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  1. the link i posted is atmosphere plasma jet its near future perfect for ssto using air and electric basicall free fuel
  2. Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion with air plasmas. Scientists have developed a prototype design of a plasma jet thruster can generate thrusting pressures on the same magnitude a commercial jet engine can, using only air and electricity @Nertea scientist just discovered near future electric jet propulsion
  3. maxxor

    cool ai

    you guys arent thinking like an ai or a computer you just see different label cloth isnt the same as rocket. but an ai just handels collision physics its pretty universal if you set the same standards of interaction. almost all parts will bump similarly against eachother. doesnt matter if you have a supercustom cool rocket the parts are still interconnected in a similar way. even if your meme rocket is unique to your ego neural processing will make any game handle a 700 part much easier than if it never existed. most times of physics and slowdowns are during launch explosions and landings the only connections that are really in effect are seperators, topcones of air, landinglegs. it could probably learn how to expect things to bump around at 4x speed too.
  4. maxxor

    cool ai

    this should be in ksp2 the devs can use neural learning to train the game to expect physics calculations and boost performance with 1000fps
  5. will the coding be similar to ksp1 i heard the devs use unity too. my question is will it be possible to just copy paste mods from ksp1 to ksp2 with minor tweaks to code and still use assets and configs to bring over cool stuff already made.
  6. as lisas meant i think i was missunderstood by wrong wording. just like unreal if fans wants to go in and tweak the performance or do total conversions. the mods on ksp is a tacked on layer where some modders do things much better than the base game. theres always going to be some guy that just gets the code like no other and can boost fps like the memgraph thingy. i dont want the company to give it away i want them to make it truely available for core fans not just a hidden layer for cosmetic mods. the non profit thing doesnt hold up witcher 3 was released with no drm and was still a best seller. darksouls doesnt sell worse because surge2 steals their gameplay
  7. would the devs consider offering the code up to the community with the licenses of linux like you can improve on it but the company still owns it and you arent allowed to commercialize it yourself.
  8. can anyone answer me if devs have talked about making the game in vulkan api, if its multithreaded with the aim of 8+ cores, if they are trying to stabilize it for an expected of 100 mods. if they plan to streamline parts to not bog down loading with 30min startup. to have tweakscale and upgradable parts instead of a list of 300 similar batteries u get with dumb mods. instead of new parts you get a skin slider to keep inventory and building managable without 3rd party sorters/filters. if you can have moon bases and launch sites. build automatic infrastructure iwth npc launches to deliver cargo and supplies off world. to have sprawling cities and towns/colony domes that expand and upgrade with time supplies and milesstones. if late game u can terraform citycites and make green duna. if anomalies like wormholes dimensional rifts, gravity waves and such can randomly pop up. if there will be a stock hardmode with manegment like kerbalism, health fitness rank, rpg like crew like medical officer commander quartermaster geologist.