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  1. Thanks! Li fusion is a definitively a good option for career mode.
  2. Proof Duration: 19 years 311 days Max Speed: not sure... vertical speed displayed is about 149,000,000 which is about 0.5c. Average speed should be close to 0.25c Launch mass: What for? Launching 80T into orbit is trivial in sandbox mode. Interstellar Dry Mass: about 59t Interstellar Wet Mass: about 80t Part count: 25 Cost: 11,543,300 DeltaV: a lot My goal was to provide an "cheap" interstellar probe for my own campaign. As I'm playing with the stock system I added REX with a scale factor of 1, which mean small stock planets but interstellar distances that match the real ones. In my campaign I will launch the probe with a reusable rocket. For building this vessel, I needed 100cl of blood of black goat, a pentacle and reading some pages of the Necronomicon. Plus an EM drive. It is believed to not work, but only miscreant without faith could think it is not working (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/350108418_High-Accuracy_Thrust_Measurements_of_the_EMDrive_and_Elimination_of_False-Positive_Effects). Electrical power is provided by a Tri Alpha reactor. Other reactors could be used but this one provide large amount of power, doesn't request much cooling nor fuel and it's efficiency is not decreasing over the time. He3 is expensive but can be harvested and the total cost could be earned in campaign mode. A large magnetic scope is use to decelerate when at full speed, thus reducing travel time. It possible to go faster with more fuel and a larger reactor. I did some tests and was able to reach 0.7c in 45 years but it is far more expensive. I'm sure that some optimization is possible and Proksima could be reached in less than 19 years. Maybe with an other kind of reactor that could provide more power. Cost without He3 it is about 1,100.000 For information I did some tests with the antimatter drive, faster speed could be achieved but the cost and mass are tremendous.
  3. Non-FTL in KSPIE are not allowed, thus Alcubierre drive is forbidden, is there any other engine not allowed? Is scaling REX with stock system allowed? I mean changing settings.cfg in REX to match stellar distance of RSS but having small planets. // Stock Scaling // stellarDistanceScale:NEEDS[!RealSolarSystem] = 0.09512 stellarDistanceScale:NEEDS[!RealSolarSystem] = 1
  4. Hello. With stock Kerbal system, what is the distance between Kerbal star and Proksima? Same as with RSS?
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