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  1. I kinda did, but with monoprop, the problem is that i use that monop to speed up the rover in boring parts
  2. Hello guys! I have been trying for an automatic ramp to deploy a rover from a lander that has an mk3 bay, however, multiple designs have failed. So far i just disengage the landing legs, have the bay touch the ground and deploy, but it SUCKS. Any ideas? Have you tried it?
  3. It needs to be fast? Or useful? I made fast rovers, they tend to explode quite nicely
  4. i'm crying!! Now i can craft sats in space!! (i could with KIS, but it wouldn't count as a "new craft") Thank you SQUAD, you are the MVP today
  5. There's no KSP 3, it will be renamed Kerbalpunk 2077 and be forever delayed
  6. My 2 cents: white orbits are from vessels that are not actually on focus, contracts are usually magenta or cyan lines. Read the contract carefully!
  7. Wait, the KSC has a lot of minibiomes, make a small rover and go around the buildings. The For Science! mod also helps in corroborating
  8. Me: *wanting to do a Jool mission* Contract: Dock 2 vessels around Eve Me: Yeah no
  9. Those contracts are too hard for the money they give, I usually avoid them.
  10. Be sure to add LOTS of solar panels, the vessel might fare well near Kerbin, but if the mission is towards the outter planets you will see that panels generate less electricity. Also, be prepared to spend a couple of minutes in real time accelerating the thing!
  11. Next steps? - Make a vessel capable of going to mun and minmus in the same mission. -Visit Ike and Gilly. -Land something in Eve (unmanned first) - If you are feeling bold, try a lander on dress
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