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  1. My mission to Gilly was a complete dissaster. 2 kerbonauts died, including Bill. Rest in peaces guys. PD: Who the hell crashes in gilly? Me apparently!
  2. I sent 2 crafts, one as a relay to Eve, another to complete a fly by Eve mission, both SUCCESS! Damn I'm good (?) hahaha
  3. Still no Duna mission, I tried to gain some funds rescuing parts landed on the Mun, with hillarious results. 1st attempt) I forgot to put reaction wheels on the rover, quickly eated it's monoprop reserves, spinned out of control and lithobreaked with passion. 2nd attempt) Clawed the 1 ton thingy on Mun, started the engines, but alas, it was too heavy, spinned and landed EXACTLY rescued part first, exploding. (and perma failed the mission) 3rd attempt on a part in orbit) Clawed it, lowered my orbit but not enough, burned to nothingness in Kerbin's atmo (MISSION FAILED) I will try a fly by Eve next in preparation for Duna, which will obviously fail, so I will send 2
  4. I decided this was a good challenge, disabled reload, any kerbal that dies in misson stays death. Starting out 3 of my kerbals died already, one never even went to space! (he suffered a collition in a jet powered rover near KSP), now I have enough tech to go unmanned mostly. I can't really test the mission before hand so it's been harddddd. So far I landed a manned mission on Mun and Minmus, no casualties. Next step: Duna unmanned (AND GLORY)
  5. Hi fellow kerbonauts, one of my mods went kaput, it had "Mark IV" parts that resembled mkIII but BIGGER and slicker looking, do you know anything related for 1.12.x? Thanks in advance :D:D:D
  6. I didn't know there was an update by that name!! Thanks man, you saved an entire program today
  7. Hi guys, I noticed [x] Science mod is not working for the latest version, can you point me to an alternative? I really really miss it Thanks
  8. So the main problem issued are: - Cost: Could make sense if missions are send in a monthly basis or so - Reaction mass: It will end up deorbiting the station. I don't know if launching stuff retrograde would help. If rocks have to be lifted in order to just launch them up, would make zero sense. BUT, it may be useful if you deorbit spacecraft down to Earth using that method. LEO is not good/useful for that, but HEO could work. Kurzgesagt (the yotube chanel) proposed a slingshot that had the same reaction problem, and same solution. I do believe humans will end up constructing infrastructure in space, the point is, exactly what
  9. I was thinking about the possibility of constructing in the near future a magnetic train (or gun, whichever sounds cooler), launch it to LEO, and use it to accelerate crafts into deep space. Since it uses electricity (ok, gargantuan amounts of it) there's no need for propellant, said crafts would not need to carry extra weight to reach destination, just to brake around it and land. Extra points: Is this doable in KSP? Opinions?
  10. It's a bug, and don't know what causes it. It almost screws up a mission to Duna!
  11. Apparently creating anything with symmetrical robot parts, they tend to summon the Kraken very often
  12. I'm using 1.11 and symmetrical servos are broken. Upon creation and deploy, everything seems right. However, if you load a quicksave, your craft will be possesed by a tiny kraken
  13. From what i read, they must have changed the helmet's collider, since now it messes with ladders and flags!
  14. We need to adDRESs this issue. Nah really, it need some flavor. If it's a Ceres analog, it should be surrounded by asteroids (it's an asteroid belt, Darn it)
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