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  1. Fierce Wolf's post in "...while flying over Kerbin's KSC" science experiments? was marked as the answer   
    I have a super trick for that, that feels a bit like cheating. Make a rover with all the science stuff you have, and the retractable wheels. When retracted, the vehicle is "not grounded" and you are able to perform "while flying" science.
    this wheels:

  2. Fierce Wolf's post in what is wrong with this rocket? was marked as the answer   
    Your payload is not specially big. Possible causes:
    1) Your craft is not symetrical, download the KER mod, because otherwise you can't see your torque (tendency to fall to one size)
    2) Control is given to a probe that is not pointing upwards.
    3) Boosters are tilty in general, provide a lot of thrust but as weight is reduced it moves the center of gravity. Move (or remove) the boosters down.
    4) I have clashing feelings about control surfaces in rockets Sometimes they are a must, others a nuisance. Careful using (so much) of those.
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