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  1. I am shutting this topic down as none of you get the idea of it i will continue to post on other websites.
  2. Soon there will be a night side map
  3. this topic is only and idea i dont know why people want to start controversy on it. its only an idea i cam up with when i done from testing at school.
  4. [snip] when i play the game i usualy fly a planes around kerbin i do this because i ran out of ideas for what to do in space if you like my topic thats good if you dont [snip] then stay the absolute hell off this topic and i really dont care about the space aspect of this game im just gonna throw that out there in the field so you guys no and no im trying to turn ksp into political sim im suggesting the devs add nations to kerbin to make feel more alive and less dead lile it already is like adding cities and towns to the surface of it. Oh any one quetion why is kerbin so damn small its smaller then the moon.
  5. You guys this is only to add back backround to the game the focus still will be on space but the nations them selves will be a thing thats there but you dont interact with as he focus of the game is on running your space program. there will be stuff like that yes [snip]
  6. it would be nice of devs put nations on kerbin but it would ne nicer of they used mine as ive worked really hard on them https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2030387844
  7. I will be including Flags and anthems later on
  8. Look this has nouhing to do with space its all on kerbin. The space program is its own agency. about 7 countries have them the list is here. Barchia:BASA Barchian Aeronautics and Space Administration Ruslavia:Rukosmas UJFR/Union of Jalvenian Federative Republics:MSSA Ministry of Space and Science Aeronautics Voemetedor:Vo Loces Gerfuna:ASA Administration of Space and Aeronautics Kharland:AAS Agency of Aeronautics and Space Kuevin:Khong Gian There is a continental space agency or organization much like the ESA but i have not came up with it yet im a busy man so be patient with me. This is an anthem and flag map i included to the UOSR/Union of Opreian Socialist Republics, A spinoff of the USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. i appologize if my english is bad im not native to speaking it infact im still learning about it The song used is call the Internationale
  9. This is a map i made. Most of the nations you see here i depicting real life nations like Ruslavia is depicting Russian while Barchia is dipicting the United States. Why so close to each other you may ask. Because its mainly do to the geography of kerbin. more than half the land mass is all conected by land and also i thought it would be interesting to have to rivaling powers next to each other not in cold war but whats going on today.
  10. This isnt about apperance its about concept and imagination i view as beaing much like how our society works like how we have different races, religeons and ethnic values. Since this is the early stages of me making this topic i may go on to include subjects about how the different nations them selves opperate or function like describing governments or self governing bodies of each country i make. It make take me time to get my map up as the website keeps saying the link im giving it is invaild in the mean time here it is on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2022654363 But to answere your quetion i view it as imaginable and as a thing that should be added to the game to make kerbin feel alive rather then dead or uninhabited like you implied
  11. I have created this topic so that i could share my ideas about nations being in KSP and so that i can communicate with people with similar ideas on the same principle.