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  1. It's a bug, and don't know what causes it. It almost screws up a mission to Duna!
  2. Apparently creating anything with symmetrical robot parts, they tend to summon the Kraken very often
  3. I'm using 1.11 and symmetrical servos are broken. Upon creation and deploy, everything seems right. However, if you load a quicksave, your craft will be possesed by a tiny kraken
  4. From what i read, they must have changed the helmet's collider, since now it messes with ladders and flags!
  5. We need to adDRESs this issue. Nah really, it need some flavor. If it's a Ceres analog, it should be surrounded by asteroids (it's an asteroid belt, Darn it)
  6. Dunno if this was already posted, but I have been testing the new EVA construction, aaaand I found it lacking (compared to KIS). 1) It can't deal with "heavy objects" in a celestial body (like Duna). While it makes sense, it also does KIS, requiring more nearby kerbals to do the job and actually doing it. 2) The parts you can store are few. 3) An EVA constructed sat will NOT fulfill contracts (won't check the "build a new unmanned blahblah"). Same as KIS, to be truthful. 4) Storage options are scarce. It's in the right direction, but still lacking
  7. So I screwed up, my lander has no storage capabilities, by my main ship does (3 storages). I thought to attach a storage to the lander via my trustworthy engenieer, but since it has SOMETHING inside I can't. How can i get rid of an item there to make space? Thanks!
  8. Maybe an amphibian rover rolling on Kerbin? but it requieres the patience of a buddist monk
  9. Proposition to put an atmosphere in Pol, just so a dramatic wind could be heard
  10. Yes, they still "work" but makes my Mun visits a little awkward!
  11. Is it just me or flags can't help but fall to the ground the second after they are planted? The terrain is mostly flat too
  12. For each kerbal that dies in space, Pol creates a spike. Of course it's haunted!
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