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  1. Oh, okay. I got it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/319r0q3lr64648l/Player.log?dl=0
  2. I don't have dropbox nor can I get it, anyway other to upload it. And yes, they all work. Every mod I have works 100% and all its dependencies.
  3. Yeah, I released just now I posted it in the wrong location, sorry!
  4. Help? Version 1.9.1 Photo says it all, anyway to fix this?
  5. @benjee10 Your mod will never let me down! Hope you enjoy these pictures!
  6. So I made the iconic Shuttle Aircraft Carrier and realized that there is no tail-cone. I was wondering if anyone had a tail-cone mod or if someone was able to create one. I know its a lot to ask someone to make it, but if someone could. That would be awesome!
  7. So the manual says have the "Limit Q" turned on, but doesn't say what it should be set to. Can anyone inform me on what it should be.
  8. Hey Benjee, huge fan of your shuttle. I wanted to build the HabTech2 space station, but I can't because there is no video or manual on how to make it. If you could give me information that would be perfect!
  9. Can you send me the save file? I can use that to make a video on which pieces go where.
  10. Is there any video showing what piece goes where? I really wanna build this with the benjee shuttle, but I don't know what goes where, please help or show me.
  11. Can you reupload this to a working link? The dropbox one doesn't work and I could really use this!
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