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  1. Ok @JadeOfMaar From OPT main, the J-QS02 cockpit (both with and without intakes), the K Space Plane cockpit and the OPT Mk2 cockpit all don't have CLS modules. For OPT Legacy, it's easier to list the cockpits that *do* have CLS modules - Humpback, J Mk1. Everything else doesn't have CLS modules.
  2. I think the larger cockpits might need a check with CLS in general- I’ll do a check when I get back on my computer today.
  3. Thanks! @JadeOfMaar that said, a bug for you - the K cockpit isn't configured correctly with CLS. The issue is in naming- it should be k_10m_cockpit in the patch files, but instead it's k_8m_cockpit.
  4. @JadeOfMaarjust a question about aircraft building- what would you recommend for VTOL on vacuum worlds?
  5. To check, how well does this cope with stuff like tilt-engines? So, for the most part the engines are pointed towards the rear of the ship, but you rotate them vertically for VTOL landing on a planet?
  6. I'm going to take a wild guess that one of them is 'oh god so much work kill me at the thought' In which case, completely fair!
  7. Update: if people are having this problem, don't assume if you have the 000_AT-Utils folder that you have all the files required for this to work properly- unzip the folder packaged with this mod anyways, and just don't replace files you already have.
  8. Fair warning, the version that comes packaged with *this* mod may have stuff other versions of the ATTools folder might not have- I just had a look at the version that comes with the Hangar mod, and it had files that I didn't already have in my version of the 000_AT_Utils folder. My advice would be to unzip that folder even if you already have it
  9. Final question for now (probably :P) RasterPropMonitor isn't being developed anymore- do you have plans to update IVAs to use instead, or should I just use RasterPropMonitor?
  10. Yeah, I saw once I actually compared the sizes of OPT Spaceplane and OPT Legacy. Second question, on the main OPT Spaceplane thread it mentions that OPT Legacy is compatible with OPT Spaceplane- does this still apply?
  11. @JadeOfMaar to check, should this be installed on its own, or is it applied as a patch to the original mod?
  12. Ah, thanks. On the subject of colonisation, has anyone else had issues with the kolonisation vessel window not picking up every resource a colony has? It’s really finicky whether it picks up the Fertiliser I have, and often depends on which container the fertiliser’s stored in. It’s not a ‘what mod does this come from’ deal either, I’ve had the window pick up Fertiliser when it’s stored in one container, but not when it’s in another identical container of the same vessel. (Whether a colony starts with the resource container attached or not doesn’t seem to matter either)
  13. For some reason, when I have a Hangar part on my active craft, the hangar toolbar option doesn't show up. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
  14. Update: MKS *basically* does what I want here, which is to say it gives a 'how long Fertiliser will run out' window, which I can then use to estimate how long I have re: supplies.
  15. I also boosted the storage space of the Solids containers- Largest to 6000, Medium to 2000, large rack to 1500 and the smallest to 750, which is in-line with KPBS' current material kits storage space. That's not in the two code blocks I put up there, however.