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  1. Considering not many players has been able to sustain altitude & stability in VTOL mode along with everything else on top that I mentioned before served as credibility. You can’t sell anyone on anything without proof.. haha regardless of whether u think it’s relevant or not.
  2. Well... the whole point people play Kerbal Space Program is the thrill of learning! Using Mods for aesthetic purposes or additional parts that don’t exist in vanilla STOCK KSP makes it all the more better BUT... to use a mod that auto balances thrust and COM/COG/COL. The maths to it is pretty simple haha.. so you don’t really have a leg to stand on in ur argument haha. I’ve offered more authentic help on the thread and given a few links to get the ball rolling despite the question being different.... what the original thread user inevitably wishes to achieve is making a stable VTOL. They aske
  3. Okay well if Person who asked the question likes what he see’s then as I said in my original message, they’re free to message me to know how. Saves having to explain it all to begin with until someone shows interest and decides to ask & exchange other potential options to making a stable VTOL via balancing thrust on multiple engines.. also its the only stable VTOL on the net that I’ve seen so far.. & that can be done without mods. Haha but yeh.. it’s not really up for debate whether you think my craft is legit or not It is VTOL and the knowledge I used to make it what it is, is exact
  4. How so? Hey I think I might know how to help with your thread question! I play on XBOX so I have been using the most VANILLA of vanilla KSP versions. With 100% STOCK VTOL tilt engine with zero mods. It took me a while to understand how the programming behind how KSP runs as well as real day studies to make a VTOL jet fighter without the need for stability/thrust balancing mods. The jet can hover with excellent stability & hold at altitude. Can perform sharpmanoeuvres while in ‘VTOL mode’ to either reorient the jet or to quickly shave off speed for a quick but smooth touch down.
  5. F-35b Lightning II- unloaded Part count: 91 Cost: 64,316 Mass: 14.3t Height: 3.5m Width: 8.6 Length: 12.5 F-22 Raptor- unloaded Part count: 108 Cost: 65,813 Mass: 17.9t Height: 4m Width: 9.9m Length: 13.2m https://imgur.com/user/alexiichristidis https://imgur.com/gallery/f0NDJxR https://imgur.com/gallery/918HyM4 https://imgur.com/gallery/9rFoHaX
  6. Interesting design!! Love it!! Haha I think I’ve perfected an aesthetically clean turbine jet VTOL USAF F-35b Lightning II 2020 https://imgur.com/gallery/918HyM4 https://imgur.com/gallery/f0NDJxR https://imgur.com/gallery/9rFoHaX
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/GendYrR Nooo! I’ve only recently discovered KSP but through XBOX console and not the traditional PC version lol. Is there any way to extract craft files since they are both products Microsoft!?!?? Or am I dreaming miracles.. hahaha & my F-22 RAPTOR air superiority fighter has a sleek & stealthy design and has internally mounted weapons and pulls 30+ G’s when doing a max loop ASL. Can perform pretty much all tactical dogfight manoeuvres including advanced moves performed only by the USAF F-22. Part count: 95 Engine count: 2x panther’s + 2x whip
  8. https://imgur.com/gallery/GendYrR Hey guys! Here’s a sneak peak at my new stock replica of the American F-22 RAPTOR air superiority fighter. Unfortunately a lot of my media clips wouldn’t upload to the forum or some reason, perhaps because of the gaming platform I’m using since discovering Kerbal Space Program haha The aircraft was made on KSP: enhanced edition on XBOX and is still currently undergoing aggressive flight tests and minor tweaking to perfect the jet’s advanced manoeuvreability & sleek aesthetics that can live up to the high standards of its reality counterpart!
  9. Hey guys check out my Expanse ship replica of the Proserpina Starworks Series-6 THE RAZORBACK!! And the MCRN- Morrigan class patrol destroyer Platform: KSP enhances edition. Max acceleration: 20G part count: 132 engine clipping: yes crew: 1 https://imgur.com/gallery/Jz92WaA
  10. That’s awesome! I’d love to work for them haha. I’m not even an engineer either so big thanks!
  11. Lockheed Martin F-35b lightning II My first attempt at making a fighter jet on KSP enhanced edition. https://imgur.com/gallery/BQOqdXA
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