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  1. As far as I know, the lifting propierties of wings is kinda magical in KSP, it will work regardless of orientation. Have fun!
  2. Make a maneuver at your AP to burn retrograde until your inclination is 0 degrees (meaning you are orbiting the other way), see how much Dv it takes, maybe you don't have to relaunch. I learned this relatively recently since my older method was to burn antigrade and slooooowly change my inclination (which takes tons and tons of Dv)
  3. This is the story of the first kerbal to reach 10% of the speed of light last night. This is the story of a TRUE (and tragic) HERO. His name was forgotten (since I did not take notes or screenshots) but he will be remembered...this heroic kerbal was not even in my rooster, I had just rescued him from orbit of the Mun in a Mk I plane hull with my automated drone. The claw grappled perfectly...or not so much, but still good enough. The drone and the hero flew off the Mun to Kerbin in an elliptical orbit, and after the first desacceleration in the atmosphere, I tried to adjust the claw using the Free Pivot option. It was hard, since it started moving everywhere except where i wanted it. Knocking the reaction wheels off ended unexpectedly, and as i experimented one more time turning them on...it happened. IT. HAPPENED. The claw started rotating the Mk I faster and faster and faster, and suddenly...the void. Wait, where is the drone? Only the capsule was there. And where is the capsule? Midway to Eve, reaching speeds of 350000 m/s. The poor hero attempted an EVA to evaluate his new conditions, only to find everything he knew passing by. A minute later he was already out of Kerbol system, on his way to the stars. Fly safe, unnamed hero. We have you in our hearts.
  4. I tried using pistons for a heavy rover's wheels to adjust it's height. It was a dissaster. No amounts of autostruts accomplished anything, and normal struts lock the pistons making them useless. Using a pair of pistons instead of one made it stronger, but I still ditched the whole design for being unrealiable.
  5. It would be my first attempt at a manned (1 scientist) mission to Duna. My ship: 1st stage to kerbin orbit, 2nd a space taxi from-and-to Duna, 3rd a (absurdly anti-aerodynamical) manned rover, and finally a 4rd stage for kerbin reentry. Everything went south. 1) As i reach Duna, my space taxi gets eaten by the Kraken. It started wobblying uncontrolably and every reload ended in the same: an explosion. I had to relaunch. 2) I re-reach Duna, decouple the rover and try to couple the reentry vehicle to the Taxi...and can't. There's not enough room for the 2 ot them to couple, for a palm or so. Relaunch. 3) I re-re-reach Duna, decouple the rover and...i didn't pack enough parachutes. No reaload this time, take it like a man. I had to burn too much just to stay in one piece. 4) As i finished the science shennanigans, I burn to duna orbit....and fall short. The rover was obviously not made for ANY atmosphere, it was a wheeled brick. It took me like 5-6 attempts to reach JUSSSSST THEREEEE in orbit, burning every molecule of monopropellant and fuel. 4) I rendezvouz using the Taxi-reentry, and shoot towards home. The Taxi only had enough fuel to get close-but-not-that-close to Kerbin. Braking around it would be imposible, so I leave it behind. As i leave it behind I understand the fact that not including a drone core to the reentry-V is actually a terrible decision. No, I wont relaunch this. 5) Use the reentry vehicle to brake and graciously land on the Launchpad. Nah just kidding. I had to do every maneuver by eye since I had no pilot and no drone core. I ended in a F***ing high and eliptical orbit. I had to send a rescue mission. 6) I launch my go-to rescuer. Silly me, it wasn't made for that F***ing high and eliptical orbit. Relaunch with moar boosters. 7) Finally rescued the poor fella, after like 6 years in space. You are nothing Matt Damon.
  6. Since 1.7.x is out, is Ferram Aerospace research mod still relevant? And if it does, what does it provides? So far i tried only vanilla aerophysics and they seem to be adequate (in lastest version, at least)
  7. Hello, I don't know if this issue was already discussed but I didn't find it. When trying to construct a satellite part by part with KIS the game doesn't count it as "unmmaned probe that can generate power and has antenna" for contracts, even if it is and works as intended. I did some testings. I launched a vessel with parts in store and a prebuilt HECS core with an antenna and a solar panel. When i decouple it, it counts as "unmanned probe", BUT if i attach anything to it before decoupling, then it doesn't count anymore. I can attach things AFTER decoupling though and it will work. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks
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