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  1. What you need is the shinny new Experiment storage unit! Attach the thing on top of the capsule, and a parachute right above. When the experiments are done, right click on it and store the results there, for 100% recovery of the data. You can even ditch the science gadgets after that. Welcome to the future of space experiments!
  2. THIS. THIS I made planes that could fly superb, but landing sucked. So i made them to land easier, at the cost of flying worst...dammit i'm mad
  3. Alternatives, from most pro to most kerbal: 1) Attack a carefully planned rover un the bottom of your lander vehicle, make room for the legs! 2) Bring a KIS container with everything you need, an engineer and tools. Make the rover on site. 3) Put wheels in the lander (BEST VALUE)
  4. It's been like a month since I played. In my last "complete" career I visited every body with a manned crew, which left little room for inspiration. My new career game needs flavor, what should I do now?
  5. Possible solutions without changing the concept too much: 1) Tilt the wings to change the angle of attack, so if wind comes this way --------> the wing angle is like this \ (just some degrees, not 45º like the \ bar) 2) Place the rear wheels just below the center of lift, so it can pivot upwards. 3) Make the top wheel taller than the rear ones. 4) The most kerbal solution, put some rockets pointing downwards near the cockpit.
  6. Gravity assists are a must! You can save hundreds of Dv adjusting your path wisely. I once braked around Jool using 10 dv in midflight, parking me near my destination.
  7. Fuel from Kerbin? No Fuel mined from Minmus? YES
  9. I want to give a special mention for the Vector. When in doubt, i just throw in a Vector and call it a day, I trust it will behalve as ought to.
  10. When I landed successfully there i made this thread: Hope it helps!
  11. I liked the Terrier too, but this and a strange, strange bug that made its collider 20 meters longer making landing a bet, made me go for Spark(s)
  12. Solutions: 1) Have the ship in Kerbin orbit, send a boring rescue mission 2) Install KIS mod, send an engineer with tools and extra parachutes, attach them to your heavy ship and land.
  13. I found the Terrier to be the early magical tool beginers need to reach farther. Try one!