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  1. Use version ModuleManager 3.1.3, at the moment the plugin does not work with version 4 and later.
  2. Not sure that RealHeat is doing just that, it seems that it is making the return dangerous, but it does not increase the generation of heat in orbital stations or colonies.
  3. I am looking for a heat generation mod to use heat sinks to remove heat (since they are useless now and are only used in low solar orbit). I mean, any part is heated by the sun, the human body emits heat and computers too. Large radiators are installed on the ISS to remove heat, but in KSP it is possible to build a space station without radiators or with one radiator, and this will be enough. In my opinion, this is not correct. I would like to find a way that corrects this by adding the mechanics of heat generation (in all parts) depending on the proximity to the sun and the presence or absence of the atmosphere.