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  1. Looks like CKAN gets stuck trying to download "https://github.com/BobPalmer/Konstruction/releases/download/1.4.0/Konstruction_1.4.0.0.zip" -> I am guessing @RoverDude a github change that removed this release zip?
  2. Hey @Nertea, any chance for future support for KSPI-E radiators? I was looking around at your config files, looks like it may just be an additional set of patches, hopefully? HeatControl, NF, and Squad support is already awesome and covers a ton of ground, but there are also a lot of radiators that are found in KSPI-E, which in itself is an extremely popular mod that would benefit greatly from SystemHeat support. Best of luck either way!
  3. Thank you for all the hard work getting this to 1.8.1. This is literally the last mod in my list that is needing updated before I can make the jump to 1.8.1, and I realize, as a programmer myself, that the amount of effort that devs put out to make this work correctly is often a whole lot of work for very little parts here and there in return. Regardless, I just wanted to thank the devs and everyone working on this. You're the best. =)
  4. @The White Guardian any update on when a new version for KS3P will be released and support 1.7.3 with the changes you mentioned above? I'm really eager to see KS3P make its way back into game. =)
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