISHED WITH YOU YET! Gene: Bring her home, but lock the hatch and keep the controls locked out too. Recovery crew: We're on site now, about to open the hatch. Val: UNHAND ME, RAPSCALLIONS! KEEP YOUR STINKING SPACE ROCKS THEN! *** Gene: What's gotten into her? I thought Jeb was supposed to be the crazy one? Jeb (on Azimuth Station): Hey, I heard that! Rest of Azimuth Station crew: *agreeing noises* Jeb: Oi! You're all on 100% SpaceKaleTM rations for the next week! And would you look at that- a fresh crop of SpaceKaleTM ready to harvest! How convenient! Gene: Never mind... Bobak: Boss, look! Linus: Data from Duna!? GIMMEGIMMEGIMME! Wernher: Data streams coming back from Bop, Pol and Duna itself. We have full control over the Dunashot 1 again and over the Dunashot 1A and 1B probes around Bop and Pol, or are they around Pol and Bop? Either way, looks like a good time to release Dunashot 1D and try to land it on Duna itself. Bobak: What happened to 1C? Wernher: Not sure. It got released from the main stack a while after 1A and 1B went to the moons but then stalled in orbit of Duna; best guess is it blundered into one of the moons' gravity wells and either crashed into the moon or into Duna after that. Wernher: Dunashot 1D on course for a landing in the "Midland Sea". Nice views of the moons from here too. Linus: No water yet, though that does look vaguely like a river of some sort in the sand down there. Wernher: That... might be right actually. Linus: Eh? Wernher: I've heard a theory that the permafrost under the surface could potentially melt in the heat of a Dunan summer day and slowly trickle downhill, so maybe that squiggle in the dust is actually the path of a subsurface meltwater stream of some kind? Linus: Hang on, who's controlling the probe? *THUD* Bob: Whoops. Ah well, it survived at least. We're getting data from it, though it might take a while to get through it all. Linus: It looks like Pol will fly right over it any minute AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Wernher: Well that was unexpected. Gene: It certainly looms in the sky, doesn't it? Much more than the Mun does on Kerbin. Linus: I've never felt vertigo from looking up before. Even on a screen, that was mildly terrifying having a MOON swooping down at you like that. Bob: Uh, guys? There's something funky with the Bop data. Wernher: In what way? Bob: Well, according to this data, Bop's magnetopause has a greater radiation delta than Duna's- nearly double, in fact. But that's not even the weirdest part: there's this bizarre ring-shaped radiation belt that's almost as strong as Moho's, but it's weirdly lopsided. Even more weirdly, it seems to be following the rotation of the moon exactly. Wernher: You mean that as the moon spins on its axis, that ring stays in place? Bob: Exactly in place. It's almost as if the radiation ring is centred on a point on Bop's surface!
  17. Try the Janitor's Closet mod, I believe that tells you what mod each part came from in the editors. Not hugely helpful if you've already deleted the craft files for active vessels but could do what you need it to do.
  18. I just did a test with some RCS thrusters and discovered something interesting: the RCS action group (R key) doesn't toggle any RCS thrusters on or off- those are controlled completely separately. You can enable/disable RCS thrusters using action groups or the part action windows; R just acts as a global on/off switch for the entire RCS system but if an RCS thruster is disabled it still won't fire whether or not RCS is switched on or off on the craft. Unfortunately there's no option to enable or disable RCS thrusters individually, it's just a toggle that's available. You could try disabling crossfeed on all your docking ports and disabling fuel flow out of your RCS tanks on each Soyuz after it's docked to prevent the RCS thrusters from firing that way, though it's not particularly elegant and could be problematic if you have many tanks to turn on/off each time. The Action Groups Extended mod might do what you're looking for, it seems to offer the ability to create action groups to turn all RCS thrusters under its control on or off in unison; not sure if it actually does so, I've never used that mod before and the demo screenshots are a few years old by the looks of it, but worth a try?
  19. If you added a graphics card and now the PC can't run due to insufficient power supply, perhaps remove the graphics card to let the PC run with a sufficient power supply?
  20. Does stealing a design off KerbalX and making some minor changes count? A few choice part swaps (mostly adding that NERV instead of a central Panther jet) turned the Kronus low-tech 20 ton SSTO into a slightly less low-tech 30 ton SSTO, which has become my workhorse orbital launch system.
  21. “Simplify, then add lightness” is the phrase you’re looking for. After spending some time in RSS it keeps surprising me how little delta-V is needed to get around the stock system- barely 900m/s to escape Kerbin, less than 2km/s to get to Jool then a free capture with a gravity assist from Tylo or possibly Laythe; that wouldn’t even get me to the Moon in RSS!
  22. In principle, yes- but depending on how long those missions take, you could be losing time waiting for the second mission to arrive. The objective is really "have five separate probes in orbit of five separate planets and/or moons"- they all need to be in orbit at the time you claim the objective completed so a landed probe won't count. I'm going to relax the rules slightly here and say that you can count any probes towards this objective, even those that have already completed two objectives earlier, rather than insisting on five brand new probes. Each of these is a separate objective. You can send a single lander or rover to complete a first landing or rover objective as well as one of these three landings, but since that would be out of sequence you'd have to wait until all the preceding objectives were completed before claiming the Icarus/Lili/Tarsiss landing, leaving you with one active mission that isn't doing anything which will limit what else you can do and potentially slow you down. I'd suggest you pick different targets for at least the first flyby, orbit and landing objectives so you can launch more orbiters for the "five orbiters" objective. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I've been away for a while with limited access to the forums and didn't see the notification.
  23. Clarifying the objectives around "have X probes in orbit of X bodies"- they must be separate craft, each orbiting a different planet or moon, and all in orbit at the time the objective is claimed. You will need to launch at least X craft to complete these objectives, and remember not to exceed the active missions limits (if you sent a cluster of probes on the same rocket to a planet and its moons, that's one active mission; decouple a probe and now there are two separate crafts and so two separate missions until that probe has reached orbit of its target body. Can you all report any progress made since your last reports? I'll try to post a league table of sorts but I need everyone's data for that.
  24. Bill: *walks into simulator room* Hey Bob, what'cha doing? Bob: Trying to make a Laythe plane. Wernher: Did someone just say "Laythe plane"? Bill: It's pronounced "Laythe", not "Laythe". Bob: Uh, no it isn't! It's "Laythe"! Wernher: It's definitely "Laythe". Bob: Aaanyway, so far it's not going particularly well. Bill: Why not? It looks OK to me. Bob: Getting it to fly is easy enough, but it also needs to be able to land on water and take off again and that's proving to be... challenging. Wernher: Ouch. Bob: And then every now and again the simulator software glitches and does stuff like this: Mortimer: Hey science-y people! I need a "base" with 5 seats on it to put on the Mun- preferably so it can come back and we can get refunded for most of the part costs. Bill: We could use the transfer stage as an impactor to get readings for that deployed seismometer while we're at it. *one very fast Mun transfer later* Bob: Transfer stage impact in 3, 2, 1... Bill: Huh. Wernher: What? Bill: No data received. Maybe it's in the dark and has no power? Mortimer: *sigh* Bob: Ready to begin base deorbit and landing procedure. Bill: OK, so maybe using that solid booster as a transfer stage wasn't the best idea ever... Mortimer: What now? Bob: There's not enough fuel left to make it back into orbit of the Mun, never mind back to Kerbin. Mortimer: *eye twitch* Bill: Might as well use it as a seismic impactor, we have just enough fuel to crash it beside the deployed science site and it's definitely in daylight now. Mortimer: *more eye twitching* Bill: We're going to hit pretty close to the site, it's just over there in that trio of craters on the right. Bill: What, still nothing? Bob: Looks like we got... 0.48 percent? Boo. Mortimer: That's it- no more "seismic impactors"! I'm not about to let you waste all our funds crashing stuff into the Mun. *plane noises* Mortimer: What did I just say!? Bill: This isn't going to the Mun though- it's going to Jool! Mortimer: ...you spent HOW MUCH on that thing!? Bob: Oh, come on, Morty, it's got ALL THE SCIENCE on it; it's a long term investment that'll pay for itself several times over with all the data we'll get- and all the contracts that'll come in to explore Jool and its moons. Mortimer: Fine. But no more frivolous nonsense, you hear? Bad enough that we're forking out half of all our income to pay for those offsite labs and *grumble grumble etc.* *later* It's everybody's favourite time again- Probe Time! Eve Sampler- 10/10. Sample gathering complete, awaiting transfer burn back to Kerbin. Points gained for turning the capture burn around Eve into a direct transfer out to Ike at almost exactly the right position, using up the transfer stage and leaving both craft with ample fuel and gathering extra science from around Ike; points lost for forgetting to detach the science relay on the top to capture into a polar Eve orbit and not completing all the materials bay and mystery goo samples in space low around Eve, requiring a return trip there to finish them off and using all the fuel in the Ike portion of the craft as a result. First docking around Eve was carried out to complete part of a contract, then the Ike section was dropped into Eve's atmosphere using the remaining RCS propellant. Bobak: It seems really quiet around here. Gus: Not nearly as many launches lately as there were a while ago, but I guess all the low hanging scientific fruit around Kerbin has already been picked. Wernher: That's right, we're now at the stage of trying to send more interplanetary missions, but those rely on the planets being in the right places to get there. Val: Which gives us Kerbonauts plenty of time to prepare for the next interplanetary voyage. Mortimer: Woah, hold up just a second- who said anything about an interplanetary voyage? Those things are expensive! Val: Do you want to find the cause of The Anomaly or not? We'll get a lot more information by sending a crew than scattering a bunch of probes and rovers around then waiting for them to break in weird and mysterious ways. Walt: And what if whatever force that's been breaking all the rovers decides to break your crewed ship and strand you on Duna? We barely survived the negative publicity after the first Dres mission needed a rescue package to get home again; getting a crew stuck on another planet with absolutely no way to get them home would destroy the Program's reputation for good. Mortimer: And then we'd go bankrupt, then we'd have to sell everything and all those idiotic corporations who keep stranding their crews in orbit would end up running the show in space... Walt: We'd be the laughing stock of the whole world! Mortimer: We'd lose our pensions! Val: Enough with the doom and gloom already! Bobak: We get pensions?
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