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  1. I dropped the rover with purely parachutes and yes I did have a communotron 88-88 on it but it is just a direct antenna and most probably got destroyed upon impact,
  2. No the commnet is still on because the rover says 'connected to relay' and my rover has a simple communotron 16 (the extendable) And what I also am confused about is that even without the communotron 16 deployed, the rover is connected with 94% connection and extending the communotron 16 doesn't improve the connection!
  3. I am In the process of setting up a relay network for duna and I have three relay satellites with me and I have only deployed one yet. Now I switched to a rover I have on the surface and it is getting connection all the time! Even when the mothership relay with 2 relay satellites still sitting in there and the deployed relay are both on the opposite side of the planet. How is this happening?? I dont even have an equilateral relay network yet.
  4. How do you change the wheel suspension setting? I have seen many other people change the wheel suspension but I can't seem to find an option to do so.
  5. So with the help of you guys, I landed my first ever rover in this game and I have landed it on Duna. Now My rover doesnt have any connection back to kerbin, so I am planning to create a relay network that allows the rover to communicate with kerbin. Now what I simply want to know is that if I time-warp really fast will the rover be destroyed or something?? Learning from veterans I have seen that time-warp can cause alot of trouble. I really dont want that to happen with my rover.
  6. There are buttons on the top of the hud at the side of the altimeter. There is a light action group, brake action group, landing gear action group and abort action group which can be opened by hovering the pointer over the yellow black line.
  7. Always, always attach struts to your radial decouplers.
  8. Well you certainly do know a thing or two about Rovers. Well is there an actual use for the small wheels in this game? Doesn't work on moons, doesnt work on duna, probably works on jool and will always work on kerbin. Say no more
  9. So I am making a rover for duna and I put up a simple configuration, Rovemate and 4 smallest rover wheels. So to test how it would drive on duna, i reduced gravity to 0.28 (I experimented with the eva jetpack to get to a number) and I started to turn, it worked as expected, But when I reverted to launch, and tried to turn again, the rover was very sluggish and it didnt want to turn and when it eventually did turn, it was doing these drifts. Why was there a sudden change? Alright so I tried it again and as usual, on my first try, the rover was turning properly but on my second try ( after reverting to launch) the rover was sluggish. So I went to the input locks menu in the debug menu and cleared input locks and the rover was working fine again. I still do need help conforming that there wont be any bugs AFTER I land on Duna. And also, this isnt supposed to happen, is it?
  10. I downloaded the mod manually and I downloaded it from curseforge.
  11. I downloaded the EVE plugin and the config files and moved them to the ksp gamedata folder but it doesnt work. This is actually my first mod. I have updated ksp to 1.8 and downloaded the correct version for the mod but it still doesnt work.
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