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  1. Banned for banning things because of everything and ding.
  2. Thou shall perish immediately after witnessing someone complete a jool 5 mission on a modified ps3.
  3. Someone on faction alpha discovers that some rocks are harder than others, and uses these hard rocks to sharpen slightly softer rocks into sharper rocks. These rocks are slightly more effective if used correctly.
  4. No. I am in fact ready for the numericals, @Admiral Fluffy
  5. Giga banned for Ultra nonviolent text @Kerb24 was not banned in this post.
  6. I'm banning myself before someone can ban me... Also, your banned for being nonsensical, [user above me™️].
  7. 2385: there is nothing but toe... You leave quickly.
  8. The new page commits mass genocide on the hill by committing nuclear fusion. Extra concave hill...
  9. I use a VERY large "tonk" (how large? IDK, as big as you want) to evaporate the army. The tonk sits there to this millisecond... My burning, tonk covered hill.
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