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  1. Yeah that's true I just randomly browse some questions asked by players and there is always one set of people that are answering the questions. For example, you, I have seen you answer alot of questions but except for you and a couple others, nobody is active.
  2. Okay thanks. I think I will mix going to other planets and taking science from science lab. Just as an FYI- i dont lurk around at kerbin I do go to mun and minmus, I am a pretty new player so those are the only places I have been to.
  3. I have read some where that mpls can provide like, infinite science when you provide it with data.
  4. What about the other features like level up crew, and other stuff I cant see to remember at the moment.
  5. Oh, so i can transmit the same experiment from a lab and recover the same experiment and gain science from both????
  6. When we recover scientific data, we get more science points. And transmitting it gains less. So does the mpl cancel out that transmit data loss?? And also to answer your question, I dont understand the whole thing. And also, getting more science from different biomes will work right??
  7. I have unlocked the mpls recently and I know that they are for science but...... I dont get it.
  8. Sorry to hear Holy moly, you know I can relate to the 'I won't re-launch this rocket' part.
  9. You seem like a player like me. But I still do play on easy mode, but yeah, sometimes I do think of being realistic and not using game mechanics to my advantage. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who realizes that I put the ladders on the wrong side of where the crew will exit..... After I already have landed.
  10. Oh, I know I can relate Guys, is there an award for de -orbiting a mk2 lander can from 3 million metres orbit around kerbin using only eva jetpacks??
  11. I have personally experienced the bouncy things on minmus. It's not a pleasent experience least said.